A Ground-Breaking Treatment for Chronic Pain: Cranial Nerve Stimulation

Did you know that your brain plays a vital role in how you experience pain and even how you heal from injuries?

We’ve previously discussed the brain-pain connection and how it must be overcome to heal from the hardships of chronic pain, and today we have some exciting revelations to share about a new approach to doing just that!

 An Innovative Chronic Pain Solution

Until recently, cranial nerve stimulation was primarily used to deal with balance, mobility, multiple sclerosis, Bell’s palsy, vertigo, and extreme nausea.

However, we’ve recently received reports of a positive “side effect” of cranial nerve stimulation from our patients—the elimination of chronic pain.

If you’re having trouble with treating your chronic pain, read on! You may find the relief you’ve been looking for in cranial nerve stimulation.

Why Flawed Communication in Your Brain Leads to Chronic Pain

Pain is how our bodies tell us there’s something wrong. If the source of your pain (whether it be mental or physical) goes unaddressed, your brain can develop a preoccupation with pain, getting “stuck” on sending unnecessary pain signals.

Conventional medicine treats chronic pain with pharmaceuticals, injections, and invasive surgeries, leaving few choices for those who prefer to take a more natural approach. And unfortunately, going the conventional route can lead you on a wild goose chase for answers, trapping you in a cycle that simply masks the pain.

The fact is: we need to resolve pain at its source, and if the source of your pain is flawed communication in the brain, pills won’t help.

So, the question remains: “how do you overcome this flawed communication and finally find relief from chronic pain?”

By re-training the brain, you can stop the unnecessary pain signals it’s stuck on sending.

We’ve recently discovered that by stimulating the cranial nerves with microcurrent therapy, our patients are finding a solution to a sometimes difficult-to-treat problem.

Neuroplasticity—The Catalyst for Self-Healing

We all have 12 paired sets of cranial nerves that arise directly from our brains. These nerves are responsible for smell, sight, eye movement, balance, hearing, and swallowing.

Scientists have long understood that electrical stimulus to the cranial nerves can help bring brain cells’ electrical activity back into balance. This correction is due to a phenomenon called neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adjust and restructure itself at any stage of life. Our brains are designed to form new neural connections and optimize neural pathways to adapt to new situations. These new connections can then counteract damage and injury—allowing you to move on from pain.

The bottom line: under the right conditions, your brain can heal itself.

So, how do we access these all-important cranial nerves and begin the journey to relief from chronic pain?

The tongue.

The Superhighway to Your Cranial Nerves

There are tens of thousands of nerve fibers on the tongue, which creates a massive information highway to your brain. These nerves are part of the cranial nerve system, resting two inches behind the tongue’s back.

Suppose you can tap into this area, which intricately connects to the brain’s processing areas for movement, sensation, mood, cognition, and balance. In that case, you can correct flawed communication and begin healing.

Learn the Protocol: Cranial Nerve Stimulation

If you’re experiencing chronic pain that can’t be touched by conventional treatments, try this cranial nerve stimulation protocol, and see if it changes your life too.

To perform cranial nerve stimulation for chronic pain, you will need the following tools:

If you’re not familiar with the tongue stimulator attachment and would like to see how it works, watch this video:

Step 1: First, set your device to the appropriate frequency. For the Avazzia Life Evolution and the NEW Avazzia Life Genesis, that will be 121 Hz. If you are using a programmable device like the Avazzia Pro Sport III, you will set it to 200 Hz modulated 3:1.

Step 2: Attach the Tongue Stimulator to your microcurrent device.

Step 3: Gently place the Tongue Stimulator on your tongue and gradually increase the power until you can feel it. It shouldn’t take much power to work effectively.


Step 4: Run the program for 20 minutes.

Step 5: You’re done! Start feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated while the pain melts away.

Chronic Pain—A Moving Target

Treating chronic pain can be a moving target for many of us. Because we’re all different, it’s essential to be open to trying alternative treatments when one doesn’t work as you’ve hoped.

The exciting thing about microcurrent therapy is that it’s an ever-evolving field of study, and new applications are being discovered every day!

And that’s precisely why we made it a priority to share this breakthrough treatment with you right away—we don’t want you to suffer a minute longer than you have.

To learn more about the role your brain plays in healing, please read our blogs:

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