Stay Home Stay Safe- Self Treatment Blog Series Microcurrent Facelift- The Holy Grail of At-Home Beauty Treatments

To say that social distancing is an “adjustment” is the understatement of the century! We are a communal species and rely on each other in ways most of us have taken for granted until now. If you aren’t feeling quite like yourself because you are unable to visit your favorite salon, spa, or esthetician, we hear you.

Feeling and looking your best isn’t frivolous, and you don’t have to say goodbye to that pep in your step that comes from self-care just because you’re stuck inside. This week, we’d like to share a lesser known way to use microcurrent that can help you look and feel amazing!

Would you ever have guessed that you can do facial toning with our microcurrent technology at home – and that it actually gives better results than many popular skin rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and chemical peels, without the side effects? It’s true! Our microcurrent facelift not only eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, inflammation, and sagging skin, but it is also a therapeutic treatment for truly healthier skin on the cellular level.

Imagine how great it would be if, in as little as 15 minutes a day, you could achieve tighter, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin. Until now, it wasn’t possible to achieve these kinds of results outside of a professional’s office.

Microcurrent Facelift Vs. Traditional Facelift

If you’ve been looking for a beauty treatment that actually makes your skin healthier, here’s your answer! In contrast with invasive surgical methods which cause damage to your skin’s tissue, microcurrent therapy promotes healthy skin and facial tissue.

Microcurrent supports increased blood flow and cellular communication that revitalizes the healthy subcutaneous fat layers that give your face a bright, youthful look. Say goodbye to dull, sagging skin and say hello to a fresh, glowing complexion.

Why is Microcurrent a Better Choice?

As we discussed in our blog, Better than Botox? Microcurrent Technology as a Natural Botox Alternative, microcurrent is quickly becoming the go-to treatment to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and the signs of again. But why is it better than traditional procedures like Botox?

  • Microcurrent is proven to be safe and effective- Microcurrent has a track record for being safe and effective and has been approved for use in multiple medical applications.
  • With Microcurrent, your muscles and skin stay healthy- Microcurrent stimulates your muscles and skin to maintain their natural, youthful structure over the long term.
  • Microcurrent has positive health side effects- Microcurrent promotes lymph drainage, a vital aspect of maintaining your overall health and avoiding disease.
  • Microcurrent stimulates collagen and elastin growth- Microcurrent stimulates the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP created by microcurrent stimulation has been shown to trigger the creation of collagen and elastin.
  • Firm facial muscles equate to plump full skin- Microcurrent is like a workout for your face. Your muscles stay strong and maintain their shape, so the skin retains its firmness and integrity, leaving you looking refreshed and ready to take on the day.

If you’re looking for the type of results typically only found at your esthetician’s office, it’s time to try the microcurrent facelift! No appointments, no waiting, no recovery time, no pain!

The Tools of The Trade- Choosing Your Microcurrent Device

Picking the right microcurrent device is an essential first step in the quest to conduct at-home microcurrent facelifts – because not every microcurrent device is appropriate for cosmetic use. Luckily, we have several tools in approachable price ranges to choose from!

Avazzia Ezzi-Lift- This is our most popular entry-level cosmetic microcurrent device model. The device’s approachable price point and simplistic interface make it ideal for home users who want to experience the results of microcurrent facial treatments at any time.

EZZi-Lift™ with Photodynamics- A one-two punch to sagging and dull skin! This model incorporates LED light therapy with the dynamic power of microcurrent to accelerate results. Take a step up to a device that is versatile enough to use in the home or even a spa setting.

Avazzia Pro-Sport III- The Avazzia Pro-Sport III is our top-of-the-line microcurrent device intended for use by professional healthcare practitioners in the treatment of chronic and acute pain and other medical conditions.

Because of its comprehensive range of settings, this is the device to choose if you’re not only interested in microcurrent facelifts but treating conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, poor sleep, depression, anxiety, scarring, and so much more!

We recommend selecting the Avazzia Pro-Sport III if you suffer from any of the previously stated conditions because it’s better to start with a more versatile device than to have to upgrade down the line.

Accessories Tie it All Together

You wouldn’t walk out of the house in a striped shirt and plaid pants; it just isn’t compatible. Fashion gurus often say, “accessories tie the outfit together,” and the same goes for microcurrent devices and their accessories. Let’s take a look at the keys to success when you want to perform a microcurrent facelift, and which ones are right for you.

Face ElectrodeThis attachment fits in your hand comfortably, and its small size makes it perfect for cosmetic treatments.

Watch this video to learn more about the exciting capabilities of the Face Electrode:

Y ElectrodeAs we stated in our blog 7 Essential Microcurrent Accessories and Why You Need Them, the Y Electrode is our most popular attachment. The ergonomic shape of the Y electrode makes it an excellent choice for accessing curved areas of the body like the face, making it a highly revered accessory for cosmetic procedures.

Finger ElectrodeSmall but mighty, the Finger Electrode can wrap itself around curved areas of the body like the face for better accessibility. It is highly effective for cosmetic treatments and features an extremely affordable price point.

SANA Pencil ElectrodeTarget those fine lines and wrinkles with what we like to refer to as the “magic wand.” The Pencil Electrode is an ideal choice when treating the face and eyes.

Conductive Face MaskThe Conductive Face Mask may look like popular sheet masks that are out on the market today, but don’t confuse the two; this microcurrent conductive mask is much more powerful! The Conductive Face Mask can save home users a LOT of time in treating their own face, even allowing them to move around the house during treatment with ease.

PEMFs- Taking at-Home Treatment to The Next Level

Research has shown PEMF treatment to be a promising anti-aging therapy resulting in significant improvements in facial contour and skin tightness, for striking results seek out these PEMF generating accessories:

Qi Wave PEMF PadEnjoy the ease of treatment with faster and more effective distribution of frequencies over the entirety of your body with the Qi Wave PEMF Pad. With this accessory, frequencies are delivered internally as well as externally for maximum health and cosmetic benefits.

ViaQi Handheld PEMF GeneratorAccurately and effectively direct PEMF frequencies with the easy to use and powerful ViaQi.

Cellular Makeover 2nd Edition

Cellular Makeover 2nd Edition – Available Now

Are you wondering how to do electrotherapy at home? You’ll learn not only the basics of skincare but also how to conduct the microcurrent facelift in our breakthrough book, Cellular Makeover 2nd Edition.

We’ve identified substantial breakthroughs in the field of nutritional science and health, which have yielded the newest and most effective secrets to attaining supple, stunning skin, at any age. Instructions for performing a complete microcurrent facelift for spa or home use are included in this book, along with a wealth of additional information you can refer back to time and time again.

Innovate Your Beauty Routine with Science

Save time, money, and hassle with a treatment that won’t put you out of commission for a month or longer. It’s time to start innovation how you accomplish the things you are missing out on due to social distancing. Just because you can’t get an appointment with your esthetician, it doesn’t mean you can’t get professional results at home. #Stayhomestaysafe with an at-home microcurrent facelift that will change the way you look at the beauty industry forever!

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