Better than Botox? Microcurrent Technology as a Natural Botox Alternative

At about your mid-thirties, you start to see the signs of age. We know. We’ve been there. Some of us are there right now.

In our twenties we thought it would never happen to us (yeah, right!), but then we hit our mid-thirties and the signs were unmistakable.

That’s when it began to sink in that the signs aren’t going away.

But do I really need to start aging right now?

In the age of advanced technology, is it really necessary to start aging in your mid-thirties? What if you could wait 20 or 30 years for the sagging skin, crow’s feet, puffiness, and laugh lines? Or just skip them altogether? That’s what so many women – and increasing numbers of men—ask themselves once the signs of aging begin to show up.

Unfortunately, when this stage hits there’s a reflexive reaction that usually kicks in: “Quick! Reach for the Botox!”

But is Botox really what it has been hyped to be?

Let’s take a look at the research comparing microcurrent vs. Botox to find out the truth about Botox and whether there’s such a thing as a natural Botox alternative that’s both healthy and effective.

The Truth Behind the Botox Hype

Surprisingly, despite its reputation as a safe and effective anti-aging procedure, just below the surface there is another story. The results are in for Botox, and they are not good.

What can you really expect from starting a lifetime practice of Botox injections? Here are a few hard facts about Botox you should know:

  1. It’s made from a deadly toxin. The trade name “Botox” comes from “botulism toxin.” Yes, exactly what it sounds like: it’s the very same highly toxic stuff that causes the dreaded and often fatal type of food poisoning. So, can you get botulism from a Botox injection? In a word, yes. In a 2018 peer-reviewed study examining 86 botulism cases caused by cosmetic injection, researchers concluded: “BoNT, a zinc-dependent endopeptidase, is a strong, irreversible and fatal neurotoxin, and inappropriate application of BoNT may cause botulism. It has been reported that the toxicity of BoNT is significantly higher than that of potassium cyanide… In a word, cosmetic botulism is an event caused by inappropriate injection of BoNT.”
  2. Botox can actually cause muscle atrophy and sagging in your face and in other parts of your body. The problem? Muscle atrophy is the root cause of sagging skin and the appearance of aging. Rather than being a reflection of health, Botox weakens your muscles over time and contributes to overall aging your face and in other parts of your body.
  3. It doesn’t erase the wrinkles. They are still there. All the Botox does is temporarily “freeze your face” (a euphemism for facial muscle paralysis) to prevent them from deepening. And, it gets you hooked: when the effects of the injection wear off in just 3-4 months, you will need more injections to sustain the effect.
  4. There are risks. Though less talked about, you could end up with a host of uncomfortable and even permanent side effects, including vision problems, drooping eyelids, muscle weakness, trouble swallowing, loss of bladder control partial facial paralysis (such as Bell’s palsy and Guillain-Barre syndrome), and even death. In fact, there are attorneys
  5. It can cause permanent alterations of the brain and the nervous system. Despite Hollywood and the beauty industry’s rush to normalize the procedure (although many A-listers are now swearing off Botox) research has shown that it can permanently alter sensory maps of the hands created by the brain. Despite the general consensus that it is safe in small doses, as long as it is administered by a qualified professional, there is still the question if it is safe for long-term use.

At first glance, Botox may seem like the wunderkind of anti-aging. But the maintenance, risks, and overall degradation of your muscles and facial skin end up hurting you in the end.

Couldn’t there be something better out there—a natural Botox alternative that is effective, yet also healthy for your skin and body?

Is there an effective natural alternative to Botox?

So is there a natural Botox alternative? In an age of rapidly advancing technology, you would think something would have reached the market that is healthier and more effective.

As it turns out, something has: microcurrent technology.

The beauty of microcurrent is that not only banishes wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and sagging skin, but it is also therapeutic to skin on the cellular level.

That’s right. It actually makes your skin healthier, rather than damaging the skin then covering it over with a temporary solution.

Beauty of Microcurrent (vs. Botox)

Here are a few things you may like to know about microcurrent technology vs. Botox:

  1. Microcurrent is proven to be safe and effective. Microcurrent has been around for decades as a pain-relief therapy for cerebral palsy and muscle paralysis. After noticing the positive beauty effects on their patients, doctors learned that the treatment is a safe and effective way to maintain the health of the facial muscles and skin over the long term.
  2. With Microcurrent, your muscles and skin stay healthy. It should be no surprise that the root cause of skin aging is the loss of structural integrity over time. In other words, your facial skin and muscles are deteriorating, and that deterioration is what Botox seeks to cover (but it only makes it worse!). With microcurrent (vs. Botox), you are actually stimulating the muscles and skin to maintain their natural, youthful structural integrity over the long term, so your beauty is the real, healthy you!
  3. Microcurrent has positive health side effects. You’ve probably heard the news that lymph drainage is a huge part of maintaining your overall health and avoiding disease. Microcurrent aids in lymph drainage, and that’s why facial puffiness is eliminated. So you are actually doing your body good! Microcurrent is a natural Botox alternative that improves your overall health over time.
  4. Firm facial muscles = full, smooth skin. The reason we start aging is that our facial muscles get weak and begin to sag, dragging our skin with it. Microcurrent is like a workout for the face. The muscles stay strong and maintain their shape, so the skin maintains its firmness and integrity.
  5. Microcurrent stimulates collagen and elastin growth. You’ve probably heard by now the critical role that collagen plays in maintaining healthy, firm, young-looking skin. You might even be taking a collagen supplement every day, or applying a cream that claims to increase the collagen in your skin. Well, microcurrent (vs. Botox) has been scientifically proven to achieve it. Microcurrent stimulates the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), and it has been shown that this ATP created by the microcurrent stimulation leads to the creation of collagen and elastin.
  6. And if you do end up going for the Botox, microcurrent makes it last longer. You can use microcurrent stimulation on its own to improve the health and integrity of your facial muscle-skin matrix for long-lasting health and beauty, but it can also be used in conjunction with Botox to make the procedure more effective and last longer (if you REALLY want to go that route).

This technology has been a breakthrough for our patients. They love it, and we are seeing a steady stream of new patients as our long-term clients demonstrate and share its effectiveness as a natural Botox alternative.

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