Immunity the Hache Way: Microcurrent For Immunity

The immune system is crucial for our survival. Without it, we would be left susceptible to parasites, viruses like COVID-19, and infectious bacteria. The immune system is an abstract concept for some, something many of us take for granted and simply trust that it will function as it needs to. The reality is our immune systems can be damaged or bolstered by the actions we take in our everyday life.

This week marks the beginning of our blog series, Immunity the Hache Way. Each week in April, we will outline and discuss the critical points of the Hache Protocol™ Immune Boosting Planwhich is scheduled to release Thursday the 9th of April. We’ve looked at some of the most common questions our patients have regarding immune function and put together some of our best recommendations and tips to help you stay healthy, naturally.

Let’s dive into some of the concepts behind the immune system, how it works, and how microcurrent therapy can play an essential role in providing natural immune support while guarding you against illness.

What Is the Immune System?

The immune system is your body’s main line of defense. It is comprised of numerous biological processes and structures working in collaboration to protect you against disease and illness. Adults have a more robust immune system than children because we have been exposed to more pathogens, and developed antibodies to fight them off.

How Does the Immune System Function?

Your immune system is cabable of identifying a wide variety of disease agents, known as antigens (including biological disease agents called pathogens), and distinguishing them from your healthy tissue. A healthy immune system then stages an attack on those pathogens, stopping them in their tracks, and clearing them away.

An antigen can present itself as a bacterium, virus, toxin, fungus, foreign body, or even as your own faulty or dead cells. When your body encounters an antigen, an antibody—a protein your body custom-designs to neutralize that specific antigen—is produced. A copy of that antibody remains in your body, waiting to activate if that same antigen appears again, ready to fight back.

Humans Have Three Types of built-in Immunity- Innate, Adaptive, and Passive

  • Innate- From day one, you are born with some level of an immune system. Innate immunity is comprised of the first line of defense against pathogens like the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Passive- Passive immunity can be seen in the example of a baby receiving antibodies from the mother’s placenta before birth, or breast milk after. This is a “borrowed immunity,” so to speak.
  • Adaptive- Adaptive immunity develops as you grow throughout life. As you are exposed to more and more pathogens, your body builds up a library of antibodies to fight them off in the likely event that you will re-encounter them.
  • Immunizations- Immunizations trigger the production of antibodies by purposefully introducing antigens or weakened forms of pathogens to your immune system. Your body then has the needed antibodies in its library to draw from in the future. Many people are concerned about the potential risks and side effects associated with immunizations, and rightly so. Some vaccines have been world-changing, and others have been reported to cause the patient unnecessary health problems. Vaccines aren’t the right choice for everybody, so it’s important to research the potential risks and benefits.

White Blood Cells and the Lymphatic System

Lymphatic System

White blood cells, also known as leukocytes, circulate throughout the body. They can be found both in blood vessels and in the lymphatic vessels that run along veins and arteries. White blood cells are constantly patrolling for pathogens, when pathogens are identified, they begin to multiply and send signals to other cells to do the same. White blood cells are one of the essential facets of your immune system.

White blood cells are stored in the lymphoid organs, which include:

  • Lymph nodes- Lymph nodes are located throughout the body and are linked by lymphatic vessels.
  • Thymus- The thymus is a gland located between the lungs, just below the neck.
  • Bone marrow- Bone marrow is located in the center of bones, and also works to produce red blood cells.
  • Spleen- The spleen is an organ located in the upper left abdomen and works to filter blood.

Together, these organs and the lymph vessels make up the lymphatic system, an essential element of your immune system.

There Are Two Types of White Blood Cells, or Leukocytes:


Lymphocytes work to identify previous invaders and identify them if they come back to attack your body again. Lymphocytes originate in the bone marrow. Some remain in the marrow and develop into B lymphocytes, or “B cells,” while other lymphocytes head to the thymus and become T lymphocytes or “T cells.” B cells produce antibodies that alert the T cells to begin destroying compromised cells.


These cells work to surround and absorb pathogens and break them down, effectively eliminating them.

Microcurrent Therapy for Natural Immune Support

We’ve discussed what the immune system is, how it works, and identified some of the major players and immune system support. Now it’s time to answer the question many of our patients have proposed to us recently:

“How do I make sure my immune system is strong, supported, and functioning properly?”  

The truth is, many factors play into a healthy immune system, but today we will focus on microcurrent therapy’s role in keeping you healthy. If you are looking for natural and holistic immune support, microcurrent therapy is an excellent choice.

Microcurrent For Immune System Treatment

As stated in our blog, Microcurrent Therapy and Autoimmune Disease, applying specific frequencies of electricity to targeted areas causes the body to communicate with the brain at its most fundamental level. By correcting the channels of electrical communication between nerves, cells, and brain, your body’s bioelectric field is restored, creating a balanced, functioning immune system.

If you own a microcurrent device like the Avazzia Pro Sport III or the Avazzia Life Evolution or have just thought about buying one, you may not be aware of the immune-boosting abilities of microcurrent therapy. Many people think about the ability to treat chronic pain and inflammation with microcurrent therapy, but its ability to promote immune strength has been a medical breakthrough.

Let’s learn about some of the Immune protocols we’ve developed at Pain Free For Life.

Pirogov’s Ring Protocol

This gentle protocol works on your throat and mucus membranes. This immunity treatment is used to treat respiratory infections such as rhinitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, and other symptoms affecting the mouth, teeth, and parotid gland.

This protocol can be conducted with the Avazzia Pro-Sport III set to AVA 90 Hz, or the Avazzia Life Evolution set to 77Hz. You will need either the Y-Electrode or the Bell Electrode as an attachment, depending on personal preference. To learn more about the Y-Electrode, read our blog: 7 Essential Microcurrent Accessories and Why You Need Them.

This is a simple protocol that can be used preventatively or as a treatment during cold and flu season to provide natural immune support and protect the respiratory tract.

Immune Booster Protocol

Immune support with microcurrent is useful in many cases involving viruses like COVID-19 and bacterial infections. The Comprehensive Immune Booster Protocol enhances the immune response, combats infections, and accelerates healing by generating new white blood cells. By targeting the epiphysis of the bones, where the immune system is housed, you are going straight to the source of your immune response and triggering action. This immune system treatment is our most comprehensive, providing holistic immune support.

This protocol is conducted over several days, with the primary goal of dosing the designated areas. You can use the Avazzia Pro-Sport III set to Relax Assess, the Avazzia Life Evolution set to 60 Hz, or the Avazzia Med-Sport set to Relax.

Protect What’s Important Today

It’s more apparent than ever that promoting a robust immune system is vital. It’s time to start thinking about how you can ensure health for yourself and your family moving forward. We will continue this immunity series throughout April, as our way of supporting you in a time where there seem to be more questions than answers.

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