Dr. Rob’s Top Tips for Planning a Pain-Free 2023

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

— C.S. Lewis

What if 2023 was the last year you ever resolved to become pain-free? As we once again move into a fresh New Year, many of us will make resolutions and plans for a better, healthier future. If you want to make 2023 your best yet, planning and aiming for a pain-free lifestyle is essential.

Fortunately, Dr. Rob Vanbergen is revealing his top tips in this blog post to help you set yourself up for success and a pain-free 2023. Please keep reading to learn more about his practical and effective strategies to ensure you achieve your 2023 pain resolution goals!

Practice Self Care

One of the most important tips for achieving a pain-free lifestyle in 2023 is practicing self-care. This means taking time out of your day to focus on yourself and your needs, whether physical or mental health-related activities like therapy, massage, or simply enjoying some time with friends or family.

Set Intentions

When making plans for the upcoming year, set intentions to help you reach your goal. This may include committing to regular exercise routines such as stretching and strength training; utilizing natural pain solutions such as microcurrent therapy; staying hydrated; getting enough sleep; eating nutritious meals; or managing stress levels through mindful practices.

These are all great ways to ensure that your body is functioning at its best so it can heal itself without having to rely on severe medications or surgeries.

How to Set Intentions

If you haven’t set an intention before, we’re here to help!

Setting an intention can be a great way to encourage focus and direction while working toward goals. To get started, take some time to pause and reflect on what you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself questions like, “What outcome do I want?” and “What is my motivation?” It will also be helpful to think deeply about how you want to feel while working towards your goal. Articulating your intention as a positive affirmation can powerfully refocus your energy.

To make this intention realistic, break your overall ambitions into more tangible “mini-goals” that can easily be taken one step at a time.

These “mini-goals” may look like daily grounding sessions, meditation, walks, breath work, or microcurrent therapy. Or it can be a commitment to taking your pain resolution supplements each morning. Believe us, making small changes now rather than relying on miraculous results down the line will pay dividends come 2023. Creating achievable goals with specific checkpoints every couple of months will help keep you on the path to success!

We suggest you also consider writing down your goal and intentions so they can serve as a reminder for when things get tough.

 No matter the challenges, you can make decisions with your intentions at the center.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Strengthening your immune system is one of the most essential steps to becoming pain-free. The immune system helps protect your body from viruses, bacteria, and other medical conditions contributing to your chronic pain. By taking time to build up your immune system through diet, exercise, and adequate rest, you can potentially reduce inflammation naturally and help with pain resolution. Let’s look at how:

  • Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables will give your body essential nutrients while limiting processed foods and sugars can reduce inflammation. Learn more about eating for chronic pain here.
  • Exercising regularly increases the circulation of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, often aiding in reducing muscle soreness. Try these 3 easy exercises for arthritis here.
  • Getting enough sleep is key as it helps to restore your body’s natural balance and replenish its resources. Are you having trouble catching ZZZs? In that case, this blog may help you figure out what’s keeping you up at night.
  • And Finally, microcurrent Vagus nerve stimulation with one of the Avazzia Life Devices makes this kind of pain resolution to reality. The result is improved immunity that works synergistically to reduce inflammation and fortify your overall health. It’s an easy solution that can help you move closer to a pain-free 2023.

Take A Training Or Course:

Another great way to plan for a successful 2023 is by taking an online course or training to help improve your health and wellness goals. You can find valuable information online about holistic wellness, natural remedies, nutrition, and more! In fact, we have some amazing courses and training opportunities planned for the upcoming year!

Join A Community Of Supportive People:

It is also beneficial –mentally and physically – to join a fantastic community of supportive people like those in our Pain Free For Life Support group on Facebook. Here we discuss various topics related to holistic wellness, such as nutrition tips, natural remedies, best exercises, specific microcurrent protocols, the Hache Protocol For Pain Resolution, and more! You’ll also receive emotional support when sharing your stories, struggles, and successes with the group.

Setting healthy intentions and actively taking steps to achieve them can make reaching success in 2023 an effortless journey! Taking courses, joining supportive communities, and prioritizing self-care will empower you toward pain-free progress. With small, consistent actions each day – plus a little determination – you’ll be well on your way to finding the vibrant health you deserve.

Here’s to a healthy & prosperous year ahead!