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Case Study

Microcurrent: How Susan Conquered Arthritis

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With the threat of losing her livelihood, mobility, and sense of purpose, Susan thought “what do I have to lose?” In an attempt to save her career, Susan reached out to us at Pain Free For Life. We evaluated her condition, then designed a custom treatment regimen for her.

Motivated by such encouraging results, Susan booked a second appointment a week later. She got the same exact treatment a second time, and once again felt much better. “Maybe I don’t have to give up my career and leave everything I love behind,” she thought. Relief was finally a reality and Susan’s outlook on her future shifted.

Case Study

Microcurrent: How Bill beat CRPS

— Short excerpts from this case study

CRPS symptoms are marked by prolonged or excessive pain, changes in skin color, and swelling of the affected area.

As his condition progressed, Bill started noticing debilitating changes in his mobility. He was unable to use his left hand and suffered intense spasms shooting down his arm. The use of his arm became difficult, unable to lift it above his shoulder.

Their routine continued for 9 months, at which point Bill reported his pain was decreasing in strength and frequency. He would enjoy weeks at a time free from pain, and when it would return it was notably weaker. The stretches of pain-free time got longer and longer until one day Bill noticed the pain wasn’t returning. Bill’s CRPS had disappeared!

Every Home Should Have a Microcurrent Device

“Microcurrent therapy is all set to change the face of medicine and, indeed, to transform the world. It is powerful, easy to apply, cheap (pennies on the dollar) and truly curative, not merely a palliative or symptomatic treatment.

I am very proud to have been among the band of early adopters of MCT, where I met my good friends at Pain Free For Life. They have today what I believe is the finest collection of devices in the world, incorporating the best of our knowledge, with the most effective of algorithms.

I started a motto once: ‘Every home should have one!’ (a microcurrent device). Since then I have added an epithet: ‘A hospital in your hand!’

Good luck to you all at Pain Free For Life and keep on keeping on changing the face of medicine!”


Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, HMD, PhD
– The Alternative Doctor

Wished I Had Found the Haches Sooner

“I’ve been at the course now for four days and I’m absolutely amazed at the changes I am seeing in the pain levels of Anthony and myself. For me for my shoulder and Anthony for his multiple, multiple tramatic injuries which happened two and half years ago. I’m seeing his pain level drop tremendously. I’m thrilled! I wished that we had learned about this system two and half years ago when he was first injured. We wouldn’t have been through the hell we’ve been through and I’m so grateful to John and Lorry Haché to provide this training. I’m grateful to the people who’ve been here at the course as well who have either offered to help us with hypnotherapy or hands-on treatment and for many other things. And for the support of this great community and I’m so anxious to get home and use it every day to help us. Thank you so much!”


Heddy B.

No Longer Suffering From Prostate Pain

“I had Prostate problems for three years before being introduced to this technology. It was a struggle to walk, and I had given up on sleeping through the night. One ten-minute session sitting on the QiWave pad with Avazzia Life Evolution at my friend’s house and I noticed a difference in my pain and discomfort. I bought one right away. Let me tell you…there is no need to suffer from prostate pain anymore.”


Steve G.

Free from Cerebral Palsy Pain

“My 12-year-old son was born with Cerebral Palsy. Before using the Avazzia Evolution for the first time, my son had constant pain every day in his knees and feet. His pain was at a level 8. This is our third week using the Avazzia Evolution, and now he’s at 0 on the pain scale!”


Maria H.

Finally, Relief From Scar Tissue

“I suffered from severe Crohn’s Disease for 10 years and 6 years ago had surgery to have a Bowel Resection. The scar tissue from the surgery was so painful, and it left me spending most of my days laying in bed. I lost my job and moved back in with my parents. After trying Avazzia microcurrent through the recommendation of my Naturopath, I noticed a difference after just one treatment. Reduction of pain and discomfort was immediate. One month later and I am up and running again. I even started a new job. I continue to use my device each day to improve my symptoms. Thank you!”



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