Top Holistic Pain Resolution Gifts for 2023

It’s incredible to think that another year is on the horizon, and with it comes the opportunity to once again share my favorite holistic pain resolution gifts. Let’s dive in!

The Avazzia Life Genesis: The Best Microcurrent Option for Beginners

      Who is the Avazzia Life Genesis perfect for?

  • Beginners looking to venture into the world of microcurrent therapy.
  • Those seeking a user-friendly approach to managing pain.
  • Individuals who want an easy-to-use device without a steep learning curve.

Why gift the Avazzia Life Genesis? The Avazzia Life Genesis was tailored with simplicity in mind. With just three buttons, it offers users a hassle-free experience while reaping the benefits of microcurrent therapy. A thoughtful gift for anyone who isn’t “tech savvy” or just needs a very easy-to-use microcurrent device for chronic pain resolution, scar tissue, muscle aches, and more! 

The Avazzia Life Evolution: Professional Results, Affordable Price

Who is the Avazzia Life Evolution perfect for?

  • Those battling with chronic pain, mental health issues, or insomnia.
  • Individuals interested in Vagus nerve stimulation.
  • Anyone seeking a comprehensive solution for autoimmune diseases.
  • Practitioners and therapists. 
  • Busy families with children.

Why gift the Avazzia Life Evolution? This device bridges the gap between professional treatment and affordability. Harnessing the power of Vagus nerve stimulation, it presents a cutting-edge approach to treating various ailments. Gift the Avazzia Life Evolution to someone needing profound relief, ensuring they have the most effective and easy-to-use technology in their arsenal.

More than Just Microcurrent 

Compatible with all accessories available on, the Avazzia Life Evolution effortlessly shifts from a microcurrent generator to a Scalar Wave generator to a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) generator and more – all within seconds. 

The Avazzia Life Pinnacle: The Pinnacle in Microcurrent Advancement

Who is it perfect for?

  • The experienced user wanting the best in microcurrent technology.
  • Professional microcurrent therapy users like therapists, doctors, veterinarians, and more. 
  • Those seeking varied treatment programs tailored to their needs.
  • People who wish to have an LED display screen on their microcurrent device. 

Why gift the Avazzia Life Pinnacle? The Pinnacle boasts state-of-the-art features catering to all abilities. From quick pain relief protocols to intricate programs, it is a testament to innovation in the field. A stellar gift choice for someone who deserves nothing but the pinnacle of care.

More than Just Microcurrent 

Compatible with all accessories available on, the Avazzia Life Pinnacle effortlessly shifts from a microcurrent generator to a Scalar Wave generator to a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) generator and more – all within seconds.


Safety is paramount. Our devices are effective and safe, as demonstrated by approvals from the FDA and top health agencies worldwide.


Holistic Healing Blueprint: We champion the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™, ensuring that our users have a comprehensive guide for holistic health and healing.


Decades of Expertise: With a dedicated team of specialists and a community-driven approach, we’re more than just a company selling devices; we’re a family committed to ensuring a life free from pain.


Scalar Qi: Advanced Energy Healing At Home or In The Office

Who is it perfect for?Scalr Qi is for anyone looking to treat chronic pain, boost their daily energy levels, and maintain physical and mental equilibrium. Perfect for microcurrent device owners looking to build up their kit of accessories! 

When scalar energy is applied to an area of pain, it can help reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. In addition, scalar energy can help break up stagnant energy and encourage the flow of fresh, healing energy flow – something often talked about in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result, scalar energy healing can be an effective way to regain control over chronic pain.

Many of our patients at Pain Free For Life who have tried scalar healing report feeling decreased pain and increased energy. If your loved one could benefit from a natural way to reduce pain and promote healing, the Scalar Qi is the perfect holiday gift to consider!

How Does Scalar Qi Work?

The Scalar Qi is a true Scalar device, generating a zero-point field by utilizing two Tesla coils inside. These coils, when fired into each other, produce the Scalar Energy.

Over time, your body accumulates debris due to illness and injury. Scalar Qi works to remove this debris from the area, giving you a clean slate to establish healing. Scalar Qi gets you back to prime optimization by “rebooting” an area polluted by this damaging debris, establishing an ideal environment for recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Scalar Wave Healing?

