The Avazzia Life Pinnacle Frequently Asked Questions

Our newest microcurrent device, the Avazzia Life Pinnacle, is changing the microcurrent game with 65 pre-programmed modes, the ability to detect problems within 1 second of touching the skin, and the capability of programming the device to meet your specific frequency needs. Additionally, you can save your favorite programmed modes to memory.

With the Avazzia Life Pinnacle, you have everything you need to rid yourself, your friends, or your clients of chronic pain. This blog post will serve as an opportunity to address some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received since unveiling the Pinnacle just a few short months ago.

Suppose you have a Pinnacle or are considering a Pinnacle upgrade. In that case, this blog post will help you better understand the immense benefits of this powerhouse machine so that you can say “goodbye” to pain and get back to enjoying a fantastic quality of life.

Let’s get started!

What is the Difference Between the Classic and Deluxe Kit?


The classic kit includes the Avazzia Life Pinnacle device, some conductive pads, a small carrying pouch, and the wires for your pads. The classic kit allows you to conduct a wide variety of microcurrent protocols with ease, as the device itself can be used for direct treatment.

The Deluxe Kit, on the other hand, comes fully loaded with everything you could ever need to master the art and science of microcurrent therapy like:

  • Avazzia Life Pinnacle Device
  • Convenient Carrying Case
  • Y-Electrode
  • Brush Electrode
  • Face Electrode
  • Pencil Electrode
  • 2x R/B Leadwires
  • 2x Standard Leadwires
  • 1x (2x) R/B Leadwire (For Four Pads)
  • Pair of Conductive Socks
  • Pair of Conductive Gloves
  • Flexible Y Tool (Tongue Stimulator)
  • Conductive Ear Clips
  • Conductive Pads
  • Trigeminal Nerve Pads
  • Vagus Nerve Pad
  • Printable eBook Version of the User’s Manual
  • Two Months Free in Our Online Training Community

When you go with the Deluxe Kit, you will receive over $400 in free accessories!

How Do You Turn On The Avazzia Life Pinnacle?

Getting started with your Pinnacle is simple. You will first need to put batteries in the device to turn it on. Slide open the battery cover on the back and insert 2 A.A. batteries. Remember, it is essential not to use rechargeable batteries in Avazzia machines.

Next, you will slide the power button on the left side into the on position, and you will hear an audible beep, and your LED Screen will light up. When you see the default mode of Assess 60 Hz, you’ll know you’re ready to dive into treatment.

Can I Use the Pinnacle Without any Attachments?

Yes! You can actually treat areas of pain with the Avazzia Life Pinnacle right out of the box.

Here’s how:

  1. Turn on your device and press the down arrow until you reach SANA Pain.
  2. Place the electrode a few inches away from the area of pain and hold down the power increase button until the device is at a comfortable power level for you.
  3. Next, drag the electrode across the area of pain, applying gentle pressure. You are looking for the movement to be smooth. If it gets stuck or you feel what may be described as “sticky areas,” or you see areas of prominent redness on the skin, then you have found what we refer to as an “active zone.”
  4. Continue moving the device across the active zone in order to work out the inflammatory pockets. You will notice that the device will indicate “cycle done” every 6 minutes. You can ignore this or use it to time your treatments.

You should notice a substantial difference in your pain in under 15 minutes!

A note from Dr. Rob Vanbergen:

“If the area is too small to drag the electrode around, then you should instead set it to hold it in place on the area of complaint.”

What Is the Difference Between the Pinnacle and the Pro Sport III?

If you are upgrading from a Pro-Sport III or Pro-Sport Ultra, you may be wondering… what’s changed? You will be happy to learn that all the benefits and features you love in the Pro Sport are included in the Pinnacle (and a LOT more!) However, a small handful of modes received name changes. Please refer to your User’s Manual for a simple-to-read table with a breakdown of all 65 settings!

Are There Any Settings Exclusive to the Pinnacle?

Yes! In fact, there are 12 exclusive modes specially designed by the doctors at Pain Free For Life to work in conjunction with The Hache Protocol For Pain Resolution ™. These new modes reduce treatment time by as much as 70% and ensure that your body is getting all of the frequencies it needs to heal effectively from the injury at hand.

Can I Perform Scalar Wave Healing With the Pinnacle?

Absolutely! Scalar wave healing is taking the medical community by storm for its incredible ability to promote healing and tackle chronic pain like nothing else. As such, we’ve made sure the new Avazzia Life Pinnacle is compatible with our smash-hit accessory, The Scalar Qi.

Can I Balance My Chakras With the Pinnacle?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM), balancing the chakras is thought to improve physical and emotional wellbeing throughout the entire body. The Avazzia Life Pinnacle comes with Chakra Frequency Sets built-in to make ancient energy medicine accessible to a whole new generation. The Pinnacle is also capable of needle-free acupuncture (or electroacupuncture) for proponents of TCM.

Will I Receive Support and Training With My Avazzia Life Pinnacle?

When you purchase an Avazzia Life Pinnacle, you will be granted two free months in our Private Membership Portal (a $194 value).

There, you will receive:

  • Access to tons of video content dedicated to training you on advanced protocols
  • The ability to receive answers to any questions you may have in real-time
  • Unlimited support from your private Treatment Coordinator
  • Weekly live crash courses
  • A monthly Q&A session with Dr. Hache
  • Early access to our newest devices, accessories, and courses

You can even receive input and encouragement from all sorts of microcurrent professionals like therapists, cosmetologists, therapists, and veterinarians in our private group!

Does My Pinnacle Come With Protocol Instructions?

In your Avazzia Life Pinnacle User’s guide, you will find detailed and easy to follow instructions for our most effective and impactful microcurrent protocols, including:

Learn More About the Avazzia Life Pinnacle Today

Do you still have questions about the Pinnacle? In that case, we invite you to read our recent blog on the Pinnacle here. We break down all the new treatment modes and what they can do! Or you can watch Dr. Robert Vanbergen’s illuminating Q&A session on the Pinnacle below: