Do Microcurrent Facials Work? Celebrity Secret Revealed!

Do you ever wonder how 52-year old silver screen stunner Jennifer Aniston achieves such a youthful, fresh-faced look despite her age? If you guessed Botox, guess again!

Anniston is a self-identified “wellness freak,” taking a more natural approach to beauty. This means she prefers holistic, non-invasive treatments instead of going under the knife (or needle).

In 2016, Anniston revealed her secret to skin that glows from within with Vogue Magazine, stating[i]:

“Because this is the only body we’re given, we need to be really good and mindful of what we eat and how we take care of our skin — getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important, as is hydrating with water, water, water,” she said. “It’s so important to getting that extra glow.”

– Jennifer Aniston

If you’re a proponent of The Hache Protocol™, this may all sound familiar to you. But Anniston took it one step further to share her skincare secret weapon when she spoke with InStyle Magazine in 2016– microcurrent facials – sharing that they’re“like a little workout for your face.”

So, if you’re asking yourself, “do microcurrent facials really work?” You can take Jen’s word for it. After all, she has EVERY beauty treatment in the world right at her fingertips. But, if you’re like us and want to know the science behind it all… read on because this blog is for you!

What Is a Microcurrent Facial?

A microcurrent facial allows you to tone and tighten your facial muscles – kind of like Pilates for your face. Not only does a microcurrent facial strengthen your facial muscles, but it also stimulates the production of the anti-aging properties of elastin and collagen.

Here’s how it works: Your entire body is electrical (your heart, brain, and cells are all electrically active). Excellent electrical communication between tissues, cells, and organs is the key to good health.

Microcurrent works by stimulating muscles and cells with the same baseline cell frequency in their healthy natural state. Microcurrent facials allow you to use electrical communication to change and sculpt your body while also promoting the production of two essential ingredients to youthful-looking skin: collagen and elastin.

According to a 2012 study, it was found that microcurrent therapy could improve facial wrinkles delivering a 70% satisfaction rate in participants while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles for up to one-month post-treatment[i].

“What If I Can’t Find a Microcurrent Facial Near Me?”

The beauty of a microcurrent facial is that it can be done anywhere! You don’t need to book an appointment. We talked about at-home cosmetic options in a previous blog post; click HERE to get our top tips and tricks for maintaining your beauty right in the comfort of your own home.

Is Microcurrent Safe Around the Eyes?

We get this question a lot. Microcurrent therapy is not only safe for your eyes, but it is actually incredibly beneficial for vision health. We’ve addressed the benefits of microcurrent therapy for eye health in the following blog posts:

Can You Use Microcurrent AFTER Botox?

Botox injections work by partially paralyzing your facial muscles. As time goes on, the muscle function will come back, but this can take up to 4 months for some people. If you’d like to counteract facial muscle atrophy associated with Botox injections or just double down on your efforts, a microcurrent facial is the way to go!

Why Choose an Avazzia Device for Your Microcurrent Facial?

Google the words “microcurrent facial,” and you will be met with over 3.5 million results and thousands of devices to choose from. Overwhelming right?

So, why choose to invest in an Avazzia device when there are so many other options on the market? Allow us to explain below:

Besides the microcurrent facelift, our holy grail beauty protocol, some Avazzia Microcurrent Devices, allow you to also:

  • Treat cellulite
  • Eliminate wrinkles
  • Diminish acne
  • Address eczema and dermatitis
  • Help ease the symptoms of psoriasis
  • Eliminate scars
  • Calm down rosacea
  • Lessen the appearance of dreaded “spider veins”

And BONUS – if you choose to invest in our top-of-the-line device, the NEW Avazzia Life Pinnacle, you also have the ability to address chronic pain, depression, stress, insomnia, autoimmune symptoms (and SO much more).

Our Line of Facelift Friendly Microcurrent Devices

Ready to embark upon your quest for flawless skin (at any age)? If so, we would like to introduce you to our line of microcurrent facial-friendly devices.

1. Avazzia Ezzi Lift™

Ezzi Lift™ gently tightens, stimulates, and tones the face for a more natural and youthful-looking appearance. The best part? The results can be seen immediately and last for up to 10 days. How does it work? Ezzi Lift™ delivers an easy and effective microcurrent facial by delivering gentle currents to your skin through metal electrodes. Your skin will be lightly stimulated to mimic exercise—it’s like a workout for your face!

Learn more about the Ezzi Lift™ and see before and after photos by watching the short video below:

2. eZZi-Lift™ with Photodynamics

Research shows that different light waves enhance various cellular processes in the body. In fact,NASA found that red light, including LED red light, can encourage healthy blood circulation, reduce painful side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, and more[iii]. eZZi-Lift™ with Photodynamics offers the same microcurrent benefits as the original eZZi-Lift™ device but combines LED light therapy to enhance the benefits of your microcurrent facial.

The eZZi-Lift™ with Photodynamics device contains four different LED light color options to aid in skin rejuvenation:

  • Red light boosts blood circulation, improves skin texture, reduces lines and wrinkles, increases collagen in the skin, and treats acne.
  • Green light has a soothing effect and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps treat sunspots, hyperpigmentation, soothing dilated capillaries, and treating under-eye circles and puffiness.
  • Orange and yellow (amber) light helps calm and soothe sun-damaged and inflamed skin, reducing symptoms of redness while assisting with skin cell rejuvenation.

3. Avazzia Life Pinnacle

Avazzai Pinnacle device

If you’re looking to take your microcurrent facial to the next level, The Avazzia Life Pinnacle is a can’t-miss addition to your beauty routine!

With over 50 pre-set treatment options, the Avazzia Life Pinnacle is capable of not only microcurrent facials but treating most complex health issues with exceptional results. The versatility offered by the Pinnacle will ensure your ability to address ANY health or beauty concerns that may arise.

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