Microcurrent Muscle Toning for Fitness, Health, and Beauty

Our Electric Bodies: What Is Microcurrent Toning?

Our bodies are based on microcurrents of energy active within our cells and throughout the human body system. The human body is an electrical organism. Your brain, your heart, your cells—they are all electrically active. Your cells communicate through electrical impulses. Good communication between cells, organs, and tissues promotes healing and is key to good health. A baseline of electrical activity is needed to maintain the cell’s ability to do its function and heal itself.

Microcurrent is a well-established, evidence-based therapy developed in American hospitals in the 1980s to treat a host of debilitating conditions. It works by stimulating cells and muscles with the same baseline frequency of the cell in its own healthy state to accelerate healing for long-lasting or permanent relief.

In microcurrent muscle toning, we can actually use this electrical communication to change and sculpt the body. Using a therapeutic-level microcurrent of electricity, muscles are stimulated so they twitch, which works muscle groups in a way similar to exercise. And the body doesn’t know the difference!

The Many Uses of Microcurrent Toning

Microcurrent muscle toning won’t replace an aerobic workout, because it doesn’t benefit the cardiovascular system. However, it has many applications for enhancing musculoskeletal health and performance as well as cosmetic use.  Let’s take a look at the many ways people benefit from muscle toning with microcurrent.

Medical Uses for Microcurrent Toning

Many uses of microcurrent have been established by the medical community and are used daily in hospitals around the country and around the world. In addition to its powerful pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, Microcurrent can be used in many ways to assist in muscular healing and rehabilitation. Some of these applications include:

  • Retain muscle tone after being inactive due to injury
  • During pregnancy for women restricted to bedrest (3rd trimester only)
  • Healing recovery for athletes
  • Osteoarthritis relief
  • Post-surgery recovery and healing
  • Sports injuries
  • To help heal abdominal separation after childbirth

Microcurrent muscle toning is an excellent, effective, and even necessary therapy for people with limited mobility who can’t otherwise exercise. Essentially, microcurrent toning keeps their muscles from atrophying. Microcurrent doesn’t put stress on the heart the way that physical exertion does, so it can sometimes be the only option for muscular health for people living with heart disease.

Even more exciting is a study released in 2014 which showed that microcurrent stimulate stem cell regeneration in musculo-skeletal injuries.

As a cosmetic therapy, microcurrent offers a host of exciting possibilities for anyone wishing to look and feel their best. Unlike most cosmetic therapies, microcurrent actually has healing properties and gently helps to truly activate the body’s own potential to reach a state of vibrant health.

Bye Bye Botox: Facial Toning With Microcurrent

Microcurrent’s uses for facial skin and muscle regeneration is another exciting application. The current stimulates the facial tissues at their natural healing frequency, resulting in a facial muscle workout. The process stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin, the connective tissue that keeps skin looking youthful and elastic. The result is an overall topical skin regeneration (bye bye wrinkles, crows feet, and fine lines!), and an overall tightening and firming of the skin’s appearance. Regular use can take years off your face—and the beauty of it is that there’s nothing fake about it. It’s just your natural youthfulness being restored through the magic of microcurrent.

More and more people are ditching the Botox and undergoing gentle, painless, and effective microcurrent therapies to stimulate the long-term health and beauty of their facial skin and overall body beauty.

Body By Microcurrent: Applications for Muscular Fitness and Athletic Performance

The magic of microcurrent is that it directly stimulates muscle contraction. This creates the contraction that you would otherwise achieve from physical exercise, but the amazing thing is that your body can’t tell the difference! So the muscle toning you get from microcurrent really does result in a stronger, fitter you.  

Even more remarkably, it bypasses the central nervous system (which is stimulated by the brain), so you can get the complete muscular contraction your body needs for muscle health and fitness, without stressing your CNS or your joints. This is a breakthrough for people with any kind of nerve or muscle-based pain, joint issues, or for people immobilized by an accident or a surgery.

Microcurrent muscle toning is also an excellent training supplement for athletes, backed by scientific research. The  Journal of Strength and Conditioning published a study researching how microcurrent helps elite athletes achieve peak performance. They found that the therapy resulted in significant performance gains in strength and speed in trained and elite athletes (for instance, participants improved vertical jump height by 25% and sprint times by 4.8%). Researchers concluded:  

“With regard to the level of fitness, the analysis shows that trained and elite athletes, despite their already high level of fitness, are able to significantly enhance their level of strength to the same extent as is possible with untrained subjects.”

Researchers established evidence-based proof that microcurrent stimulation can provide the same level of muscle training needed by advanced athletes, without the wear and tear on the body that so commonly results in injury amongst the athletic elite. Also, it’s training they can do even when they are down with an injury, allowing them to jump right back into elite performance once their body recovers.

This is great news for us non-elite-athlete folks as well. There are many reasons a person might want, or need, to strengthen and tone their muscles without vigorous physical activity. For many people, that kind of physical activity is out of the question, and for others it offers a joint-and-tendon-loving alternative. Microcurrent muscle toning is a wonderful, non-invasive body-sculpting therapy for anyone wishing to look, feel, and perform the best they can without spending all day at the gym.

From Fat to Fit: Goodbye Surgery and Coolsculpting. Hello, Microcurrent!

Have you ever fantasized about getting fit without all that daily exercise? Who hasn’t? The truth is that so many people just don’t seem to have the time or energy to devote to weight loss and muscle toning.

But we have good news. As a body-sculpting therapy, Microcurrent can help tone the body by reducing flabby skin on the arms through strengthening and toning. Microcurrent body sculpting is an effective, non-invasive, and pain-free alternative to plastic surgery and Coolsculpting (without injections, removing or freezing tissue, etc.).

A 2015 study found conclusively that EMS (microcurrent stimulation) can help you lose body fat. The study, called “Effects of high-frequency current therapy on abdominal obesity in young women: a randomized controlled trial,” gave groups of subjects 30-minute sessions with high frequency currents attached to their abdomens with electrodes. After 6 weeks of 3 sessions per week, researchers measured key fat-content indicators and found that, even without any lifestyle changes, the EMS treatments resulted in significant reduction across all indicators, including waist circumference, abdominal obesity, subcutaneous fat, total body fat, and body mass index.

These results are startling but also great news. So many people struggle to make the lifestyle changes needed for muscular and cellular transformation, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Armed with the right knowledge, the right tools (including microcurrent therapy), and a guided system to reduce stress and increase nutrition, total transformation is possible for you.

Get the Secrets to Glowing, Healthy Skin and Body

Microcurrent muscle toning can transform the lives of people with traumatic injury, heart or joint conditions, or obesity. But it’s also a therapy par excellence for anyone who wants to improve their beauty and vitality from the inside out. Find out how it can transform your life.

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