Microcurrent Goggles: The 21st Century’s Best Kept Natural Eye Health Secret

Natural Eye Health through electric medicine

Conditions affecting the eyes are notoriously challenging to treat. Arguably the most important of the senses, vision, is something many take for granted. It’s not until you start to develop vision problems that you yearn for the days when you didn’t even think about being able to see properly.

Luckily, there is a natural eye treatment option that is providing many with unparalleled results: microcurrent eye therapy.

Conventional Eye Treatment – Too Few Options

You may think that most eye conditions can be corrected with glasses, a simple fix. But in conventional medicine, there are many eye conditions that require advanced medical and surgical treatment to be repaired, with little to no additional options. For those who would like to avoid an invasive procedure to treat their eye condition, microcurrent eye therapy is an excellent option. There is no pain, side effects, or recovery time. And best of all, this natural vision therapy can be administered in the comfort of your own home!

Microcurrent Eye Therapy – How Does It Work?

Everything in the universe vibrates at its own individual frequency, even your body. Every cell and organ in your body has its own frequency, and when there is damage or disease, this frequency is altered and disrupted.

Microcurrent vision therapy works to restore a healthy frequency in your eyes on a cellular level by sending specific frequencies to the damaged areas. This treatment not only addresses the symptoms of your condition but the underlying cause as well. The speed and efficiency of this treatment is unmatched, many report feeling improvement after just one session of microcurrent eye therapy.

An Effective Holistic Eye Health Solution

As a natural vision therapy, microcurrent has been used successfully on the following difficult to treat conditions:

  • Scar tissue
  • Eye Fatigue
  • Eye Spasms
  • Myopia
  • Amblyopia
  • Uveitis
  • Astigmatism
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Acute glaucoma
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
  • Acute retinal detachment
  • Injuries of eyes and periorbital area
  • Presbyopia

Protocols for treating these conditions with our devices can be found in our book: Secrets of Eye Health: Microcurrent Therapy for the Eyes

The History of Microcurrent as a Natural Treatment for Glaucoma and Other Eye Conditions

Original Microcurrent Eye Therapy

As early as the 1990’s, microcurrent therapy was used as a natural alternative to treating eye conditions. This therapy was initially conducted by wrapping small metal electrodes in a wet towel and draping it across the face. The goal was to saturate the entire face, allowing the microcurrent to make its way into the eyes. There were enough positive results to this type of natural eye treatment to keep practitioners interested in developing a more effective way to treat the entire eye (in the same way we treat the whole body in holistic medicine).

Later, conductive gloves were utilized. Conductive gloves worked by wetting the gloves and wearing rubber gloves underneath to stop the transmission of the current to the hand the user. It was then possible to deliver the current around the eyes by meticulously hitting stimulation points, creating more accurate and focused natural treatment for macular degeneration and many other eye conditions.

Microcurrent Goggles- The Holistic Eye Health Innovation We’ve Been Waiting For

Microcurrent Goggles – Compatible with Avazzia Life Evolution and Avazzia Pro-Sport

As the advancement of microcurrent eye therapy marched on, we landed at what might be the 21st century’s best-kept secret to eye health, Microcurrent Goggles.

Microcurrent Goggles are a terrific tool for any of the eye conditions we listed above. Brought into the spotlight by our book, Secrets of Eye Health, Microcurrent Goggles are specially designed to hit targeted reflex points while safely treating the entirety of the eye. In conjunction with a device like the Avazzia Pro Sport III  or the Avazzia Life Evolution, Microcurrent Goggles stimulate critical points around the eye, while simultaneously delivering the current into the eye itself. The recipient of the microcurrent eye therapy simply closes their eyes, applies the goggles, and the gentle current is delivered through the eyelid painlessly.

The Result

The result is an amplified response to treatment, delivering breakthrough results. A significant benefit to this treatment is increased blood flow to the area, which provides much-needed nutrients effectively to the eyes. We also see a decrease in scar tissue, and stimulation of cellular activity, all at the same time!

Microcurrent Vision Treatment Success Story

Microcurrent Therapy for Hydrocephalus

We’ve heard countless success stories when it comes to using microcurrent therapy for macular degeneration and many other vision issues. Still, we found the story of Ryker, a toddler with debilitating vision issues, to be particularly encouraging and uplifting.

According to Ryker’s mother, “I have no doubt the treatments…absolutely changed Ryker into a completely different little boy. He plays with other kids now and doesn’t stumble and fall all the time. I looked out the window a few days ago and saw him climbing his jungle gym with complete confidence-not afraid of falling as he was before the treatments….Very thankful we found out about the Micro Current therapy for this sweet boy!” To read Ryker’s story in its entirety, click here.

The Bottom Line for Holistic Eye Health

If you are suffering from a difficult to treat eye condition and fear an invasive procedure may be your only option, reach out! We’ll guide you on how to implement microcurrent stimulation for glaucoma and many other conditions for a natural eye treatment option that has been a turning point for many of our patients.