Private Consultations

“Microcurrent has provided me a quality of life after developing CRPS. Dr. Haché implemented several natural modalities to aid in the control of my condition and I am forever grateful. Thank you Lorry & John for your impeccable care of me during my toughest days.”
– Kaija G.

Receive Personalized Care From The World’s Top Experts in Pain Resolution With Microcurrent Therapy

Drs. John and Lorry Hache are recognized as the world’s leading experts in non-invasive pain resolution through microcurrent application. They have had consistent success not only in resolving chronic pain, but also helping people with chronic diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and Parkinson’s Disease take their health back from pain and live happy, productive lives again.

Whether you are looking to resolve a long-term injury, tackle a chronic illness, or just take back your life from pain, our personalized treatment plans are designed not to simply mask the problem, but to resolve it.

Our full team of experienced Doctors and Medical Assistants, led by the Hache’s son Robert, are ready to help you overcome any kind of pain condition. Our services and treatments offered include:

Natural Health Consultations – Let’s get to the root of what’s causing your pain and treat it appropriately, so you can stop masking your symptoms and finally address the real issue. Depending on your needs, your treatment(s) may include microcurrent, applied kinesiology, naturopathic, homeopathic, and/or many other types of natural health care options.

Private Protocol Development – Together, we will create a pain resolution plan that will help you integrate all elements of the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution to achieve lasting relief in a way that works for your lifestyle.

Private Microcurrent Training – Learn exactly how to use your microcurrent device to get the very best results for your condition.

Follow-up Health Consultations – We will work with you throughout your pain resolution journey to monitor your progress and adjust your protocol as necessary to ensure lasting health and wellness.

Receive World Class Treatment From Anywhere

The Pain Free For Life clinic is the clinic of choice for countless individuals who are looking for compassionate, natural, and highly effective pain management care. Drs John and Lorry Hache are currently taking patients at our Courtenay, BC clinic. However, if it is impractical for you to travel, remote sessions are also effective and available.

While some of our therapies and procedures require that you are first seen by one of our Doctors, some may not. So the very first step is to speak to our Patient Care Concierge about your specific needs and service interests. Book your appointment now.

After your complimentary consultation with our Patient Care Concierge, they will either schedule your New Patient Appointment with one of our doctors… or schedule a service with one of our in-house team members.