The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™

The 5 interactive elements of the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™.The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution is a revolutionary method developed by Dr. John Hache, DNM, PhD & Dr. Lorry Hache, PsyD. It is a simple but powerful program that safely and effectively relieves chronic or acute pain naturally, without needles, drugs, or unwanted side effects.

The backbone of The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™ consists of 5 Interactive Elements identified by Drs. Hache over 30 years of clinical practice helping patients recover from debilitating pain. These are:

The 5 Interactive Elements of The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution

  • Stress Reduction: Stress can devour you if you let it. Stress in your life can show up as pain, or make existing pain worse. Managing your stress levels reduces inflammation, redness, heat, swelling, and pain, promotes hormonal balance, and helps your body and mind relax, so they can heal. We will show you methods to detox your life from stress, and work with you to develop strategies to achieve stress-less days which will help you heal and start to enjoy life again.
  • Nutrition: Everyone’s body has different needs. Your body needs great nutrition to heal, but there is no one-size-fits-all anti-pain diet. We help you determine exactly what and how much you should or should not eat to reduce inflammation and pain in your body.   
  • Fitness: Fitness is essential for living a healthy life—but many people who suffer from pain avoid exercise. We understand, and can guide you towards low-effort yet effective activities that you will enjoy as you build the foundation for a consistently healthy body.
  • Sleep: The body requires adequate sleep to rest and heal itself, and for vital reorganization activities to happen in the brain.  Unfortunately, sleep deprivation has become an epidemic in North America.  Over 35% of adults report getting an average of less than the minimum 7 recommended hours of sleep per night. Rather than relying on drugs to get to sleep, we help our clients find natural sleep aids that help you wake up each morning feeling deeply rested and rejuvenated.
  • Microcurrent: Microcurrent therapy is a safe, non-invasive healing treatment that uses extremely low-level electrical currents to quickly and comfortably target and eliminate pain at its source. This is the critical element missing from most pain management systems. Microcurrent sets the Hache Protocol apart from any other pain management method and—when used properly in conjunction with the other 4 Elements—has helped so many individuals finally say goodbye to their pain forever.

You Deserve a Life Without Pain.

The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™ has helped thousands of people overcome debilitating pain to live joyful, productive lives again. It can help you, too. To learn more about the Hache Protocol and our Pain Free for Life Community, download our free report here: 

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