The Stress-Headache Connection and 2 Breakthrough Microcurrent Solutions

One day you’re able to freely move through your day with joy and efficiency— the next, a headache or migraine sets in—and nothing seems to help.

This story is all too common, as persistent headaches and migraines are some of the most widespread disorders of the human nervous system in the world. In the United States alone, over 15% of all adults report severe headaches or migraines—with women suffering at a rate double that of men.

The World Health Organization cites headache disorders as the third-highest cause of time lost to illness globally, affecting a whopping 50% of all adults worldwide.

The thing about headaches is, they affect EVERYONE— no matter your age, race, income level, or geographical location.

If you’re ready to move on from your pain and suffering, read on! We truly believe that microcurrent therapy could be the one thing that flips that pain switch—getting you back to the life you love.

How Stress Triggers Headaches and Migraines

Stress shows up in our lives in thousands of ways, permeating every cell of our body. Left unaddressed, stress has the power to wreak havoc on our health.

And yes, stress CAN cause headaches.

Of course, not all stress is bad. We all encounter stress every day of our lives. It is a natural part of living, as our bodies innately invoke the primitive “fight or flight” response to various situations all day long as part of our survival instinct.

It’s when we experience more stress than we can comfortably handle—especially when the body perceives everyday situations in the same way it responds to dangerous or threatening experiences—that we see an array of health problems, including headaches, rear their ugly heads.

The fact is those who live in a constant state of fight or flight mode (sympathetic state) tend to experience more headaches.


Because your adrenal glands act as a sort-of battery power that helps you survive a traumatizing event or injury. Whether it be due to physical trauma or stress, living in a sympathetic state causes adrenal burnout as your body becomes incapable of escaping chronic adrenal exhaustion.

If you live in a state of chronic adrenal fatigue you’ll be:

  • Weak
  • Tired
  • More susceptible to headaches and migraines
  • And unable to enjoy life

So, how do you stop your body from entering fight or flight mode when it shouldn’t and avoid developing stress-induced headaches and migraines?

Eliminate Headaches with These 2 Microcurrent Protocols

If you’re experiencing headaches that can’t be touched by conventional treatments, try these microcurrent protocols and see how your life is improved once you finally have relief from the hardships of constant pain.

To perform these headache-crushing protocols, you will need a microcurrent device.

We recommend the following devices for best results in eliminating headaches:

You will also need various accessories to conduct these protocols.

  1. Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation

This protocol excels at eliminating migraines.

Cranial nerves are essential in microcurrent therapy because they control smell, sight, eye movement, feeling in the face, balance, hearing, swallowing, and even mental well-being.

Our patients have found profound relief when stimulating the Trigeminal nerve with microcurrent. We have specially designed conductive pads to access the Trigeminal nerve; find them here.

How to perform this protocol:

Note: You can use any conductive pads for this protocol, but we recommend our trigeminal pads.

Connect the pads to the forehead above the eyebrows.

  • Set your device to 32-45 Hz
  • Adjust the power to a comfortable level
  • Run the program for 30 minutes

Use this treatment daily, preferably in the morning, to address and prevent headaches.

If you’ve been wondering how microcurrent can reduce physiological stress—this protocol is the answer you’ve been looking for. Trigeminal nerve stimulation is well known as a microcurrent treatment for stress relief, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, as well as headaches.

Ditch the pills and try a non-addictive treatment that transforms the way we look at mental health, migraines, and more.

  1. Third Eye Migraine and Headache Relief

This treatment is amazingly effective at managing and resolving headache pain. By stimulating the third eye area, we avoid nerve clusters that do not like higher frequencies and allow ourselves to use anti-inflammatory programs to deal with inflammation in the head without any discomfort.

The best part? This treatment can be done with any of our microcurrent devices, even the more affordable Avazzia Life Genesis.

You can simply hold the electrode on the Third Eye, or for hands-free treatment, you can use the Third Eye Conductive Pad.

How to perform this protocol:

  • Place the device (or preferably the pad) on the Third Eye area as illustrated in the image below
  • Set your device to the Blue Stimulation algorithm
  • Adjust the power until you can feel it. You should feel it VERY quickly
  • Run the program for up to 20 minutes at the onset of a headache (if possible, lay down and close your eyes)

We’re Here to Support—Every Step of the Way

Every person is different, and every individual’s experience of headaches and migraines is different. Without meeting with you personally, we can’t tell you exactly what your best next step should be. Instead, here are a few ways we feel we can support you. See what feels best for you, and we’ll do our utmost to meet or exceed your expectations.

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