How Zorica Eliminated EMFs In Her Home

Meet Zorica

Zorica is an energy medicine practitioner based out of California. She is a client of Pain Free For Life, and an active member of the Pain Free For Life Support Group on Facebook. When she’s not helping others to heal, she enjoys traveling with her family and staying active. That all started to change when Zorica noticed a drastic change to her health.

EMFs- An Invisible Attacker

The problems started when Zorica noticed a general feeling of unwell and fatigue setting in. As each day passed, she was feeling less energetic, like her vitality had been drained from her body. Disturbingly, her youngest son was suddenly acting out. Zorica noticed a stark behavioral change in him, and meltdowns became commonplace in her household.

The plants, fruit, and supplements she stored in her kitchen near a dimmer switch seemed to spoil and rot quickly, and long journeys in her top of the line car with GPS, satellite radio, and a hybrid battery were leaving her feeling drained.

As an energy healer, Zorica has always been conscious of the profound impact that unseen forces in our environment can have on our health. Because of this unique perspective, she began to suspect that harmful EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, were the culprit.

EMF’s are all around us, unseen, wreaking havoc on our health and wellbeing. Zorica stated that “I was concerned about the effect of EMFs on myself and my children.”

She had had enough. Zorica decided it was time to take action and eliminate the adverse effects of EMFs in every facet of her and her family’s life.

Floww- A Natural Solution to EMFs

Zorica took to The Pain Free For Life Support Group to seek out answers. “There was a lot of talk going around about EMFs, and between the Facebook group and the blog articles published, there was a lot of information pointing towards Floww technology as being the answer.”

But Zorica had some initial reservations, “I was concerned that the products might not work – I had purchased other products in the past that had worked initially and then worn out, and some that hadn’t worked at all.”

After identifying the sources of harmful EMF’s in her environment, and consulting with other members of the support group, Zorica decided to invest in the HomeFloww system, the PersonalFloww, and the ScreenFloww for protection.

Life-Changing Results

When the Floww devices arrived, Zorica was elated; her decision to take action triggered a cascade of positive changes for her family.

Zorica first started with addressing the EMFs in her car and loved the results. “I placed the ScreenFloww on the dashboard and found that it prevented me from feeling drained from the GPS signal, satellite, and all the other electronics. We can now drive on long road trips without feeling drained.”

Then it was time to tackle EMFs in her home. The HomeFloww made a drastic difference: Zorica noticed her fruit and plants were thriving and lasting longer, and her son was once again the happy, peaceful, and calm kid she once knew.

When a friend visited who has three children with special needs, she remarked to Zorica how calm and content they were behaving. Zorica reported, “my friend was so impressed she bought the entire Home Floww system. Now her children are reaching their milestones at a faster pace, and their speech has developed so much quicker as well.”

Now road trips and visits are less draining for the whole family because they bring the PersonalFloww with them. “After a weekend away, I came back home, actually feeling refreshed and energized. Usually, I am more stressed out after traveling.”

In the end, the entire family was back to feeling bright, active, and full of vitality, able to enjoy their lives to the fullest once again. Zorica explained what Floww technology meant to her and her family:

“I am so grateful and thankful for this technology and share this information with family and friends! It was a leap of faith, but ultimately, it paid off. Thank you so much.”

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