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Not all pain management tools and devices on the market are effective. We have selected only those that have been personally screened for quality and efficacy by Drs. John and Lorry Hache. They are the only microcurrent devices and products authorized for use with the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution, and come with high level support and the backing of our founders’ extensive medical expertise.

Visit our online store for pain management devices, books, and other Pain Free for Life approved pain management products—and check back often for new products and upgrades!

Microcurrent Therapy

Browse our collection of microcurrent devices Hache Protocol-approved for home or professional use. Or, expand your treatment capabilities, reach hard-to-target areas, and ensure proper functioning of your device with our comprehensive line of accessories for our home and professional model microcurrent devices.

Cosmetic Solutions

Microcurrent cosmetic therapy is becoming a high-demand service as more people seek non-invasive alternatives to injections or expensive surgeries. Explore our line of cosmetic microcurrent devices and accessories for home and professional use, and enjoy the benefits of instantly improved skin tone and rejuvenation for yourself and your clients.  

Wellness Solutions

From advanced patient evaluation devices to EMF protection to the healing power of Therapeutic Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs), we have tested and selected the most effective wellness devices available on the market for supporting mental, physical, and emotional well being. 


Shop our collection of essential training manuals, microcurrent guides, and literature to ensure that you and your clients enjoy the very best results from your microcurrent practice. Our most popular microcurrent training guides and publications are now available both in print and in convenient e-book format, so you can learn and quickly reference from anywhere on the fly. 


Most people don’t get all the nutrition they need from diet alone. We’ve put together a selection of our most-prescribed supplements for pain relief and immune support, detox and gut support, stress reduction, sound sleep, and overall wellness—in formulas approved for optimal absorption and efficacy. 

Training and Events

Learn to safely and correctly apply your microcurrent device to a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Whether you choose to attend beginner, intermediate, or master level training, you will receive hands-on learning directly from Avazzia Master Trainers Drs John and/or Lorry Hache in these live training events held at various Worldwide locations.  

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