Exercise: The Best Natural Anti-inflammatory Method for Autoimmune?

Exercise as an anti-inflammatory

Exercising can be a hard habit to get into, especially while battling chronic pain. If you’re suffering from an autoimmune disease, you’re already taking action to reduce your inflammation and pain. But how does exercise fit into this?

What do you think of when you hear the word “exercise”? Muscle pain? Sweaty skin? We’ve been taught to think of exercise as difficult, arduous, and possibly even a source of inflammation. Just think about athletes icing strained and sore muscles. But the reality isn’t that simple.

Numerous studies have shown that physical activity is helpful for those battling autoimmune diseases. When you exercise, your muscles release IL-6, which induces a natural anti-inflammatory response. So where does the “myth” of exercise causing inflammation come from?

The Link between Exercise and Inflammation

Well, it’s not actually a myth. Even though exercise is considered to be one of the best natural anti-inflammatory agents, it can cause inflammation as well.

During physical activity, your muscles are put under a type of stress. This causes an inflammatory response. But the type of inflammation that occurs during exercise is acute inflammation. The only time prolonged inflammation will occur through exercise is by putting strain on an injury. As long as your choice of exercise is appropriate to your body’s needs, the inflammation will quickly settle down with no harm to you.

But how is this supposed to help with chronic inflammation?

Managing Pain With Exercise

Regular, moderate exercise has been shown to suppress the production of monocytic cytokines, proteins secreted by white blood cells which trigger inflammatory responses. If used correctly and with other elements of the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™, exercise is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory tools you can use.

One of the many misconceptions surrounding exercise is that your workout has to be intense. Phrases like “no pain no gain” and “feel the burn” seem to affirm this notion. If you live with an autoimmune disease, you’re likely not up for an intense workout – especially not daily!

The good news is, a workout doesn’t have to be intense. In fact, just 20 minutes a day of moderate exercise such as walking or stretching can give you tremendous benefits. We’ve compiled a list of exercise ideas to get you started.

But if managing autoimmune diseases was as simple as 20 minutes a day of exercise, we wouldn’t be here. Physical activity is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory methods—which is why we’ve included it as one of the 5 interactive elements of The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™. But it’s not a cure for any autoimmune disease, and won’t completely eliminate unwanted inflammation.

So what can you do?

Supplements to the Rescue!

First, we highly recommend following The Hache Protocol if you are experiencing any autoimmune issues. Thousands of our patients have followed this proven method to regain their life back from chronic pain – it works!

But often, even when we do all the right things we still need a bit of help. Nutritional support can be very helpful in addressing the inflammation and pain that can interfere with your exercise routine. That’s why we’ve created an anti-inflammatory supplement kit to help you tackle your inflammation head on.

Our Anti-Inflammatory kit – reduces inflammation body-wide with our custom dosage protocols and enhances the effects of microcurrent therapy.

This set of supplements was formulated specifically for managing chronic inflammation. We’re proud to say it’s one of the best natural anti-inflammatory supplements on the market for people with autoimmune illness. If you’re tired of suffering and don’t know where to go from here, you can’t go wrong with adding these supplements to your day (although we do highly recommend personalized care if you are experiencing severe or unrelenting symptoms.)

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