Microcurrent Case Study: How Heidi Saved Her Horse Finn

Microcurrent for horses? Absolutely. Join us for a true story of how microcurrent saved the life of a beautiful horse named Finn, who was initially given just one year to live at just three and lived to be over 21 years old!

We love sharing the true stories behind how microcurrent changes the lives of people living in chronic pain. After all, what’s more encouraging than a success story? A few weeks back, we told the story of a young woman named Lauren who overcame her debilitating ulcerative colitis with microcurrent therapy. But today, we’re taking a bit of a different direction—we’re talking about animals!

Microcurrent is safe, gentle, and highly effective in treating pain and injuries in animals. This story is so inspiring that it may change how you think about caring for your companion animal from here on out.

Meet Heidi

It’s an understatement to say that Heidi Donohoe knows a thing or two about microcurrent. She’s been practicing microcurrent therapy for over 15 years at her clinic in Hailey, Idaho, called Essential Therapies, where she helps her clients with services like microcurrent facials, neuromuscular therapy, and chronic pain relief.

Utilizing the training she received from Pain Free for Life and the Drs. Hache, Heidi has witnessed firsthand how powerful microcurrent therapy can be when treating chronic pain, inflammation, autoimmune disease, wounds, and more in her clients.

But this story doesn’t take place within the clean and sterile confines of a clinic. This story takes place on the wind-swept prairies of Heidi’s 40-acre horse ranch, equipped with a six-stall treatment center, Zephyr Ranch. And the main character isn’t a person; it’s Heidi’s beloved horse, Finn, and a cast of countless subsequent horses that have healed under Heidi’s capable hands with the help of revolutionary microcurrent technology.

Building a Dream Life

Heidi worked hard for many years at various doctor’s offices, honing her microcurrent skills. Eventually, her microcurrent healing business took off, and it afforded her the ability to start building the life of her dreams. “When my business started to become successful, I went out and purchased my dream horse, which was a three-year-old Friesian mare imported from Holland named Finn.”

Everything was coming together for Heidi—but it wouldn’t be without its challenges.

“We’re Going to Heal You”

When Finn arrived in Idaho from Holland, she was pregnant, a joy! But once the foal was born, Heidi started to notice some health problems arise. Finn was urinating blood, experiencing seizures, and had trouble getting up off the ground. Heidi initially suspected that she could be suffering from West Nile Virus, so she enlisted several veterinarians’ help.

After having Finn examined, the consensus was that she would need to be put down. And the problem wasn’t West Nile after all— Finn’s kidneys were failing due to a barrage of immunization vaccines she had needed to enter the country. But Heidi didn’t want to give up so easily.

When the veterinarians told her nothing more could be done, Heidi balked at the idea of euthanizing the beloved horse she worked so hard for. “I said, hell no. The price of employing a horse from Europe is prohibitive, and I loved her. And so, I brought my microcurrent equipment home and said, we’re going to heal you!”

And that’s where Finn’s triumphant journey to recovery started.

A Learning Curve

Finn was dying of kidney failure, and Heidi knew something had to be done quickly. Based on her experience in treating humans, Heidi knew how to find and treat the kidney meridian and assumed that because horses are larger than humans, they would need more current during treatment, so she brought home her Acutron microcurrent device and started treating Finn right away.

But this assumption wasn’t correct—Finn didn’t respond well to the intense currents of the Acutron. “By the time I caught my machine before it hit the ground and gathered up all my wires she had taken off to the other side of the barn, Finn stood there shivering and kicking—it was way too much current.”

Here’s what Heidi has learned about treating equines with microcurrent since then: “They are ten times more sensitive than humans. Depending on gender, body mass, and hydration, humans typically notice microcurrents at about 25Hz, while horses typically pick up on them around just 7Hz.”

Though her first attempt wasn’t a breakaway success, Heidi didn’t hang up her saddle. She still retained hope for recovery and was willing to delve deeper for the answers she desired—and that’s precisely what she did.

Enter Avazzia Technology and Pain Free for Life

Heidi got online and started hunting for someone who specialized in treating horses with microcurrent and was lucky to find a practitioner in Canada. The practitioner agreed to come down and help Heidi. Her hope was bolstered.

Heidi and the practitioner sat and talked microcurrent therapy in the context of equines for a long while before getting started on treating Finn. That day Heidi learned about the Avazzia line of microcurrent devices (our proprietary line). And from that day on, everything changed.

Finn responded positively to the gentler microcurrents, and with the help of an experienced practitioner, Heidi was able to develop a treatment protocol for Finn that provided lasting results.

Here’s what Heidi did to help Finn:

Using an Avazzia microcurrent device, a Y- Probe, and Electrodes, Heidi tapped into Finn’s acupuncture meridians with low-level biphasic synodical waves (350 Hz) to remove the inflammation around the kidneys.

Within a week, Finn’s urine was running clear once again. And she got back up on her feet to feed. Each day after that more and more progress was made until Finn was a healthy, strong, and happy mare once again.

Twenty-one years later, Finn is still alive and thriving.

In Teaching Others, We Teach Ourselves

This old proverb perfectly demonstrates Heidi’s trajectory with microcurrent therapy and treating horses. Once she reached out for help and was open to learning from others, Heidi became something of a guide or teacher herself.

Since her success with Finn, Heidi has gone on to treat MANY additional horses with great success. We will be sharing these stories with you over the coming weeks. Be sure to stick with us whether you have a horse that brings in a million dollars a year, a backyard horse, or even a cat or dog! Microcurrent has the amazing potential to make a significant difference in our companion animals’ quality of life—and we’re going to show you how.

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