Scalar Energy: Infinite Potential to Heal the Human Body

There’s a hot-button concept capturing the hearts and minds of those in the holistic healing community (and the traditional medical community alike). What is it, you ask? Scalar energy, of course! This topic continually sparks enlightening conversations in our Pain Free For Life Support Group. It has even inspired Dr. Robert Vanbergen to host a smash-hit training on using the Scalar Qi – our recommended scalar energy generator.

Due to popular demand, we are once again delving into the concept of scalar energy healing and how it offers new and exciting healing opportunities.

Why Is Scalar Energy So Effective at Healing?

First, let’s address the popular question, “what is scalar energy?”. Simply put,scalar waves are non-Hertzian waves that are all around us! They correlate with the Schumann Resonances or the “heartbeat” of our planet.

 Scalar wave healing can:

  • Balance the two cerebral hemispheres of the brain (super-learning)
  • Increase brainwave coherence and mental focus
  • Increase immune function
  • Increase nutrient uptake and cellular detoxification
  • Catalyze heightened states of awareness and creativity
  • Create cumulative beneficial effects
  • Counteract harmful effects of harmful EMFs in your environment
  • Encourage regenerative healing

How do you replicate this naturally occurring zero-point energy for healing in a medical or home setting? By firing one wave into another using the Scalar Qi (more on that shortly!). By doing this, you are actually able to cancel out the electromagnetic field and create a field of zero which provides a pure blank state upon which healing can commence.

It’s kind of like “rebooting” a computer.

More on the Scalar Qi

With its ability to create a “cellular reset” on the treatment area, the Scalar Qi enables you to enhance the delivery and impact of microcurrent treatments – and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal in our clinic.

With a single 10-minute treatment, people who have had chronic and unyielding conditions have finally seen encouraging progress.

Here’s how it works:

The Scalar Qi has two Tesla coils facing each other that converge to create zero-point energy. You can then simply “point and shoot” the Scalar Qi at any area of your body to initiate healing, including the back, brain, chest, prostate, and the list goes on…

How to Power the Scalar Qi

To benefit from the Scalar Qi, you will need the assistance of a microcurrent generator. Here are our top two suggestions that come outfitted with the optimal frequency sets:

Is the Scalar Qi compatible with the Avazzia Life Genesis?

Until now, we didn’t recommend using the Scalar Qi with the Avazzia Life Genesis. But the good news is that we’ve come up with an interesting workaround that is currently being put through the paces in our in-house beta-testing program.

Some of our have clients succeed by pairing the Scalar Qi with the Genesis and setting it on Blue Stimulation mode. So far, they have relayed to us that when using this workaround, they experience a slightly stronger (yet not uncomfortable) sensation.

What Health Issues Can Scalar Energy Help to Heal?

Scalar energy can treat a myriad of common (and rare) health conditions, including:

  • Viruses
  • TMJ
  • The common cold
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Prostatitis
  • Migraines
  • Hernias
  • Gut pain
  • Extreme nerve pain
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis

Wondering if your condition has been successfully treated with scalar energy? Please hop on over to our Pain Free For Life Support Group on Facebook and ask. There’s sure to be someone who can help and encourage you on your healing journey.

As always, we welcome you to reach out to our knowledgeable team with any questions or if you would like help getting started with scalar energy healing today.

Is Scalar Energy Dangerous?

There is little room for error because you are dealing with a very low energy level when using the Scalar Qi. But unfortunately, we have recently read reports from watchdog groups that outline the potential risks of “scalar” jewelry that has been found to emit harmful radiation.

Many of these pendants are pumped out en-masse overseas with very little oversight. Pain Free For Life does not sell, promote, or endorse any such products – in fact, we suggest you steer clear of them entirely.

If you want a safe, reliable, and radiation-free way to access the healing potential scalar energy provides, we recommend choosing the Scalar Qi.

FREE 10-Minute Training on Scalar Energy Healing

Are you excited to further explore the seemingly limitless opportunity for healing provided by scalar energy and the Scalar Qi?

In that case, we invite you to watch Dr. Rob’s recent 10-Minute Training below:

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