The Pain Free For Life Blog: Our 5 Most-Loved Articles of 2022

2022 has been an extraordinary year for the Pain Free For Life blog and our company in general. The Pain Free For Life Podcast is humming along, our YouTube channel is growing by the day, and we’ve established fantastic partnerships with some of the world’s top natural pain experts.

This year we also had more people engaging in and learning from our content on holistic wellness & natural pain resolution than ever before. We are so grateful for our loyal community who have come to appreciate and trust the expertise our Doctors and Hache Protocolâ„¢ Certified Microcurrent Specialists share. We here at Pain Free For Life believe knowledge is power, and our mission is to share what we’ve learned in our 5+ decades of combined experience with the world.

In that spirit, here are our top 5 most popular blog articles of the past year.

#1: Scalar Waves and Regenerative Healing

This article introduces readers to scalar waves and how they can be used as a form of regenerative healing. Scalar waves are a type of Energy Medicine that can help promote healing within the body and mind. This article discusses how scalar waves can improve physical health issues such as chronic pain, inflammation, poor sleep patterns, digestive problems, and more. We also explain how scalar waves can promote mental health by reducing stress and improving focus.

Read: Scalar Waves and Regenerative Healing

#2: The Ultimate Guide to Healing with Scalar Waves

Our patients and clients love the difference that scalar wave healing and regeneration make in their lives. It’s a technology that works to help heal painful, difficult-to-treat conditions when other treatments can’t seem to make a difference.

That’s why it’s one of the most popular topics on our blog! We understand how important it is to get answers and information related to this fascinating technology, so we’re here to guide you through questions like:

  • “How are scalar waves and electromagnetic waves different?”,
  • “What is zero-point energy?” and,
  • “Are scalar waves safe?”

Read: The Ultimate Guide to Healing with Scalar Waves

#3: Microcurrent vs. PEMF Therapy – How Are They Different?

Are you looking to improve your health with Energy Medicine? PEMF and microcurrent therapy are promising options, but which is right for you? Deciding can be tricky, especially when you’re new to these treatments.

This article explores two forms of alternative therapies, microcurrent therapy (MCT) and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. We explain what each type of therapy is used for and why it is beneficial when it comes to relieving pain without medications or surgery. Finally, we explain why combining our Avazzia Life microcurrent devices with our accessories, ViaQi and Qi Wave PEMF Pad, is the most effective way to experience outstanding healing benefits from PEMF therapy.

In this fan-favorite blog, you’ll also find our Microcurrent Vs. PEMF Therapy Cheat Sheet. With this guide, you’ll gain the knowledge to make confident decisions about the type of treatment you should pursue. Lastly, you’ll receive a link to download our Free Special Report About PEMFs and how they are the natural answer for healing. This one is for you if you’ve ever wondered about the difference between PEMFs and Microcurrent Therapy.

Microcurrent vs. PEMF Therapy – How Are They Different?

#4: Bronchitis Symptoms: Here Are 8 Natural Bronchitis Remedies

In this highly popular post, we dive into bronchitis symptoms, causes, and preventative measures you can take if you’re prone to bronchitis due to allergies or other reasons. We discuss ways you can support their immune system health while avoiding potential triggers like smoke or pollen exposure.

Lastly, we provide eight natural remedies that have been proven effective in alleviating bronchitis symptoms quickly, including:

  • Putting a heating pad on your chest.
  • Using a saltwater gargle.
  • Taking herbal supplements like echinacea, coltsfoot, and thyme.

These at-home treatment ideas are an excellent first-line treatment when you feel a chest cold coming on. but if you want to treat bronchitis symptoms (antibiotic-free), one of our Avazzia Life microcurrent devices is your best bet!

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#5: Scalar Energy: Infinite Potential To Heal The Human Body

The fifth and final article we’re highlighting in today’s blog looks at the potential power behind scalar energy in helping heal the human body from various physical and psychological ailments. We discuss what makes scalar energy unique from traditional forms of healing like medications or surgeries, namely its ability to address underlying issues rather than simply treating surface-level symptoms.

Highlights from this blog:

  • Scalar energy can help balance the brain’s two cerebral hemispheres, leading to increased focus and concentration.
  • Scalar energy is also believed to increase immune function and encourage detoxification at the cellular level.
  • Scalar waves can catalyze heightened states of awareness and creativity and create cumulative beneficial effects over time.

Read: Scalar Energy: Infinite Potential To Heal The Human Body

Save These Articles to Read Later

There you have it! Those were highlights from 2022’s most popular posts on The Pain Free For Life Blog! At Pain Free For Life, we believe that everyone deserves access to holistic forms of healing without relying solely on conventional medical practices such as medication or surgery.

For further information on natural wellness solutions, please check out our Pain Free For Life Support Group today! If you need help picking the right microcurrent device for you, we invite you to check out our handy guide here. And if you have any requests or suggestions for blog topics in 2023, we’re all ears!