What Is Microcurrent Technology, and Why Does It Work?

Electricity for pain relief? To some, it sounds scary. And others wonder how can actually work to resolve pain. 

We believe it’s always a good idea to do your homework on any medical treatment. Understanding why a treatment works empowers you to choose treatments that support your body’s natural ability to heal itself, rather than simply masking your pain and/or creating a cascade of unwanted side effects. 

So, here’s the low-down on microcurrent: what it is, why it works, and what it can really do for your pain. 

Your Electric Body

Let’s start where all medical discussions should: with the natural state of a normal, healthy body. 

Most people don’t realize it, but the human body is an electrical organism. Your brain, your heart, your cells—they are all electrically active. That’s how the cells in your body communicate with each other: through electrical impulses. And good communication between cells, organs, and tissues promotes healing and is key to good health. 

In fact, we can actually use electricity to change and correct how this communication happens in the body to promote healing and pain relief. But, not all types of electricity are compatible with the human body, as you know if you have ever touched a live electric fence. 

What Is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent refers to electrical impulses that are delivered at an extremely low frequency, typically between 0.5 and 2500 hertz. 

As Dr. Hache explains in the video above, these are the same electrical frequencies that are found naturally in the human body. This is important, because if we want to use electricity to get the body to function normally again, we need to use an electrical current that that is compatible with what the body is already using.

And that is exactly what microcurrent technology does. It is the only electrical treatment that uses the same range of frequencies as the body itself. (In case you were wondering, this includes TENS therapy: the electrical signals used in microcurrent therapy are 1000 times milder than those used in a TENS device.) 

Microcurrent is so body friendly that it doesn’t disrupt, shut down, or cause shock or injury to the body’s systems. It also doesn’t make you feel well when you’re not, like many conventional pain treatments

Rather, it helps to gently correct intercellular communication in ways that promote real healing and actually help you resolve your pain. One of ways it does that is by addressing and correcting inflammation.

Healing Inflammation: Getting to the Root of Pain

Inflammation is root cause behind nearly every disease. Inflammation is a natural reaction by immune system to the presence of abnormal conditions in the tissues. It happens when the body tries to protect a damaged area from infection. And it is an electro-chemical event. 

Inflammation blocks the flow of electrical communication in the body. It’s not meant to last more than a few days, helping the body stave off invaders while it heals itself. But sometimes, the body develops an inflammatory over-response that can last for years—and create chronic disease and pain. 

To resolve your pain, we need to resolve the inflammation – the blockages that are blocking the communication flow in your body. That’s what microcurrent therapy is all about: gently correcting the body’s own communication system so that it can start to heal itself again. 

To learn more about how microcurrent can work for you to permanently resolve your pain and inflammation, watch the video above. Or, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation with our staff.