What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a revolutionary technology that helps to balance and restore the body's electrical system by delivering electrical impulses directly to the body. Even though it was invented over 100 years ago, it is only now catching the attention of the public. Now that word is starting to spread, we often hear people ask, "what is microcurrent, exactly?" Here's the scoop.

In contrast with other types of electrotherapy such as TENS, a microcurrent device uses the same types of electrical frequencies found naturally in the body itself. These are extremely low frequency impulses -most often between 0.5 and 2500 hertz.

Microcurrent therapy has been shown to be effective at treating a tremendous variety of acute and chronic conditions, including but not limited to :
Rheumatoid arthritis
Type 1 diabetes mellitus
Anxiety and depression
Chronic Lyme disease
Inflammatory bowel disease
Broken bones
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Celiac disease
Bee stings
Mulitple sclerosis
Crohn's disease
And many more
Grave's disease
Headaches and migraines
And many more

Why is Microcurrent Such a Powerful Tool
for healing and Regeneration?

Why is Microcurrent Such a Powerful Tool for healing and Regeneration?

The body communicates with itself through electrical impulses. When we apply specific frequencies of electricity to injured tissues, these microcurrent impulses allow us to communicate with the brain in its own language.

Proper application of microcurrent corrects channels of electrical communication between and among cells, and between cells, nerves, and brain. This helps to restore damaged portions of your body's bioelectric field back to normal, addressing and clearing energetic blockages within your physical body.

This improved intercellular communication accelerates the healing process. It can help to reverse even long-term issues of tissue damage and/or stubborn cases of chronic pain that do not respond to any other type of treatment.

How Safe is Microcurrent Therapy?

Electricity has actually been used since ancient times for healing purposes. But for many people, the thought of using electricity in a clinical setting brings to mind visions of brutal electroshock therapy. Rest assured, this isn't that! In fact, the electricity generated by a microcurrent machine is quite different from even the TENS device in use today by some practitioners.

Because it uses extremely low frequencies, microcurrent therapy is so body-friendly that it doesn't disrupt, shut down, or cause shock or injury to the body's systems. It also doesn't make you feel well when you're not, like many conventional pain treatments. Instead, it gently enables the body to restore function and get back into balance.

Microcurrent therapy is extremely effective at correcting the body's energy pathways. When used correclty, microcurrent is a very powerful treatment on its own. Many patients also find that the benefits of Microcurrent are even more fully enhanced by using it in conjunction with all the other elements of The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution.

How Can Microcurrent Help You?

We have developed clinically tested microcurrent protocols for most common conditions that involve pain. We also continually strive to stay on the forefront of microcurrent science, and regularly create new protocols as needed for patients in our care and members of our Pain Free for Life Community.

The applications for microcurrent in resolving pain and disease and improving human and animal health are virtually endless. Our many testimonials from satisfied patients bear witness to how effective microcurrent technology can be at helping people take back their lives from pain and chronic disease.


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