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Need support? We have your back, knees, neck, and anything else that aches!

We understand how hard it can be to find effective relief or straight answers when you’re living with chronic pain, inflammation, or an autoimmune condition. And the fact is— you deserve better.

At Pain Free for Life, we are dedicated to bringing a higher quality of life to anyone suffering from pain—no matter the cause. And that includes providing you the resources and support you need on your pain resolution journey – including all the information you need to make informed pain management decisions.

New to Microcurrent and The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™?

First, we’d like to say welcome. 

We are honored that you trust us with your healing, and our goal is to ensure you have the utmost opportunity for success and long-term pain resolution.

Do you have questions about our products or services? 
Join the next Group Consultation Call with Dr. Rob Vanbergen and get the in-depth answers you seek — in real-time

Don’t worry about speaking out loud if you’re uncomfortable; an anonymous option is also available!

During your Complimentary Group Consultation Call, you can:

  • Ask any questions you may have about our Avazzia Life Microcurrent Devices.
  • Ask about how Microcurrent Therapy and The Hache Protocol can help resolve your chronic pain issue.
  • Ask about your specific concerns or conditions to determine the best Avazzia Life Device for you.
  • Learn the difference between our Avazzia Life Devices and how to buy one.

Click below to schedule a time to get your questions answered and kickstart your microcurrent healing success. Remember – this call is ONLY for those considering buying a microcurrent device (or those looking for advice on upgrading their existing microcurrent device).
If you’d like to speak with Dr. Rob one-on-one, we also offer private consultations.

Already Using Microcurrent and Need Support?

If you’re already using microcurrent and require assistance, a little refresher on a protocol, or are having an acute issue that needs extra attention, we’re here to help.

During this private consultation, Dr. Rob Vanbergen will discuss specific treatments you can perform using your Avazzia Life Device based on your unique health conditions and constitution.

From there, the possibilities are endless! To explore private consultations, book an appointment with Dr. Rob now by clicking below.

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