The 5G World War Rages On

As we go about our usual day-to-day, the 5G war rages on in silence. The news of 5G networks being delayed was – at first – a big morale boost when it reached my ears. Had we done it? Were… Read more »

Natural Anxiety Treatments for Pets

As anyone who loves a dog, cat, or other animal companion knows, just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean animals aren’t intelligent and don’t have feelings. In recent decades, numerous studies of animals—from our familiar dogs and cats to wild… Read more »

Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Inflammation

2500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Parmenides said, “Give me the power to cause fever, and I’ll cure all disease.”  That’s right – the ancients recognized inflammation as a medical phenomenon long ago. They even theorized that medically induced fever… Read more »

Mental Health and Inflammation

“He was paralyzed by shock.” “She’s sick with worry.” “He died of a broken heart.”We’ve all heard of psychosomatic (“mind-over-body”) conditions. Feelings of surprise, anxiety, and sorrow can be so intense that our bodies respond acutely, translating emotional reactions into… Read more »

Inflammation: The Root of All Disease

Heart disease. Cancer. Diabetes. Alzheimer’s. Fibromyalgia. Rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus. Crohn’s disease. The list goes on and on: chronic, debilitating diseases that suck the joy out of life and keep their victims in a constant state of varying degrees of worry,… Read more »

The Trinity of Eye Health

For many, it may be difficult to believe that microcurrent therapy can help to reverse eye diseases. After all, we’re just electrocuting the eye and saying its better right? Wrong. There are a few contributing factors that we briefly covered… Read more »