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No one should have to feel that they have to travel their pain management journey alone. Our FREE Pain Free for Life Facebook Support Group is available for anyone in the world to join and receive encouragement, tips, and advice on how to manage pain naturally and effectively using the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution.

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Get Expert Tips and Advice – The Pain Free of Life Support Group is the only free online community where you will find approved expert information on how to use the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™ to manage and overcome your pain. We regularly post tips and resources you can trust to truly address your pain management needs.

Get Your Questions Answered, 24/7 – Got a question about any of the 5 Elements of Pain Resolution? Or just wondering if anyone else is experiencing what you are? Post it to the group and receive answers right away from peers and experts.

Get the Social Support You Need – Studies have proven that interacting in groups makes learning easier and raises feel-good hormones in the body. People with more social support tend to experience more success in reaching their goals and report a higher level of well-being.

Make New Friends – It’s hard when no one around you understands what you’re going through. Here you will meet people who “get it” – and who will be there for you through thick and thin as you fight your way back from pain. Don’t be surprised if some of the people you meet become friends for life!

Be On The Cutting Edge – As we become aware of new pain management opportunities, we will post them to the group. Be the first of your friends to know about effective new devices and treatments in the field of pain management.

Receive Special Deals and Opportunities – From time to time we may offer exclusive deals on products or services available only to our community members.

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