Cell Phones and EMFs: Protection on the Go

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Can Microcurrent Provide CRPS Pain Relief?

The pain began after that football injury, or perhaps that car accident. Since then, it just hasn’t stopped. It’s burning pain with pressure or pins and needles that over time just hasn’t been held at bay in one place. This… Read more »

Microcurrent and Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

What do chronic fatigue, constant pain, brain fog, and no cure have in common? That’d be fibromyalgia. Despite the attention in recent years, some people still ask ‘what is fibromyalgia’? If you have it you can probably think of a… Read more »

Microcurrent Therapy and Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is a pain to live with – literally. You’ve likely tried all sorts of treatments and protocols already, and since you’re still searching we’re guessing you haven’t found the support you need. So what sets microcurrent therapy apart… Read more »