Case Study

Microcurrent: How Susan Conquered Arthritis

This is a true account of one patient’s struggle and the resulting success in finding long-term relief from arthritis through microcurrent therapy. Names, image, and personal details have been changed to protect the patient’s privacy.

Meet Susan

Susan is a hard-working nurse; her life is dedicated to helping others in need. Susan’s workdays are strenuous. She often spends 10-12 hours a day on her feet, running all over the hospital.

The problem started when she noticed aches and pains that persisted much longer than usual. Susan’s foot burned, throbbed, and got in the way of her day-to-day tasks. It became almost impossible to continue with her nursing duties, and she started feeling more like a patient than a care provider.

This prompted Susan to seek out medical assistance. She was quickly diagnosed with arthritis in her left foot. Feeling defeated, Susan decided the only course of action would be to retire early from her beloved nursing job. The exit interview was scheduled, as well as her final medical exam. Retirement was imminent.

Niece to the Rescue

It’s so important to speak with your family members about health concerns, as they are the ones who know us best and may have insights into treatment options. This is where Susan’s niece, Heather, came to the rescue. She had just attended a live training from the Pain Free For Life team. Heather thought Susan could benefit from the Hache Protocol, and suggested she attend the clinic for treatment.

Defeated by Traditional Treatments

Susan wondered, “how is this different from the previous treatments I’ve tried with little success?” She had cycled through numerous over-the-counter and prescription medications, to find only temporary relief accompanied by unwanted side effects. Would microcurrent be any different?

With the threat of losing her livelihood, mobility, and sense of purpose, Susan thought “what do I have to lose?”  In an attempt to save her career, Susan reached out to us at Pain Free For Life. We evaluated her condition, then designed a custom treatment regimen for her.

The Treatment That Finally Worked!

When Susan came to see us, we treated her foot only locally using microcurrent therapy – working on the area of pain as well as the opposite foot.

After one treatment session, Susan felt great. When she left, she expected the pain to return with a vengeance. This wasn’t the case. The pain returned slowly, and presented more mildly than before.

Motivated by such encouraging results, Susan booked a second appointment a week later. She got the same exact treatment a second time, and once again felt much better. “Maybe I don’t have to give up my career and leave everything I love behind,” she thought. Relief was finally a reality and Susan’s outlook on her future shifted.

Taking Treatment into Her Own Hands


The Avazzia Life Evolution: Top of the Line Microcurrent Therapy for Home and Professional Use

Susan quickly decided she needed to get her own device, so she could regularly treat herself in the comfort of her own home. Susan invested in herself, purchasing the top-of-the-line home use model, exclusive to Pain Free For Life: the Avazzia Life Evolution. Susan started treating herself daily and was amazed by the progress.

Susan’s Microcurrent Success Story

It was time for Susan’s final medical exam. She was nervous to see what her doctors would say about her arthritis and her ability to continue working. Her future was hanging in the balance: everything could change in an instant.

The doctors were blown away by what they saw: a near total remission of her arthritis symptoms To Susan’s great joy, she was given the green light to get back to work. “Microcurrent works!” thought Susan as she strolled out of the doctor’s office.

With her arthritis under control, Susan now uses her device daily for stress reduction, sleep improvement, and any other problems that may arise. She has even started treating others, helping them overcome pain easily with the power of microcurrent.

You Too Can Solve Chronic Pain

We see patients like Susan every day. Her story is not dissimilar to many who are suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. When you are diagnosed with a chronic condition, it can feel like your entire world is falling apart. That doesn’t have to be your destiny.

If you’ve tried conventional treatments and found little to no relief, we urge you to reach out to us at Pain Free For Life. We are dedicated to helping eliminate pain by resolving the cause of it at a cellular level. We are here to support and assist you. Just like Susan, you can find relief from chronic and debilitating conditions that get in the way of living a productive and healthy life through microcurrent therapy.

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