The 5G World War Rages On

As we go about our usual day-to-day, the 5G war rages on in silence. The news of 5G networks being delayed was – at first – a big morale boost when it reached my ears. Had we done it? Were people finally taking notice?

Sadly, no.

The news headlines indicate bans of 5G networks in multiple countries, but its not because of the health risks and it’s not all 5G networks. The Huawei 5G ban which has hit the news recently, is not due to health concerns, but instead due to fears of spies and crimes from overseas that may be being committed through the installation of the equipment. These bans function not to protect our health – but to divert our attention.

While Huawei will not be permitted to install 5G networks in many countries around the world, other companies still will be – and are actively doing so.

So much for our health.

What is 5G?

For those of you who missed our February expose this year, the 5G, or “5th Generation,” wireless network is the latest generation of mobile technologies that the industry is rallying behind. It’s being promoted as a way to create faster internet and streaming services, provide better cellphone coverage and even bring the idealized future of smart homes, and smart cities, into existence.

Sounds great right? Not so much.

Unlike the 4G technology we currently use which utilizes 90-foot cell towers with several antenna ports on each, the 5G system uses “small cell” facilities each playing host to hundreds of antenna ports. It’s looking like it will be 100 times faster than the current technology that is used in our day to day lives. All of these Antenna bring about a host of problems.

You can read more about it in our February blog The Danger’s of 5G if you missed it.

What’s the Problem?

We are already bombarded by electromagnetic field exposure from the current systems in place all around us. These signals mess with the electrical potential of our cells and cause all sorts of problems, ranging from: Damaged mitochondrial function, cell membranes and cellular proteins, DNA breaks, increased risk for Chronic Disease, and even Cancer.

This is bad enough… but 5G networks are FAR stronger than what we are currently exposed to.

Some countries have taken notice. Belgium and Switzerland have decided to ban the technology while they fully investigate the health effects. Great news… but they are definitely in the minority.

Many people believe the FCC and the FDA will protect them – that they will do the proper research before releasing anything like this. However, earlier this year at a Senate Commerce Hearing, the topic was brought up – with a specific request being asked as to how much money had been spent to fund requested independent studies into 5G’s health risk. The answer? Zero.

You can watch the short 4 minute interview segment below:

US Senator Blumenthal Questions 5G Research Status for our Health

So – Biologically, can we survive full-scale 5G Implementation?

The extremely high frequencies in 5G are truly where the most potential for damage lies. While 4G frequencies go as high as 6 GHz, 5G exposes biological life to pulsed signals in the 30 GHz to 100 GHz range. The general public has never before been exposed to such high frequencies for long periods of time. The millimeter wave, which goes between 30 GHz and 300 GHz as mentioned above, is known to penetrate up to 2 millimeters into human skin and cause a burning sensation.

In fact, these frequencies are actually weaponized by the US Department of defense for use as crowd control weapons because of their ability to subdue assailants.

All of this power, and we are meant to live within these waves in perpetuity? Something doesn’t add up here.

The Real Danger of 5G

Let’s put aside for a minute all of the potential issues I mentioned previously, and consider only this: the Earth’s natural frequency.

It stands to reason that what nature intended was for us to be exposed to the Earth’s natural frequencies and that anything “man-made” was not intended for human exposure. These natural frequencies known to many as the Schumann Resonances are a set of low natural frequencies that are pulsed from the earth itself. Ranging from 7.83Hz and 33.8Hz, these frequencies have many health benefits – most importantly though they balance the electrical potential of the body, which keeps your cells functioning optimally and your body repairing itself.

What we are talking about doing with 5G is not only disrupting the cellular abilities of the body, but blowing them out of existence. How are those low frequencies supposed to compete with those that are not only quadrillions higher, but that are pulsed from every building and street corner there is?

The simple answer is that they won’t. We need to be prepared.

How to Prepare

With these dangers lurking on the horizon, I think its very important we are prepared. 5G has already begun to be implemented in some cities in the US, and its only a matter of time before it spreads. Despite what little resistance we may see, the law is on the side of the telephone companies. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 states that regardless of environmental or health effects, no State or Local government can regulate the placement of any cell towers.

Many of you took my advice earlier this year and took a look at our Floww technology. This technology functions as its own self-sustaining antenna, taking in frequencies and converting them to lower more manageable frequencies that fit into the category of the Schumann Resonances.

These portable devices have helped to provide much needed protection to many people from what currently exists, and Floww are standing behind their product in its ability to protect from 5G as well – something that we have not seen many other companies capable of doing.

Based on the research, and my personal experience, I have found Floww to be the dependable and effective product that we need to protect ourselves and our families from these extreme frequencies.

Floww Technology

Here is a breakdown of the Floww technology, and its uses.

  • My absolute favorite is the PersonalFloww – this is a portable Floww device powerful enough to provide an area of protection around yourself equivalent to 5 feet. It absorbs any and all harmful EMFs in the environment converting them into beneficial waves.
  • The MobileFloww can stick to the back of your phone, and is transferable to new phones when you change them. Once attached to the phone, it creates a small field of protection that is tuned specifically to the waves the phone emits. For anyone who spends a lot of time talking on their phone, or even with their phone in their pocket, this device provides protection to the brain and the reproductive system from the harmful emissions.
  • The HomeFloww consists of a 5 piece antenna system placed strategically around the home. When the pieces are placed the antennae create an area of protection up to 10,000 square feet! Ensuring that you are protected from your own electronics, as well as your neighbors.
  • The ScreenFloww is a portable device that resembles the PersonalFloww only smaller. When placed within 20 cm of your screen it creates a natural energy field with a 1 meter circumference.

Until July 31st, our full Floww product line can be purchased for 15% off of its listed price. Just use the code FLOWW at checkout.