4 Signs You Have Adrenal Fatigue and 3 Simple Microcurrent Solutions

Take a deep breath from your belly, unclench your jaw, release the tension in your shoulders, and straighten your back. Do you feel better? If not, you may have adrenal fatigue.

See, people with adrenal fatigue find the everyday challenges of life to be overwhelming, exhausting, and inescapable. But when relaxation techniques don’t work, all hope is not lost. You still have options in the form of microcurrent therapy.

In last week’s blog, we talked about what adrenal fatigue is, its causes, and why it isn’t easy to diagnose.

This week we’re addressing the four most common symptoms of adrenal fatigue and finally getting to the bottom of some adrenal fatigue solutions to help you get a better handle on this life-altering condition.

4 Most Common Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

If you read last week’s blog, you know that a high-stress lifestyle causes adrenal fatigue. Because living in chaos taxes your body, it eventually becomes incapable of processing hormones like adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol.

So, if you live a stressful life, have difficult relationships, working conditions, or a lot of life changes happening right now—you are more at risk for developing adrenal fatigue.

Be on the lookout for these four most common signs that it’s time to treat your adrenal fatigue before it spirals out of control.

1. A Feeling of Utter Exhaustion

If you have kids, work a stressful job, or burn the candle at both ends, you may think being tired all the time is normal. But here’s your wake-up call—it’s not! If you feel like you can’t ever get enough sleep or wake up tired after a full night of rest, this may be a sign of declining adrenal function.

2. Brain Fog

Brain fog is a symptom often associated with autoimmune conditions like lupus, but did you know it’s also a sign of adrenal fatigue?

We define brain fog as a feeling of extreme confusion and memory loss. This fuzzy-headed feeling is marked by a significant decline in cognitive faculties that can damage work performance and relationships.

Are you:

  • Constantly forgetting things?
  • Having trouble focusing or making decisions?
  • Frequently having to rack your brain to remember what you were trying to do or say?
  • And struggling to express yourself?

Then you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue-related brain fog.

3. Inability to Handle Stressful Situations

People with adrenal fatigue often find everyday stressful situations in life to be utterly overwhelming and all-encompassing.

When your adrenals are overtaxed, they fail to release the necessary hormones your body needs to weather a stressful event. Our adrenal fatigue patients often report a lack of enthusiasm for things they once loved, feelings of apathy, unfounded irritability, and crushing anxiety.

If you’re having trouble processing stress in your life, no matter the cause, check out our blogs:

4. Immune System Problems

Are you known around the office for always calling out sick? Do you seem to catch any bug that’s going around no matter how careful you are to wash your hands? You may have adrenal fatigue.

If constant stress is causing elevated cortisol levels in your bloodstream, its natural anti-inflammatory effects may kick into overdrive. In this case, it effectively stops your immune system from functioning as it should, making you more vulnerable to illness and disease.

If the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has you concerned about proper immune function, please read our blog, Immune System Protection in the Wake of COVID-19, for some simple actions you can take to keep your immune system strong.

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms Vary by Person

When it comes to adrenal fatigue, the list of symptoms goes on and on, with some patients also reporting hyperpigmentation of the skin, body aches, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, unexplained weight loss, headaches, and more.

Though this grouping of symptoms is vast, there’s no denying that thousands of people are reporting a noticeable overlapping of these indicators. We fully understand adrenal fatigue, so if you’ve been doc blocked in the past, don’t give up trying to find a solution.

So, the big question is: “How do I naturally treat my adrenal fatigue and move on with my life?”

Fix Your Adrenals with a Holistic Approach

It can’t go without saying that successfully addressing adrenal fatigue requires a whole-body approach. Focusing on the pillars of The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution ™ (stress reduction, proper sleep, fitness, nutrition, and microcurrent) is an excellent roadmap to getting your body in the best condition to start healing.

3 Microcurrent Strategies for Correcting Adrenal Fatigue

The “secret sauce” to the Hache Protocol ™, microcurrent therapy, is the real key to restoring healthy adrenal function and getting back to the life you love. Let’s explore three microcurrent strategies for balanced adrenals.

1. Measuring Adrenal Function

Are you experiencing some or all the symptoms we discussed above? If so, you need to measure your adrenal function to understand better what’s actually going on.

The first step is finding your adrenals. They are located on top of both kidneys—see the picture below as a guide.

To measure adrenal function with a Pro Sport 3 device, set it to the Relax Assess Reaction and see what kind of reading you get. If the reading number is 20 or under—it’s time to start treatment right away. Effortlessly shift your device into Stimulate and let it run for 2 minutes for a quick treatment.

2. Vagus Nerve Stimulation

This protocol is so powerful that it lies at the heart of many of the revolutionary inflammatory treatment protocols we have designed. This protocol works so well for adrenal fatigue because by stimulating the Vagus nerve, you are allowing your body to rest and repair, recharging your adrenals and gently correcting their functionality at a cellular level.

We recently wrote an entire blog on Polyvagal Theory that included the EXACT protocol instructions for Vagus nerve stimulation. Hop on over there to learn exactly why this protocol works so well and learn how to perform it.

Remember, you will need either an Avazzia Pro Sport III or an Avazzia Life Evolution to perform Vagus nerve stimulation.

3. PEMFS—The Simplest Approach to Balancing Adrenals

Using a PEMF pad is probably the most straightforward approach to fixing adrenal fatigue with microcurrent therapy. Why? Because there’s no guessing or wondering if you’re doing it right. Simply place the Qi Wave PEMF Pad on your back (near your bottom two ribs), kick back, and let the treatment commence.

Our clients love using the PEMF Pad to conduct adrenal-boosting protocols because they can read a book, watch a movie, knit, or catch up on a quick nap while they heal.

Adrenal Support Help is Here—For Everyone

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