Top 8 Health Benefits of Nitric Oxide—Heart, Lungs, and More!

Have you tried incorporating “the miracle molecule” into your health routine yet? Scientists and researchers are increasingly finding Nitric Oxide to be the solution we’ve all been searching for when it comes to a healthy heart, lungs, and so much more.

We’ve been fielding tons of calls and emails lately about Nitric Oxide because of its reported anti-viral and lung supporting qualities. Today we’re going to tell you why everyone is suddenly talking about this “miracle molecule” and help you determine if it’s a supplement you should incorporate into your routine today.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a naturally occurring compound in your body that stimulates the release of certain hormones (insulin and human growth hormone) and causes blood vessels to widen—especially in the lungs. This process is called vasodilation.

What is Vasodilation?

Simply put, vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels. It occurs when smooth muscles in the walls of your arteries relax, allowing the blood vessels to become more open. This process leads to increased blood flow and a decrease in blood pressure.

Why is Vasodilation Important for Combatting Inflammation?

Vasodilation is a naturally occurring process that helps your body stay healthy by increasing blood flow to all the tissues in your body. But for many people, incorporating a Nitric Oxide supplement into their routine may increase these benefits.

In the case of inflammation, vasodilation plays an essential role by increasing blood flow to the injured area while also increasing the permeability of the blood vessel walls. Why is this important? Because both factors help immune cells to reach the affected area more efficiently.

Who Shouldn’t Take Nitric Oxide Supplements?

People with the following conditions should seek out a consultation with their doctor before considering Nitric Oxide supplements:

  • Cirrhosis
  • Low blood pressure
  • Guanidinoacetate methyltransferase deficiency

The Top 8 Benefits of Nitric Oxide for Your Overall Health

Nitric Oxide supplements, like Spray For Life® Nitric Oxide Blend, encourage overall health and wellness by promoting the following benefits:

  1. CirculationNitric Oxide causes your blood vessels to relax and dilate, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body via enhanced circulation. The result? Better cardiovascular performance—which benefits every primary system in your body.
  2. Reduces ED—Because Nitric Oxide increases blood flow, it has been studied in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The journal Future Science OA published an article in 2015 explaining that some studies have shown nitric oxide to help reduce ED in men with mild to moderate ED.
  3. Healthy Blood PressureBecause Nitric Oxide relaxes and dilates arteries, it promotes better circulation and blood flow—resulting in healthy blood pressure levels.
  4. Increased Energy and Stamina—Research suggests that Nitric Oxide supplements can increase your performance and natural energy at the cellular level. This is because the increased circulation helps deliver the oxygen and nutrients your body needs to thrive.
  5. Heart Health—Researchers believe Nitric Oxide plays an essential role in cardiac function. One study found that Nitric Oxide may maximize the benefits of common heart drugs while improving overall heart function. Additionally, an article published by Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications found Nitric oxide to reduce arterial stiffness and improve carotid artery blood flow.
  6. Immune System Support—It’s thought that improving NO levels in the body will equate to improved immune function. In fact, a scientific review in the Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics calls Nitric Oxide an “important as a toxic defense molecule against infectious organisms” that also “regulates the functional activity, growth, and death of many immune and inflammatory cell types.”

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  1. Lung Health— If you become sick with a virus, pneumonia, or have asthma, you’ll want to ensure your lungs are getting the right amount of oxygen.

Because Nitric Oxide increases circulation, it ensures your blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to your lungs, allowing them to function and heal as they should in times of illness.

  1. Potential Anti-Viral Capabilities—As you can see, Nitric Oxide (NO) supplements are a great idea for overall health and wellness, but why are people now looking to Nitric Oxide as a way of mitigating the potential ramifications of highly-contagious viruses?

The answer may lie in a recent study published in the scientific journal Redox Biology. The study conducted by scientists at the Zoonosis Science Center at Uppsala University in Sweden has provided early evidence that Nitric Oxide can inhibit the replication of SARS-CoV-2 and hypoxia in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome. Acute respiratory syndrome is typically a precursor to being put on mechanical ventilation.

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