Here’s What Microcurrent Can’t Do—You May Be Surprised


Here’s some news that may surprise you: microcurrent isn’t a “magic bullet” for every health condition out there. That may sound shocking because we often sing the praises of microcurrent therapy and share countless success stories of those who’ve successfully climbed out of chronic pain by using it.

But here’s the thing: microcurrent can only do so much on its own.

You need to implement a lifestyle that puts your body in the ideal place for healing for microcurrent to be as effective as possible, and knowing how to do that can feel overwhelming at first.

But don’t worry—it’s much simpler than you’re probably imagining.

In this blog, we will discuss the limitations of microcurrent. We’ll also share the story of a client of ours, Amanda, who optimized her microcurrent healing with simple lifestyle changes and lastly share why The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™ is an essential strategy to making sure you get the absolute most out of your microcurrent treatments possible.

Microcurrent’s Limitations

First, it’s essential to understand that microcurrent can’t do anything your body isn’t already capable of doing healing-wise. Where microcurrent truly shines is in its ability to encourage your body to heal itself through natural processes like regeneration and cellular renewal.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know that our bodies communicate through electrical impulses. By applying precise frequencies of electricity (microcurrent) to injured tissues, you can communicate with the body and brain in its own language and promote healing.

To learn more about how the body and brain use electrical signals to communicate with the body, please read our blog, Halt the Pain-Brain Connection with Microcurrent.

Microcurrent—A Breakthrough Treatment, Not a Cure

It’s also vital to remember that microcurrent is a treatment, not a cure. Microcurrent therapy has been known to make certain conditions go into remission, which doesn’t mean they’ve been cured forever.

You will need to keep up with treatments and adjust your lifestyle to support healing to continually benefit from this therapy. And if something isn’t working, it’s important to be open to trying new approaches, protocols, and lifestyle changes until you find what works best for your individual body and condition.

The Hache Protocol™—An Essential Strategy for Microcurrent Success

We often refer to microcurrent therapy as the “secret sauce” to The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™, but it isn’t a cure-all. It must be done right, and the Drs. Hache have figured out an entirely holistic approach to doing exactly that.

Besides microcurrent, the other four pillars of The Hache Protocol™ (stress reduction, nutrition, fitness, and sleep) are all essential ingredients for eliminating pain in the long-term. Each of these pillars is supported by the other, creating a synergy that amplifies microcurrent therapy’s effectiveness. Without these four other pillars, your microcurrent treatment regime simply won’t be as successful as possible.

Amanda’s Story: A Lifestyle Approach to Microcurrent Healing

Here’s a story to illustrate the importance of pairing microcurrent with a lifestyle that promotes healing:

Our client Amanda invested in an Avazzia Life Evolution and a Private Membership for her chronic pain and inflammation associated with an old sports injury. She had broken her ankle playing softball years ago and felt a consistent dull ache that would flare up in times of stress.

After a month of regular treatment, Amanda was surprised that she still felt pain in her ankle from time to time, reporting, “I was really expecting my pain to be 100% gone by this point.” Amanda decided it was time to reach out to her Private Membership Treatment Coordinator, Katie, for some support and guidance.

During their consultation, Katie asked Amanda about her lifestyle. Amanda confessed that the past month had been super busy for her as she worked from home and homeschooled her two children. Stating, “I’ve been staying up late each night to catch up on work, which has been cutting into my sleep, and many nights I’ve been resorting to fast food meals in a mad scramble to just get everyone fed.”

That’s all Katie needed to hear. She explained to Amanda that when you continue to live a stress-filled life, don’t prioritize exercise, eat a highly-processed diet, and fail to prioritize sleep—microcurrent just isn’t going to work as well as it should. Katie also reminded Amanda about setting realistic expectations and remembering microcurrent therapy isn’t a cure-all. It’s a treatment.

Katie then reminded Amanda about The Hache Protocol™ and how she could implement some simple steps to getting her lifestyle on track for better healing outcomes. Amanda then went forward with her daily microcurrent therapy session and tried some strategies of The Hache Protocol™ like drinking sleep teas at night, meal prepping on the weekends, prioritizing self-care and rest, and finally reaching out to her support network in times of stress.

The results spoke for themselves. In as little as two weeks, Amanda reported to her Treatment Coordinator that her ankle was feeling much better, and because of this, she was getting outside with her kids for nightly walks.

This new nightly routine optimized Amanda’s microcurrent healing while allowing her family to get exercise, practice grounding by being in nature, and blow off some stress after a long day. After their nightly stroll, the family now enjoys a healthy meal that Amanda prepared on the weekend and calls it a night for eight uninterrupted hours of sleep. Everything is back on track.

The moral of the story:

It’s not always easy to do the things we know we should for our health. Still, with the support, encouragement, and guidance of her Treatment Coordinator, Amanda could get faster and more significant results with her microcurrent treatment protocols—and you can too.

Microcurrent Advancements Abound

Microcurrent therapy in its various forms has been around for thousands of years, but it’s just now getting the attention and awareness from Western medicine it deserves. Today, mainstream use of microcurrent therapy is an accepted technique among orthopedic surgeons and approved by the FDA for treating anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Medical doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, natural healers, and everyday people now rely on this technology to consistently improve their healing outcomes.

And the exciting part of this is, each day, new studies and findings emerge about how microcurrent can help treat various conditions. It’s our goal to always keep you in the loop by sharing these advancements with you as they become available.

Wondering which microcurrent advancements we’re excited about?

Here are two of the most interesting advancements in our opinion:

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