The Pinnacle in Microcurrent Therapy: Now Available!

We’ve heard from our clients that professional quality microcurrent can have a discouraging learning curve. Because of this, we set out to design a microcurrent device that is not only incredibly user-friendly but specially designed to address the most common conditions we treat every day at our clinic in Vancouver.

The result? The new Avazzia Life Pinnacle.

Our new Avazzia Life Pinnacle is completely changing the game regarding professional microcurrent therapy, making it easier than ever before. In fact, we’ve never seen such a buzz around a new device. If you check out our Pain Free For Life Support Group on Facebook, you can see the anticipation building by the minute!

To help you get excited about this new device, this blog post takes a deep dive into everything Pinnacle, including:

  • Our twelve new specially designed programs
  • How you can completely eliminate the learning curve of this professional-grade unit
  • How to upgrade your current device to a Pinnacle to get a brand new machine with a new warranty (at an excellent price point)

We couldn’t be happier with this new device, and we can say with the utmost confidence it’s the best microcurrent device any of our doctors have ever worked with. Ready to learn more? We thought so. Let’s dive in.

What Makes the Pinnacle Better than ANY Other Professional-Grade Microcurrent Device?

The Pinnacle features twelve new custom programs carefully designed by the doctors at Pain Free For Life, Dr. John Hache, Dr. Lorry Hache, and Dr. Rob Vanbergen. These programs use blended therapies to cooperate with The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™, our program for optimum wellness, healing, and pain relief.

Our 12 NEW Microcurrent Therapy Programs Unveiled

We created twelve innovative programs to address the needs of the patients we work with daily, addressing common issues like:

  • Nerve Troubles
  • Muscle Issues
  • Pain
  • New Trauma
  • Wounds
  • Joints
  • Deep Scarring
  • Soft Tissue

And more!

These new programs simplify and perfect treatment modalities to treat specific tissue types. Let’s discover what they all do…

New automatic treatment modes:

  1. Sana Bio 2. Say goodbye to nerve troubles by reducing nerve pain, enhancing circulation, and eliminating burning nerve sensations while promoting damaged nerves’ regeneration. This mode has an automatic feature that enables you to track your progress.
  2. Sana Bio 24. Curated with arthritic pain in mind, Sana Bio 24 generates microcurrent pulses and variable damping to get deep into the tissue while also working on the surface.
  3. Sana Bio 14. Created with muscular injuries in mind, Sana Bio 14 gets through the surface and deep inflammation before enhancing circulation and working to repair muscle damage.
  4. Sana Bio 10. Designed with injured ligaments and tendons in mind, Sana Bio 10 reduces inflammation, enhances circulation, and initiates the healing process.
  5. Sana Bio 7. Address broken bones, fractures, and cartilage damage with Sana Bio 7. This mode reduces inflammation, enhances circulation, and initiates the healing process in bone.
  6. Sana Pain. This is Dr. Rob’s favorite new mode. Perhaps the crown jewel of the Avazzia Life Pinnacle, Sana Pain mode was designed to work on all pain and inflammation in the body (perfect for chronic and acute issues alike). It works to break up inflammation while triggering regeneration.
  7. Sana IP. If you’ve read about Dr. Hache’s wound healing protocol and wanted to try it, this mode is for you! This all-in-one wound healing program was designed to replicate his incredible results.
  8. SANA Cycle. When you have no idea what to do, your first line of defense is SANA Cycle. This mode clears away scar tissue and works on inflammation while stimulating regeneration.
  9. SANA Trauma. This mode preserves some level of beneficial early inflammation, which will reduce pain while still promoting healing. This mode transitions into an Alpha frequency that tells the body to heal.
    New Non-automatic treatment modes:
  10. SANA Surf 350. Provides the necessary frequencies to eliminate keloid scars, allowing you to take active readings and dose and zero while dampening to address adhesions.
  11. SANA Deep 77. It’s always been easy to address surface scar tissue. This mode allows users to use maximum damping and pulses to push DEEP into the skin to address scar tissue, soften up scars, and open up energy channels.
  12. SANA Soft T. The key to promoting regeneration in soft tissue and organs.Why Upgrade to the Avazzia Life Pinnacle?

Why Upgrade to the Avazzia Life Pinnacle?

The Avazzia Life Pinnacle offers the precision of professional microcurrent therapy without any guesswork. And don’t worry, it has all the treatments and features you’ve come to love in the Pro Sport III – and then some.

With the ability to create and store your own custom programs, twelve brand new custom programs, and more than fifty preset programs, the Avazzia Life Pinnacle can address even the most complex health issues with ease – at home or in a medical setting.

Ready to Upgrade?

If you would like to upgrade to the easiest to use professional device on the market, we’re making it super simple. Once you pay for your upgrade and send in your device, we will convert your existing Pro Sport to a brand new Avazzia Life Pinnacle. And, you will receive a brand new two-year warranty!

How much does it cost to upgrade my Pro Sport to a Pinnacle?

  • Upgrade from the Pro-Sport III to the Avazzia Life Pinnacle for only $1750
  • Upgrade from the Pro-Sport Ultra to the Avazzia Life Pinnacle for only $2500

Save the environment, save money, and up-level your microcurrent repertoire by upgrading today.

Learn more about upgrading to an Avazzia Life Pinnacle by clicking here.

Upgrading is as simple as a phone call:

When it’s time to make professional-grade microcurrent therapy more straightforward and effective than ever before, please reach out to our helpful staff toll-free at 1-888-758-0851 to start your upgrade process.

We’re Here to Help You Achieve Optimum Microcurrent Therapy Success

If you’re not sure if the new Avazzia Life Pinnacle is right for you, give us a call, and we’ll walk you through the details to help you decide which microcurrent device is best for you and your unique goals.

We can’t wait for you to try the Avazzia Life Pinnacle – we genuinely believe this approachable powerhouse device is going to revolutionize microcurrent healing for YEARS to come.