Halt the Pain-Brain Connection with Microcurrent Therapy

Your Brain—Mission Control

Think of your brain as mission control for your body. Your brain lies at the crux of every daily function and process needed to stay alive by receiving and sending vital signals through the spinal cord.

The brain controls your ability to: Think, breathe, walk, talk, feel, see, hear, swallow, taste, smell, digest food, remember things, and much more!

The Brain-Pain Connection

Many of us understand that the brain works to perform essential functions like the ones listed above. But one thing many people don’t often consider is the brain’s vital role in how you experience pain and how you heal.

Pain is one of the brain’s most powerful tools for communication. When you experience an injury or trauma, the brain kicks into overdrive and starts delivering pain signals. Nature didn’t intend for pain to be a punishment. Instead, pain is the brain’s mechanism to tell us there’s something wrong that needs our attention.

Think of pain like a fire alarm signaling that a building is on fire. The brain’s inflammatory response signals that something is wrong— alerting you to take action and do something about it.

Suppose the underlying source of your pain is not addressed. In that case, the brain will develop an obsession with pain, getting “stuck” on sending pain signals that can eventually develop into a chronic and life-altering issue.

Drugs put Fuel on the Fire of Chronic Pain and Inflammation

When most people experience pain, their first course of action is to quickly “mute it” with over-the-counter or prescription drugs. But if you turn off a fire alarm in a burning building, the building will remain on fire. Nothing is solved. This is the problem we’ve seen with using drugs to address chronic pain and inflammation.

Everyone has taken a Tylenol or Advil for an achy back, headache, stiff neck, or twisted ankle. Though you may find that these common drugs work to quickly and effectively “mute” the pain, there is an underlying problem: This is NOT how the body is meant to work—you simply WON’T heal by muting the pain!

Opiates—A BIGGER Problem

With opiates, we see a similar yet much more dangerous picture. These addictive and high-powered drugs aren’t designed to resolve pain. Instead, they shut off pain signals, often creating a dependency loop.

You may be asking yourself, “How can opiates be so dangerous if they’re so freely prescribed?”.

As we previously discussed in our blog, Opioids are a class of pharmaceuticals that include prescription painkillers like Oxycontin and illicit drugs like heroin and fentanyl. As many of us have seen in our own communities, opioids are causing devastating and ongoing health pandemic.

In 2017, a SHOCKING 47,600 opioid-linked drug fatalities occurred in the United States alone – more than the reported deaths linked to breast cancer in the same year!

Here’s the thing with taking opiates: They don’t stop you from experiencing pain. Instead, they increase the pain and increase the volume of the “pain alarm.”

A Spiral of Pain

If you’re using drugs to mute your pain, and your body is responding by turning up the volume, what options are left?

Conventional medicine says: Mute the pain some more with additional drugs. Your doctor may choose to ramp up your medication dosage, and the process repeats, again and again, creating a spiral of pain.

Eventually, you will reach a point in which it’s no longer “safe” to increase the dose, and your doctor may suggest you stop the pain medications altogether. The end result? Chronic pain and degeneration set in due to untreated and unrelenting inflammation. And in some cases, addiction takes hold.

Extinguish the Fire of Chronic Pain with Microcurrent Therapy

So the question is, “how do I reverse the fire of chronic pain that has been burning for weeks, months, or years?”

It all starts with getting the brain to take notice of the problem. We call this process, “Dosing and Zeroing.” It’s a form of automated biofeedback where we signal the brain’s attention to a specific area to show that there is no reason to continue causing pain.

How is this accomplished?

With microcurrent therapy.

With any microcurrent device in the Avazzia line, you can send a signal to the brain. What happens next? The signal then returns to the treatment site indicating that the brain is ready to observe the treatment and make changes.

Treating the brain with microcurrent therapy is KEY to accelerating the healing process – even in the most debilitating chronic conditions.

Why is Microcurrent so Effective in Treating Pain-Brain?

Microcurrent allows you to correct your body’s communication signals to the brain by first identifying problems that need fixing. Then, microcurrent works with the brain to commit to actually FIXING a problem instead of covering it up.

It’s critically important to understand this because conventional medicine is all about covering up these issues, not getting to the root cause.

By using specialized protocols and working in tandem with your brain, you can finally resolve chronic pain rather than just “mute” it. The result: Your brain stops sounding the pain alarm!

As little as one microcurrent treatment is often enough to see a difference in those who suffer from chronic pain-brain. We’ve witnessed patients with a 35-year history of physical damage find relief almost immediately!

See what our patients are saying about microcurrent’s ability to address chronic pain:

“My 12-year-old son was born with Cerebral Palsy. Before using the Avazzia Evolution for the first time, my son had constant pain every day in his knees and feet. His pain was at a level 8. This is our third week using the Avazzia Evolution, and now he’s at 0 on the pain scale!”


How exactly do we do this?

If you have one of our Avazzia devices, then you likely have the capability of shutting down that pain alarm.

This is a key process that we call “Dosing” and “Zeroing” – it’s great, but you mustn’t overdo it.

If you aren’t too sure about how to do it – or just want to make sure you’re doing it right – why not head on over to our Facebook Group and ask? we’ll be happy to show you!

Eliminate Chronic Pain-Brain Today

Every person is different and has individualized needs when it comes to healing from chronic pain and inflammation. Because of this, we specialize in designing microcurrent therapy regimens that will work to deliver long term healing and relief for YOUR specific health concerns.

We recommend our private membership program and online training for those who are looking for a fully customized approach to microcurrent healing.

Please reach out at 1-888-758-0851 if you have any questions about how microcurrent therapy can address the pain-brain connection’s vicious cycle today.