7 Surprising Uses for Microcurrent Therapy

There’s a lot of excitement in the medical community surrounding microcurrent therapy and the ability to treat and eliminate chronic pain and inflammation. But did you know microcurrent is so much more than a pain resolution tool? Our patients are… Read more »

Microcurrent Case Study: How Bill Beat CRPS

This week we are continuing with our microcurrent case study series. This is a true account of a patient who harnessed the power of microcurrent to finally treat CRPS, an often life-long condition. We have changed the name and details… Read more »

Something Wrong with your Health? Trust your Gut

Natural Treatments for Diverticulitis Time for a gut check. Does something feel off? Nausea, Fever, bloating, an aching pain in the abdomen? This is the everyday reality for someone suffering from diverticulitis. These symptoms can be debilitating, stopping you in… Read more »

Microcurrent Therapy for Scar Healing

An accident when you were a child, the remaining evidence of acne in adolescence, a burn from the stove, a C-section scar from bringing a new life into this world. Scars are evidence of a life lived. We all have… Read more »