Scalar Waves and Regenerative Healing—What You Need to Know

What are Scalar Waves?

Scalar waves (also referred to as longitudinal waves or Tesla waves) are often talked about in quantum physics—and they are all around us! These waves are a natural form of energy shaped like an hourglass. All your cells and your DNA operate on this hourglass scalar shape.

How do we know scalar waves exist if they are invisible? Scalar waves can be observed and studied through spectrograph imaging.

Why Do Scalar Waves Matter?

Scalar waves promote profound healing because they operate at a frequency range that aligns with the Schumann Resonances (the heartbeat of our planet that we tap into when grounding ourselves). By harnessing these resonances and running them through the Scalar Qi (more on that later), we can simulate their natural state and utilize them for healing.

What Are the Benefits of Scalar Waves?

Scalar Waves:

  • Maximize nutrient uptake and cellular detoxification.
  • Increase mental focus and brainwave coherence.
  • Balance both hemispheres of the brain (known as super-learning)
  • Catalyze heightened states of awareness and creativity.
  • Transcend space and time.
  • Travel faster than the speed of light.
  • Are thought to trigger a positive increase in immune function.
  • Promote higher levels of cellular energy.
  • Clear negative cellular memory.
  • Counteract harmful EMFs.
  • Promote healing and regeneration.

The Science Behind Scalar Waves Revealed

Are you interested in learning more about the science behind scalar waves?  

Read our blogs: Harness the Power of Scalar Wave Healing and The Fuss About Scalar Waves, where we take a deep dive into what makes scalar waves so unique and powerful.

Today, our focus will be on scalar waves, zero-point fields, and why they are vital for regeneration and healing. Let’s dive in!

What is Regenerative Healing?

To fully understand where quantum physics and healing intersect to create a “quantum healing experience” by promoting regeneration, let’s first take a quick look at what regeneration is.

Regenerative medicine focuses on assisting your body in healing itself. Regenerative healing brings together concepts from biology, genetics, chemistry, and medicine to find innovative solutions for challenging-to-treat health conditions like chronic pain.

At Pain Free For Life, we promote scalar wave treatments in our regenerative healing protocols, in conjunction with the other elements of The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™: nutrition, quality sleep, stress reduction, and fitness. This unique approach to regeneration has been extremely successful in helping thousands of people worldwide resolve their pain for good.

What Is Zero-Point Energy?

When considering zero-point energy, the main question is: where does the energy go when a vacuum is created through destructive interference (like in the case of illness or injury in your body)?

Let’s examine…

In quantum field theory, it’s understood that there are fields everywhere in spacetime. Particles are found in high energy states of these fields. However, fields in low energy states do not have particles.

When most people think of a vacuum, we usually think of “empty space” without particles. But quantum physicists understand that a vacuum without any particles still has fields. They are simply not excited.

When fields are not in an excited energy state, they are in a state of lowest energy. This is the only state in which there are no particles and is also known as the ground state. But it’s important to understand that this is a state of lowest energy—it’s not a state of no energy. There is always some energy in the field, even when it is in the ground state.

This energy is called vacuum energy or “zero-point energy.”

Simply said,

energy cannot be created or destroyed but may be altered from one form to another.

How Is Zero-Point Energy Used to Promote Regeneration?

This fundamental science is utilized in microcurrent accessories like the Scalar Qi (which generates a zero-point field) to promote regenerative healing.

Interesting fact: The idea of zero-point energy can also be tied to the concept of Qi (or vital energy) in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What Are the Differences between Scalar Waves and Electromagnetic Waves?

Scalar waves and electromagnetic waves are quite different.

Here are some of the main points to consider when comparing scalar and electromagnetic waves:

  • Scalar waves are longitudinal and encompass a field. Electromagnetic waves are transverse and travel like waves.
  • Scalar waves are instantaneous and have no loss of power over vast distances. Electromagnetic waves lose power over distance.
  • Scalar waves can pass through solid metal objects with no loss of power. Electromagnetic waves cannot.

Examples of electromagnetic waves—Light waves, radio waves, and x-rays.

Examples of scalar waves—Sound waves, plasma waves, and neutrino radiation.

How Do Scalar Waves Help Regenerate Damaged Tissue?

As we mentioned, whether it be through illness or injury, your body gathers debris, and the hourglass scalar shape of this energy becomes contaminated. Scalar energy treatment removes this unwanted debris from the area, giving you a fresh canvas for healing.

A Message from Rob Vanbergen:

“I like to imagine a dusty old desktop computer that runs slower than ever. When you finally get around to rebooting it and clearing out the memory, it starts to work again, functioning as it should. This is equivalent to how scalar energy works. It gets your body back to prime optimization.”

—Rob Vanbergen

The take-home: By “rebooting” an area contaminated by debris, you are establishing an ideal environment for healing and regeneration.

What Is Scalar Treatment Good For?

Scalar wave healing is surprisingly helpful in the pre-treatment of stubborn conditions like:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Hernias
  • Migraines
  • Extreme nerve pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • TMJ
  • Decreased energy
  • And much more!

Scalar Qi—Bring Scalar Wave Healing into Your Home

Your body was specifically designed to be able to self-repair in its naturally occurring environment— so the big question is…”why do so many people get stuck and unable to heal?”

Anything that impedes this natural energy will block, scramble, and impede the information your body needs to heal. Scalar waves remove those unwanted impedances to allow your body a renewed opportunity to begin healing.

That’s where Scalar Qi comes into play. Scalar Qi is one of our top selling microcurrent accessories—and for a good reason! It arguably does more to help trigger healing at a cellular level than anything else.

How does it work?

The Scalar Qi generates a zero-point field with the help of two Tesla coils inside of it. When fired into each other, these coils work to produce the scalar energy your body needs to heal from chronic pain.

Scalar Qi gets you back to prime optimization—establishing an ideal environment for recovery. Will you try it today?

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