Microcurrent vs. PEMF Therapy- How are They Different?

By now, you may be aware of the incredible healing properties of microcurrent therapy, but have you heard of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy? We often get asked, “what is the difference between microcurrent and PEMF therapy?” To clear things up, we will be addressing the similarities, differences, and revolutionary health benefits of both PEMF and microcurrent therapy in this blog.

Frequency Medicine

To better understand the differences between microcurrent and PEMF therapy, let’s first start by addressing how they are similar. The main similarity is that microcurrent and PEMF therapy are both frequency medicine.

If you are asking yourself, “what is frequency medicine?”, let’s break it down. Frequency is the term used to describe the rate at which all things vibrate. Simply put, frequency medicine is the act of utilizing frequencies to promote healing.

You may not realize this, but your body is an electrical organism. All matter in the universe is comprised of energy and has a vibrational frequency. Your cells, brain, and heart are all electrically active. This can be observed in conventional medicine in the form of EEG’s for the brain, EKG’s for the heart, and MRI’s for damaged cells.

As we discussed in our blog, the language your cells use to communicate with each other is electrical impulses. Proper communication between cells, organs, and tissues is essential for good health. In holistic medicine, practitioners use frequency medicine in the form of microcurrent therapy and PEMF therapy to alter and correct flawed electrical communication, resulting in profound healing.

Microcurrent Therapy

Now that we’ve addressed the similarity between microcurrent and PEMF therapy lets delve a little deeper into the differences, we’ll start with microcurrent therapy.

Application of Treatment

The first significant difference is in how the two therapies are administered. Microcurrent therapy is administered through direct contact with the skin. To conduct microcurrent therapy, you will need to attach your Avazzia Pro Sport III or Avazzia Life Evolutionto an accessory that will deliver a healing current throughout your body. When applied directly to the skin, the current travels along the fascial tissue in your body, distributing healing frequencies along the way.

Biofeedback Capabilities

The second unique aspect of microcurrent therapy is its ability to connect with the brain and establish a biofeedback connection. This direct communication with the brain allows microcurrent therapy to address stubborn sources of pain and other chronic conditions with ease.

The Ability to Manipulate Muscles

Microcurrent also provides the benefit of being able to manipulate and move muscles physically. Muscle manipulation can help address muscle injuries, encouraging muscle tone, and is even used for a microcurrent facelift! To learn more about the benefits of microcurrent muscle toning, read our blog, Microcurrent Muscle Toning for Fitness, Health, and Beauty.

PEMF Therapy

The science behind PEMF therapy is slightly different than that of microcurrent therapy. Though they are both considered frequency medicine, PEMF therapy has its own set of benefits and capabilities. The health benefits of PEMF therapy run the gamut from reducing chronic pain and inflammation to accelerating repair of bone and soft tissue, and so much more in-between!

PEMFs Saturate Deeper than Microcurrent

A Short Demonstration of PEMF Technology

One of the major advantages of PEMF therapy is its ability to travel deeper into the area of treatment than microcurrent can. PEMFs deeply saturate every cell in your body, even penetrating through solid casts! This unique aspect of PEMF therapy has led to promising outcomes in several scientific studies regarding bone healing and pulsed electromagnetic fields.  

Application of Treatment

To administer PEMF healing, you will need a PEMF generating accessory that is compatible with your Avazzia device. You see, PEMFs aren’t a direct current, so there is minimal opportunity to “over do it” when it comes to this mode of treatment. Think of the accessory you choose as a “buffer” that ensures the entire treatment area is deeply, and gently saturated.

Accessories- The Key to Successful PEMF Healing

Both the Avazzia Pro Spot III and the Avazzia Life Evolution are capable of PEMF healing when combined with one of the following accessories:

ViaQi– The ViaQi is the perfect choice if you’re not quite sure of the specific source of your pain. It’s also extremely helpful in treating deep body damage and challenging-to-reach spots. When the ViaQi is attuned to the correct frequency for the problem you are facing, there is incredible healing potential. The gentle nature of this accessory makes it an excellent choice for those who are suffering from open wounds, painful skin conditions, or even fussy children who don’t respond well to direct current treatment like microcurrent.

Qi Wave PEMF Pad– The real strength of the Qi Wave PEMF Pad lies in its ability to deeply saturate every cell in the body, even penetrating through solid casts! This is a popular accessory to use in treating animals because the pad can be placed under them as they sleep. We often receive reports of pets jumping on their human counterparts’ laps during a PEMF healing session with the Qi Wave PEMF Pad.

Microcurrent Vs. PEMF Therapy Cheat Sheet

Many of us find visual aids immensely helpful when learning new information. We’ve developed a Microcurrent vs. PEMF Therapy Cheat Sheet to summarize all the information we presented in this blog so you can easily reference back when determining which treatment is appropriate for you.

As you can see from this illustration, the advantages of both microcurrent and PEMF therapy are abundant. One isn’t better than the other, as they each provide their own specific benefits and rewards.

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