  • Promote longevity and prevent aging by promoting regenerative healing functions

  • Neutralize harmful effects of harmful EMFs in your environment

  • Increase the covalent level of hydrogen atoms that hold DNA together

  • Maximize nutrient uptake and cellular detoxification

  • Increase immune function

  • Increase brainwave coherence and mental focus

  • Balance the two hemispheres of the brain (super-learning)

  • Catalyze heightened states of awareness and creativity

  • Create cumulative beneficial effects

Floww® EMF Protection: Keeping Safe in a Plugged-In World

Floww® protection products make a beautiful gift for anyone looking to reduce their exposure to harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). EMFs are emitted by electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, and tablets and can negatively affect our health. Floww® products are designed to help deflect EMFs away from the body, providing much-needed relief from electromagnetic radiation.

Who is this gift ideal for? Floww technology is perfect for frequent travelers, hosts/hostesses and a fantastic gift for coworkers at the office.

Mobile protection designed to neutralize harmful radiation from mobile devices.

Who is it perfect for?: For the tech-savvy individual, ensuring they stay protected while connected.

Personal protection against harmful radiations, wearable, and designed for daily use.

Who is it perfect for?: Ideal for those always on the move, ensuring they carry wellness with them.

Give The Gift Of Revitalizing Sleep With A Cozy And Comforting Sana Health Blanket:

The most cherished gifts are often those we use daily, transforming everyday moments into memorable experiences. The Sana Health Blanket is not just a blanket; it’s an invitation to nightly rejuvenation. Imagine gifting your loved ones a comforting cocoon of health, vitality, and relaxation each night so they can wake each morning with renewed wellness.

If blankets are a nightly essential, why not gift one that is not only beautiful but fuses comfort with health-enhancing properties? By giving a Sana Health Blanket, you’re offering more than just warmth; you’re sharing the profound gift of transformative sleep. 

How Does the Sana Health Blanket Work? 

The Sana Health blanket’s healing capabilities are rooted in extensive research conducted by the Russian Space Program. Scientists sought to diminish stress on the body and mind of cosmonauts while increasing their vital energy. This research led to the usage of reflective material in their spacesuits, similar to what is used in the Sana Healing Blanket.

The Sana Health Blanket reflects your body’s natural radiation toward you. This magnifies your body’s “energetic portrait,” correcting its imperfections by restoring and rebalancing the harmony of its inherent energy flow. With continued usage, this passive treatment will significantly improve your health while you sleep in as little as 20-40 minutes!

Use it Anywhere, Anytime! 

The Sana Health Blanket is exceptionally convenient to use! Drape this therapy blanket over you while watching your favorite show, working from home or the office, doing crafts, resting, or sleeping. The Sana Health Blanket can be used almost anywhere! At home, traveling, or even in a clinical or spa setting.

Who is this gift ideal for? A Sana Health Blanket is a fabulous gift for anyone who wishes to amplify the healing potential of their sleep. Consider gifting a Sana Health Blanket to a newly married couple, new parents (comes in crib size), an elderly relative who suffers from aches and pains, or someone recovering from surgery, birth, or injury.

Massager Electrode: Experience Precision and Power in One

Who is this gift ideal for? Whether they’re a seasoned microcurrent user or a beginner, the Massager Electrode promises unmatched ease of use and versatility. If you’re searching for the perfect microcurrent gift, your quest ends here.

Elevate your microcurrent therapy experience with the Massager Electrode, meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly with any Avazzia microcurrent device. Dive into an immersive experience of unmatched control and powerful results.


  • Full-Body Coverage: Its unique, rounded design ensures easy and efficient treatment across all body areas, from subtle facial contours to larger expanses like the back, arms, and legs.
  • Optimized Control: With the Massager Electrode, you hold the power in the very palm of your hand. Achieve desired pressure, target your focus, and ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Versatility and Efficacy: Seamlessly combine the therapeutic benefits of a massage with cutting-edge microcurrent technology. Experience dual benefits in one stroke.

Noteworthy Features:

The Gift of Health: Ushering in a Transformative 2024

As we collectively close the chapter on 2023, it’s with a heart full of gratitude that I share these holistic pain resolution gift ideas with you. Remember, these aren’t just products; they’re a testament to your wish that the recipient achieves healing and wellness in the coming year. Thank you for allowing Pain-Free For Life to be a part of your life! Here’s to a peaceful, rejuvenating year ahead – may it be your best one yet!

And here’s the best part- these items are included in our 2023 Black Friday Sale! Tune in to the Pain Free For Life Support Group on 11/20/23 for Dr. Rob’s 10 Minute Training and get a sneak peek at the entire sale. 

See you there!