What is a Certified Pain Resolution Specialist? The Sana Institute Revealed!

Today, we are exploring what it means to become a Certified Pain Resolution Specialist, courtesy of Jennifer Martinez — Admissions Director at The Sana Institute. Are you ready to journey towards a stand-out practice in pain resolution and holistic healing? Join us on February 21, 2024, at 4 PM PST for The Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Webinar with Dr. Rob Vanbergen. Register today for this FREE webinar at http://cprswebinar.com and take the first step towards a world of healing and opportunities! 

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How to Register for The Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Webinar: Step by Step with Dr. Rob

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What to Expect from the Webinar

During the webinar, you’ll get a sneak peek into what The Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program offers:

  • A game-changing certification program designed for holistic healthcare professionals.
  • Focus on microcurrent pain resolution and The Hache Protocol For Pain Resolution.
  • Incorporation of various healing modalities, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Scalar wave healing.
  • No prerequisite is required, making it accessible to both seasoned practitioners and newcomers.
  • Extensive support from industry-leading Pain Resolution Experts, including access to in-depth course texts and lifelong resources.
  • Opportunities to enhance your practice and attract clients seeking drug-free pain management solutions.

The Curriculum: A Deep Dive

At The Sana Institute, the curriculum and certifications are specifically designed by our industry-leading faculty to propel you to the forefront of holistic health care. From the rich history of frequency medicine to the cutting-edge applications of microcurrent and scalar energy, we cover it all. But it’s not just about the techniques; it’s about understanding the holistic needs of the body and mastering the art of delivering personalized care that makes a real difference.

Our journey begins with an exploration of energy medicine, specifically through the lens of microcurrent therapy. This section of the program is meticulously structured into three pivotal courses:

  • MCT-101 – Introduction to Energy Medicine: Here, you’ll embark on a fascinating exploration of the body’s energy networks. This course lays the foundation, revealing what microcurrent therapy is, its capabilities, and how it addresses the four key disruptions within the body’s electric framework, including fascia and meridians.
  • MCT-102 – Basic Microcurrent Applications: Building on the introduction, this course deepens your understanding by guiding you through the history, inner workings, and basic applications of microcurrent devices. It’s where theory meets practice, equipping you with core protocols to tackle pain at its source.
  • MCT-222 – Advanced Microcurrent Applications: Advancing further, this segment explores the integration of neurofeedback, electroacupuncture, and the role of energy and meridians in chronic inflammation. The focus here is on client assessment, tailoring approaches to individual health goals for maximum impact.

The program then transitions into an exploration of The Hache Protocol, designed to optimize body terrain and kickstart the innate healing response. This section comprises four courses, each addressing a key element of holistic health:

  • SI-101 – Diet & Nutrition: Delve into the vital role of diet in achieving optimal health. This course teaches you to guide clients in nourishing their bodies effectively, aiming for a balanced diet and strategic supplementation.
  • SI-102 – The Medicine of Movement: Discover the power of movement and exercise in enhancing well-being. Learn exercises and stretches that boost circulation and alleviate discomfort, making movement a potent medicine.
  • SI-103 – Stress Management: Master the techniques of stress reduction to combat the inflammatory responses stress can trigger. This course explores the physiological impacts of stress and provides strategies to help clients achieve a calmer, more balanced state.
  • SI-104 – Sleep Enhancement: Gain expertise in promoting restorative sleep, a cornerstone of health. This course offers strategies to address sleep dysfunctions, ensuring clients can enjoy the deep, healing rest they need.

Beyond Healing: Mastering Communication and Ethics

The curriculum also emphasizes the development of essential soft skills with courses on coaching, communication, and professional ethics. These courses ensure you’re not just a healer but a compassionate, ethical practitioner equipped to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare.

Energy Medicine: Exploring the Next Frontier in Healing 

The final section introduces you to cutting-edge techniques in energy medicine, including Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Scalar Energy. These courses are designed to expand your toolkit, offering new, innovative ways to enhance wellness and manage chronic pain effectively.

  • EM – 200 – Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: Learn about PEMF’s science and practice, a game-changer in energy medicine that supports natural healing processes.
  • EM – 201 – Scalar Energy: Dive into the promising field of Scalar Energy Healing, understanding its principles and how to apply this powerful treatment to improve health outcomes.

Upon completing these courses, you’ll be poised to revolutionize your practice with fresh, personalized solutions for clients seeking a holistic path to health and wellness. The Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program doesn’t just prepare you to meet the current demands of holistic healthcare—it propels you into the future, ready to lead with innovation, compassion, and expertise.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey and make a lasting impact in holistic health?

Join the Holistic Health Revolution

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