Our Story

Dr. Lorry and Dr. John Hache, known as the Mother and Father of modern-day MicroCurrent Therapy, have been working in this field together for the last two decades.

In 1999, Dr. John Hache had come across a long string of clients in his holistic medical practice who were experiencing chronic pain that his traditional holistic approaches were not resolving. An avid student with a fascination for how things work, John’s interest was peaked when he came across a conference put on by an international MC device company. After he saw how the devices were healing people with chronic pain issues in droves, he integrated microcurrent therapy into his practice immediately.

At the same time, across the pond, Dr. Lorry was also approached by representatives of the same technology while working in the Bioresonance field, on Harley Street, London. After being pursued for a few months, Dr. Lorry wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and agreed to attend their conference in Canada. This is where Dr. Lorry met Dr. John for the first time, and saw the incredible results that microcurrent could offer.

Before long, Drs. John & Lorry Hache were sought out by the first microcurrent device companies to create the medical protocol necessary to experience the full benefits of any microcurrent device. They became known as the world’s top trainers in the application of the protocols and device use, and have been hired by numerous companies to train their clients all over the world in how to use the devices in their varying applications.

In 2001, Dr. John Hache opened Pacific Health Options with his life partner Dr. Lorry Hache, and together they developed The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution. The Hache’s, along with Rob, who joined the organization at 18 years old, have dedicated their lives to helping the over 1.5 billion people suffering from chronic pain resolve their challenges and get off drugs permanently.

In 2006, they partnered with Avazzia, the best microcurrent therapy device on the market today. They created a custom patient protocol based on the HacheProtocol, and recommended device improvements to ensure that patients enjoy the best results using the device. Dr. Hache has since created a training community and support group where he works with patients and providers all over the world to maximize the results of their devices.

While still providing private patient consultation through Pacific Health Options, the Hache family launched the Pain Free for Life Blog and Community in 2018 to provide education, resources and support to the over 1.5 Billion people worldwide who are tired of suffering from chronic and debilitating pain.