Dr. Rob’s Protocol Spotlight: How to Improve Lung Health Naturally

We all know about using microcurrent therapy for pain, but did you know it can also help improve lung health? Welcome back to another edition of “Dr. Rob’s Protocol Spotlight.”. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest and most innovative protocol yet—the NEW Lung Protocol. This groundbreaking protocol aims to enhance lung health and improve overall respiratory function. 

And, as a special bonus, we’re introducing the Massage Electrode, a powerful tool that complements the Lung Protocol for even better results. 

Read on to learn all about the New Lung Protocol and how to save 20%!

A Note on Lung Health: The Hache Way 

Before diving into the new Lung Protocol, let’s first briefly talk about another important facet of lung health. Nitric Oxide—or the “miracle molecule,” has captured the attention of scientists and researchers worldwide. Nitric Oxide is vital in promoting a healthy heart, lungs, and much more. Incorporating this miraculous molecule into your health routine (and diet) can profoundly impact your overall well-being.

Furthermore, if you’re seeking a natural way to promote better blood flow and address poor blood circulation, Scalar, Microcurrent, and PEMF therapies offer promising solutions. These natural methods can help your body heal wounds and regenerate cells, making it easier to maintain optimal health.

Now, back to the NEW Lung Protocol and the Massage Electrode—a powerful duo that can transform your respiratory health. 

Unlock the Power of the NEW Lung Protocol

Are you tired of struggling with respiratory issues and seeking a natural solution to improve your lung health? This cutting-edge protocol was recently designed for self-treatment of lung conditions, offering great promise in providing relief and restoring your lung function.

How the NEW Lung Protocol Works…

The NEW Lung Protocol leverages the power of microcurrent technology to initiate a conversation with your brain, prompting it to focus on the targeted area—the lungs. Doing so facilitates faster results and better success in managing lung-related challenges.

How to Perform the Updated Lung Protocol for Improved Results

  • Prepare Your Avazzia Life Microcurrent Device:
  • Positioning and Treatment:
    • Place the Y or Massage Electrode on the targeted area, covering the entire chest region. This approach is suitable for both men and women.
    • Gently move the Electrode in circular motions across the skin’s surface. Pay special attention to any sticky spots or areas of heightened sensitivity. These might feel like the device is momentarily stuck. To resolve this, work in all directions over these active zones. Do this for a few minutes. 
  • Adjusting Device Program and Continuing Treatment:
    • Switch the device program until you reach 77Hz in the Evolution or SANA soft T in Pinnacle.
    • Apply the treatment to the entire chest and underarm regions once again.
    • Repeat the circular motion process for 3 minutes, focusing on eliminating any remaining sticky spots.
  • Low Gauss PEMF Therapy with QiWave PEMF Mat:
    • Choose either size of the QiWave PEMF Pad.
    • Place the mat behind your back or on your chest, ensuring it’s hands-free and comfortable. If the mat slides, feel free to gently “hug” it to keep it in place. 
    • Set your microcurrent device to 350 Hz (Sana Surf 350) and adjust the power to its maximum level.
    • Allow the program to run for a relaxing 15-20 minutes.

That’s it! We’ve had fantastic results with this protocol in our clinic! 

Say Hello to the Massage Electrode


To make the NEW Lung Protocol even more effective and user-friendly, we’re recommending the Massage Electrode. This ingenious tool enhances the protocol’s benefits and ensures a seamless experience for self-treatment.

The bottom line? Combining the NEW Lung Protocol with the Massage Electrode allows you to experience a new level of respiratory support and relief. This powerful duo aims to rejuvenate your lung health and transform your respiratory well-being.

We have a fantastic video of the New Lung Protocol in The Hache Protocol Private Membership Library. 

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Benefits of the New Lung Protocol:

Embracing the NEW Lung Protocol and incorporating the Massage Electrode into your routine unlocks a plethora of advantages:

  • Improved Lung Function: The protocol aids in optimizing lung capacity and enhancing respiratory performance.
  • Faster Relief: Experience quicker relief from respiratory discomfort and breathing difficulties.
  • Enhanced Tissue Repair: The NEW Lung Protocol supports tissue repair, speeding up recovery from respiratory ailments.
  • Increased Oxygenation: Enjoy better oxygen uptake, improving overall vitality and well-being.

Unlock the full potential of your lungs with the NEW Lung Protocol and the Massage Electrode.

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The NEW Lung Protocol and Massage Electrode: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Respiratory Health

Thank you for joining us in another edition of “Dr. Rob’s Protocol Spotlight.” We’re thrilled to have introduced you to our latest innovation—the NEW Lung Protocol, designed to enhance lung health and improve respiratory function naturally. 

With the addition of the Massage Electrode, this potent duo takes self-treatment to a whole new level, offering you relief and rejuvenation like never before.

Take advantage of this opportunity to breathe easier, improve lung health, and enhance your overall well-being – your lungs will thank you! 

New to all this and ready to learn more about how microcurrent therapy and The Hache Protocol can help you?


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