Passive vs. Active Microcurrent Therapy: What’s the Difference?

Today, we’re examining a topic discussed extensively in our Pain Free For Life Support Group: the distinction between passive and active treatments. Microcurrent therapy is a world of possibilities, and can make all the difference in your healing journey. So, let’s explore how microcurrent accessories play a crucial role in shaping passive and active treatments.

Active Microcurrent Treatment: Healing Power in Your Hands

Active microcurrent treatment is like physically taking the reins of your healing journey. It’s about getting hands-on and actively participating in the therapy process. Picture this: You’re in control, guiding the microcurrent currents through specific movements and targeting areas that need attention. It’s like a partnership, where your direct actions amplify the therapy’s impact.

With active treatment, you’re the driver, not the passenger. This approach invites you to move, engage, and take charge. Imagine having a specific pattern for addressing certain concerns—like our innovative lung protocol that involves a spiralized movement. 

It’s all about channeling your energy to amplify the therapy’s benefits to achieve remarkable results. Active treatment is also when a therapist, masseuse, chiropractor, or doctor performs microcurrent therapy on you in a way that includes specific motions and targeted treatment. 

Passive Microcurrent Treatment: Unwind and Let It Flow

Now, let’s shift gears to passive microcurrent treatment—known and loved for its ease. With passive treatment, you set the stage and let the microcurrent therapy do its magic. Think of it as creating the perfect ambiance and then simply enjoying the healing currents, kind of like sitting in the audience at the symphony.

There’s no need for active movement on your or your therapist’s part when performing the passive treatment. This approach is ideal for those who feel overwhelmed by protocol options or might have limited mobility, providing a peaceful and healing experience.

Passive microcurrent treatment is like indulging in a spa day for your body and soul. You let go and allow the therapy to work its wonders while you relax—an ultimate “set it and forget it” approach to healing. In fact, you can even work on the appearance of fine lines and aging with our handy (and affordable) microcurrent face mask! Another example of passive microcurrent? Our conductive garments are perfect for joint aches and pains. 

Accessories: Shaping Your Microcurrent Experience

Now, let’s talk about how microcurrent accessories come into play. These accessories are what dictate whether your treatment is active or passive. Each Avazzia Life device we design and sell has a built-in electrode on the back (see the image below). This allows you to easily treat a variety of conditions right out of the box!  But if you invest in a deluxe kit, which I ALWAYS recommend you do,  you’ll have SO many more options when it comes to treatment time.

At, we’ve got a range of tools that let you customize your microcurrent therapy journey according to your preferences and needs.

From specialized electrodes designed for trigeminal nerve stimulation to versatile attachments that turn your Avazzia Life device into a PEMF or Scalar Energy generator – we’ve got your back. These accessories are your allies in crafting a therapy experience that aligns with your style, whether you’re inclined towards active or passive treatments.

Expert Guidance for Optimal Results

Venturing into the world of microcurrent therapy and accessories might feel like uncharted territory. If you’re new to this technology, we want to assure you that you’re not alone on this journey—we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our experienced treatment coordinators are your go-to guides in this exciting journey. They know the ins and outs of microcurrent therapy and accessories, and they’re here to assist you.  To avail of their services, join The Hache Protocol Private Membership here today! This is where you’ll receive ongoing support and training to make the most out of your microcurrent machine. 

Whether you’re aiming to address specific concerns, enhance overall well-being, or explore new horizons, our experts are your partners in healing. 

Don’t have a microcurrent device yet and need help deciding? Check out our handy guide here or consider attending a complimentary consultation with Dr. Rob. Remember, this complimentary consultation is only for those who are new to microcurrent. If you’d like a private appointment with Dr. Rob, you can schedule that here

Catch the Replay: Microcurrent Accessory Training Event.

Excited to learn how our line of microcurrent accessories can help you? In that case, catch the training replay below to explore my top picks for microcurrent accessories. 




During this exclusive webinar, I shared my thoughts on the essential microcurrent accessories that can take your device to the next level. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the accessories that we showcased:

  • Avazzia Scalar Qi: This accessory harnesses the power of scalar waves to create a healing environment within the body. Discover how scalar treatment can expedite healing for conditions like migraines, plantar fasciitis, hernias, and nerve pain.
  • Avazzia Y Electrode: A versatile attachment perfect for accessing curved body areas and my favorite for performing vagus nerve stimulation.
  • Avazzia ViaQi: Experience the benefits of a handheld PEMF generator that saturates every cell in your body, reducing pain and inflammation and improving energy, circulation, sleep quality, and more.
  • Conductive Ear Clips: An affordable yet essential accessory that can reduce pain from chronic inflammatory conditions and stimulate reflexology points in the ears.
  • Qi Wave PEMF Pad: Immerse your body in the power of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) for passive treatment that’s perfect for pets and children.
  • Microcurrent Goggles: Treat a wide range of eye conditions hands-free with one of our fan-favorite accessories, microcurrent goggles

Learn more about these top-performing microcurrent accessories for pain, inflammation, and autoimmune symptoms in our blog here.

Take advantage of the replay above to learn more!

Level Up with Microcurrent Accessories Today 

Microcurrent therapy isn’t just a treatment—it’s a key component of a healing lifestyle catered directly to you. Whether you’re excited by the possibility of an active engagement or the serenity of passive treatment, microcurrent therapy offers something for everyone. So let’s embrace the possibilities, explore the options, and let microcurrent therapy guide you toward well-being and vitality.