Regeneration with Microcurrent

Reversing the ravages of injury

Did you know that microcurrent therapy could trigger tissue regeneration? In this brief article we will discuss the development of regenerative microcurrent therapy, the blockages that can prevent regeneration from occurring, and the ways to overcome them.

The History

In 1995, Betty Siskin & Janet Walker conducted a study where they took live tissue samples of Nerves, Muscles, Ligaments, Joints, Soft Tissue, Tendons, and more, and passed PEMF frequencies through these samples. What they discovered then has gone on to help THOUSANDS of people recover from what some may deem unrecoverable conditions and states.

As Lorry and I started our individual practices decades ago we began to implement a series of protocols that included a limited selection of these frequency ranges, and we saw immediate results. At the time (2000) the Russian SCENAR was the epitome of electric medicine, capable of running anywhere from 15 Hz all the way to 350 Hz. It was a dream come true to be able to incorporate some of the Sisken & Walker frequencies into our treatments, and it helped us create treatment plans that enabled clients to move towards resolution through regeneration.

There were limits though. The ideal frequency ranges for nerves, bones, ligaments, and muscles, were out of reach, and so while many conditions could be managed and worked on in other ways, the potential to heal the damage and repair the tissue was just not realized.

Times have changed.

The Process

To begin to work towards resolution we need to recognize two basic principles of injuries:

  1. Regeneration CANNOT occur in the presence of Inflammation
  2. Scar Tissue impedes the healing process

With this in mind – how do we work through it?

Enabling Regeneration

The first basic principle above tells us that regeneration can’t occur in the presence of inflammation. This problem can be particularly prevalent with auto-immune diseases, in which the degeneration sets in over a long period of time largely as a result of persistent unyielding inflammation.

So, what do we do about it?

If there is one thing that microcurrent is king at it is reducing inflammation. With access to our microcurrent protocols and high quality anti-inflammatory supplemental supports such as LV-Curcumin and Vitamin B-75 even the most chronic inflammation can be abated. Then we seize our opening, and begin the healing process.

Scar Tissue

The second principle surrounding Scar Tissue is backed by a variety of studies into Scar Tissue’s impedance in the electrical communication of our bodies.

Any injury that has healed has the potential to produce a scar.  Scar tissue is tough, dehydrated tissue that directly interferes with the signals from our brain, and it’s produced by more than just injuries (eg: Tattoos and Piercings).

Think of a scar like a roadblock refusing to let the brain communicate with the area. When the signals try to pass through, they are instead diverted around. Sometimes they get lost, other times they are merely delayed. But however you look at it the scar directly impacts the communication network of the body, and in turn blocks its natural healing process.

Surprise! Microcurrent Therapy is the answer here. Not only has it been reported to reduce the appearance of scars, but more importantly, there is a frequency that clears the electrical build-up in one treatment session, unblocking the healing process and allowing us to trigger acceleration.


With the two basic principles taken care of nothing is stopping us moving towards regeneration. Whether it be nerve damage resulting from an accident, peripheral neuropathy, a torn muscle, post surgical damage, or a shattered bone, the frequencies can (given the right environment) trigger the regenerative process.

We’ve seen it in people, and we’ve seen it in animals. It is possible.

Accelerated Regeneration of a Skin Graft

Delivery of Resolution – Our Technology Today

I mentioned before that our old technology couldn’t accomplish this, but times have changed. Our microcurrent line has vastly improved with a much greater frequency range. This has given us access to the necessary frequencies to accelerate the regeneration of nerves, bones, ligaments, muscles, capillaries, soft tissue, and more.

As time has gone on, things have just gotten easier. When we really started using the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field equipment last year, we experienced a vast increase in the speed in which people were able to trigger their regenerative states. Due to the nature of PEMFs every cell and bit of tissue in the line of fire was able to be saturated with the right frequencies.

The ViaQi was clearing even the deepest scars, reducing inflammation, and delivering the correct frequencies deep into the damaged tissue – coupled with our microcurrent machines it quickly earned the nickname of “Magic Wand” due to its ability to fix problems with minimal effort. The QiWave was less precise, but it became an essential tool for people looking to self-treat due to its ease of application.

How to get your PEMF Technology now

With just 30 minutes a day of treatment, you can start moving towards resolution and regeneration.

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P.S. We’re living in an age of technological evolution – and the additional technology that we are seeing, such as the addition of Scalar Energy, is only making treatments like this easier and more effective. If you’d like to read more about Scalar Waves and the power of the Scalar Qi – check out my article The Fuss About Scalar Waves and pick up your free E-book on Scalar Waves & Your Health.


The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms by Dr. Mae Won Ho

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