3 Exercises to Try if You Have Arthritis—And 1 Drug-Free Pain Solution

The aching, throbbing, burning, and stiffness of arthritis can make exercising seem like a bad idea.

But it’s not! You must get moving if you want to see your arthritis pain subside, but in a way that doesn’t make things worse—that’s where things get tricky.

Whether you have Osteoarthritis (degeneration of cartilage within your joints) or Rheumatoid arthritis (a degenerative autoimmune disease), the critical role of physical movement cannot be underestimated in your healing regimen.

Today we’re here to provide you with three gentle exercises that will help build muscle, increase cardiovascular health, and lessen arthritis’s dreadful pain without the need for pills, invasive surgeries, or unwanted side effects.

Does Exercising Prevent Arthritis from Getting Worse?

Yes, physical activity prevents arthritis from getting worse because it stretches and strengthens the important structures surrounding your joints, lubricating and nourishing them.

Think of your joints like the mechanical workings of a clock or bicycle. If they sit idle for a long time, they are more likely to seize up and less likely to run smoothly.

Additionally, frequent exercise can help you maintain healthy body weight. According to the CDC, roughly 23% of overweight and 31% of obese adults in the US report being diagnosed with arthritis. Obesity is a big problem with arthritis because it increases your risk of developing it and makes the pain stronger and more debilitating.

3 Helpful Exercises if You Have Arthritis Pain

In our blogs, 8 Exercises for People in Pain, and 4 At-Home Exercises for Chronic Pain Warriors, we offered a selection of appropriate workouts for anyone in chronic pain. But we find these next three exercises (and one natural pain solution) to be especially beneficial for those who find getting active difficult due to the aching, throbbing, and stiffness arthritis causes.

  1. Water Aerobics— Get fit like a mermaid. Water aerobics is great for arthritis pain because it’s a form of resistance training that’s low-impact, gentle, and fun! Typically, you can sign up for water aerobic classes at a community fitness center, or if you live in an area with access to non-moving water sources (like a small, shallow lake), you can do it there too. Even if you don’t join a class, just getting in the water and moving around will do loads of good!

Next time you have a chance, try one of our favorite water aerobic exercises:

  • Splash Kicks— Work the muscles in your legs and core by holding on to the edge of a kickboard or pool ledge. Alternate between flutter kicking, breaststroke kicking, scissor kicking, and dolphin kicking with your legs. Do each style of kick for 1 minute.

Note: It’s always best to do water exercises with a partner for safety and use a flotation device if you are not a strong swimmer.

  1. Cycling— If pounding the pavement during your last run triggered arthritis pain in your feet or ankles, try getting your cardio in by cycling. Most of us have an old bike somewhere in our basement or garage. It’s time to dust off that bad boy and break a sweat!

As it’s currently winter in the Northern Hemisphere, snow and ice may pose a challenge to those hoping to cycle.

Here are a few solutions for winter cycling:

  • Fat Tire Bikes— Fat tire bikes are a favorite for those who live in cold climates. Because their tires are broader and softer than traditional bicycles, they rip through the snow with no problem or resistance.

  • Desk Bikes— Does working from home have you feeling achy? Relieve arthritis pain by getting active during your next spreadsheet session. There are specially designed under-the-desk cycles that you can slip your feet into and peddle away while you work. Bonus: you can pull the cycle up on top of your desk and get a gentle arm workout as well!

  • Recumbent Exercise Bikes— Most community fitness centers, colleges, and training facilities will have recumbent bikes for the public to use. Alternatively, if you’re staying closer to home, they have become much more affordable in recent years. Recumbent bikes are ideal if you have arthritis because you can remain seated while building leg muscles, alleviating pain, and getting your heart rate up.

When you first start cycling for arthritis pain, try doing it for just 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Gradually build up your sessions to 30 minutes two to three times a week once you feel ready.

  1. Chair Stands— Find a sturdy, normal-height chair and simply stand up and sit down. Here’s why this is a workout…if you don’t just drop down into the chair but instead focus on controlling your motion, chair stands will use several vital muscles like the thighs, core, and glutes.

Do 5-15 chair stands per day until you get the hang of it.

Notes: A lower-height chair will make this exercise more difficult, and a higher-height chair will make it easier. If you feel unstable, use your arms for support at first. Never use an office chair or chair on wheels for this exercise as it may result in injury.

Microcurrent Therapy—An Essential Element to Any Arthritis Exercise Routine

Following these exercises in conjunction with proper rest, a healthy diet, quality sleep, and microcurrent therapy will ensure the best results when treating arthritis pain. In fact, these same five elements are the pillars of the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution, our unique approach to naturally resolving chronic pain, inflammation, and more.

Microcurrent, the star of the Hache Protocol, helps your body heal and restores the frequency that has been disrupted by arthritis while training your body to re-learn how to heal itself. When starting your exercise routine for arthritis pain, don’t forget to incorporate the powerful pain-relieving nature of microcurrent therapy into the mix to ensure you get the best results.

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