Microcurrent Therapy for Treating Eye Disease

With the busy nature of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of important things like our vision. We rely on our eyes so much, but we very rarely give them the attention and care that they need. Our go to response to vision loss, is to get glasses, and to start on the treadmill of progressively worse vision and eye deterioration. We do this because just like taking antibiotics when we get sick, or Tylenol when we get a headache, is the societal norm, so is the deterioration of our eyes being something we just accept. This is why Eye Disease is so rampant.

A debilitating eye condition WILL end in lifelong problems, or drastic surgical intervention. This is what we are told. This is what we believe.

What if I told you that the health of our eyes hinged entirely on their electrical potential?

It’s true, and science has known this for years. To make new cells that work you must understand that a healthy cell maintains a voltage of -25 millivolts.  A cell that works is a cell that maintains its resting potential of -25 millivolts but is also able to achieve a level of -50, which is the voltage required for cells to repair. If this balance can be maintained, cellular repair and the proper oxygenation of the eye can occur, and many of the degenerative problems of the eye can be prevented… and even reversed.

But HOW can we ensure that we maintain this balance?

Well, good nutrient intake is key. Zinc, Iodine, and Vitamin B & C are all essential for optimal cell balance, among other things. Another issue often overlooked is the connection between the teeth, and the eyes. People with unresolved teeth problems are at increased risk for eye disease.

So keep up with your intake of these nutrients, and ensure you take care of your teeth, and you’ll have a strong foundation to prevent eye disease setting in.

This is the perfect world situation. It’s not always possible, and it doesn’t always work.

Sometimes, despite our best attempts to stay at optimum health a condition will hit us hard. At this point the electrical potential of the eyes drops, and makes way for the eye disease to start degeneration. Drastic interventions are taken when possible to prevent loss of sight and other health concerns from completely destroying our lives, and it is only then that we realize just how important our eyes are in everything we do.

For many people that may be the end of the story.

What if I told you we could rebalance the electrical potential through safe use of microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent Eye treatments have immense potential to rebalance the electrical potential of the eye, and trigger regeneration within the cells themselves. The use of the correct equipment will not only do this, but also drive the nutrients to all the right areas around the eye, and as with all microcurrent therapy, increase blood flow to the area. By extension oxygen levels will rise, completing the Trinity of Eye Health.

With our protocols and the right equipment, we have seen many recoveries from a vast collection of Eye Conditions.

The following is just a sample of conditions that we can treat with microcurrent therapy:

  • Scar Tissue
  • Eye Fatigue
  • Eye Spasms
  • Myopia
  • Amblyopia
  • Uveitis
  • Astigmatism
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Acute Glaucoma

The question is: How do we do it, and is it hard?

You need three things, a microcurrent device (Not a TENS – they are NOT the same thing!), our Protocol Book, and a set of Microcurrent Goggles. With these three components on hand you are ready to start treating.

Treatment is incredibly easy. For as little as 3 minutes a day we can rebuild that electrical potential, and help halt, and even reverse, the condition’s progression.

The Goggles are an immensely important component for 90% of the treatments within our protocol book. Consisting of 12 electrodes around each eye, and a single electrode for your eyelid itself, it will deliver the necessary frequencies to the reflex points around your eye, as well as the eye itself, in a safe and comfortable method (thanks to their built in attenuators) to optimize frequency delivery, and voltage balance potential.

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Secrets of Eye Health by Dr. John Hache, DNM, PhD

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