The Trinity of Eye Health

For many, it may be difficult to believe that microcurrent therapy can help to reverse eye diseases. After all, we’re just electrocuting the eye and saying its better right? Wrong. There are a few contributing factors that we briefly covered in our last article Microcurrent Therapy for the Eyes that form what we are calling the Trinity of Eye Health – and guess what? None of them are glasses.

In this article, we will be expanding on the components of the trinity, and discussing how to best maintain it.

The First Component: Nutrition

One of the 5 Elements of the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution is Nutrition*. Hippocrates said, “Our Food Should be our medicine, and our medicine our food”, and wiser words may never have been spoken. What we eat is the fuel for our bodies, which break down the food and use the nutrients to keep every fiber and cell running at optimum efficiency.

Suffice it to say that almost every area of the body needs some nutrients more than others. For Eye Health, there appears to be a strong need for the following Vitamins and Nutrients:

  • Vitamin B
  • Strong Anti-Oxidants (such as Selenium)
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Copper Oxide

Why is this so important?

With sufficient quantities of these nutrients, the eye is able to draw upon what it needs to keep its structure healthy and strong. In fact, studies have shown that even for people already suffering from symptoms, simply consuming the appropriate quantities of these nutrients, reduced their chances of vision loss by 25%.

Chances are that for those who are symptom free, the benefits of these nutrients are a LOT higher.

The answer to the first component of the Trinity is easy: Supplement, Supplement, Supplement.

The Second Component: Blood Flow

Without the flow of blood to an area of the body, it begins to die. It’s that simple.

Blood is life, and in increasing blood flow to an area (for most conditions) we increase the ability of the body to heal the area both through the delivery of White Blood Cells to fight off infection and Red Blood Cells to deliver much needed oxygen that will form the energy basis for healing and halting degeneration.

Certain microcurrent algorithms manage this very well, acting as Vasodilators to increase blood flow to an area. Using the Microcurrent Goggles we can deliver these frequencies to all essential areas of the eye at the same time for optimum oxygenation.

The Third Component: Electrical Potential

This was the spotlight in our last article. In order to continue to make new cells that work, a healthy cell MUST maintain a voltage of -25 millivolts while simultaneously retaining the ability to rise to -50 millivolts on demand to allow for cellular repair.

As we get sick, or suffer from nutrient loss, the electrical potential of our cells will decay, and they will cease to operate in the reparative and reproductive ways that they are meant to.

With microcurrent therapy we can restore that electrical potential, and ensure the proper functioning of the cells within the eye, which means that degeneration struggles to set in.*

It all comes full circle…

Each of these aspects of the Trinity, much like the 5 Elements of the Hache Protocol, feed off one another. They need each other to continue the cycle and keep the required balances in check. By building a foundation for Eye Health with the appropriate nutrients, and ensuring appropriate oxygenation, the speed and efficacy of microcurrent therapy can be amplified massively.

Remember, it’s not magic. The body is meant to heal itself. Microcurrent merely gives it the biological capacity to accelerate and sustain the process.

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**To read more about the Electrical Potential of the Eye check out last weeks article Microcurrent Therapy for the Eyes