Feel the Energy of a Mitochondrial Recharge!

If you’re feeling wiped out, exhausted, and dragging through your day, it may be because you’re not treating your mitochondria right!

Did you know that mitochondria in your cells determine:

  • Your energy levels.
  • How well your metabolism functions.
  • Whether you suffer from the dreaded “brain fog” or not.

When mitochondria become weak, your body falls into disrepair. Performing daily tasks, including healing and regeneration, becomes nearly impossible.

In this blog, we will discuss our proprietary Mitochondrial Recharge microcurrent protocol and how you can use it to boost the electrical potential of every cell in your body. Let’s start with the basics.

Cells—The Building Blocks of Life

You may remember from biology class that all living organisms are constructed with one essential brick, the cell. A single cell can constitute an entire organism; in contrast, humans have roughly 30 trillion cells in their body!

Cells contain genetic material and carry out essential functions such as metabolic processes and protein synthesis. Cells can also self-replicate; however, the level of organization differs within the cells of different organisms.

The Mighty Mitochondria

Within every cell are organelles. Organelles are small cellular structures that perform specific functions of a cell. One of these organelles is the focus of our blog today: the mitochondria.

The mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells. They’re organelles that function as a miniature digestive system, taking in nutrients then breaking them down to create energy-rich molecules for the cell to live on. Just as we digest food for our body energy, mitochondria do the same for cells.  

Some cells have thousands of mitochondria, while others have none. Muscles cells, for example, require a lot of energy, so they will have a larger amount of mitochondrion than other cells. If a cell feels it’s not getting enough energy to survive, it will respond by creating more mitochondria.

Mitochondria Work to Power our Cells by Producing ATP

What’s ATP? ATP or adenosine triphosphate molecules are the storage and delivery vehicles for energy in the body. The breakdown of ATP into ADP produces energy. This energy is utilized in almost all energy-related cellular reactions.

What does this mean for your wellbeing? Increasing mitochondrial function will produce more ATP in your body, thus eliminating the fatigue, brain fog, and lack of passion for life you may be experiencing.

8 Ways to Naturally Enhance Mitochondrial Function

So, the big question is, “what can I do to enhance mitochondrial function for optimum health and wellbeing?”

There are 8 natural strategies that we suggest you adopt to help maintain peak mitochondrial function:

  1. Don’t Eat Junk— Avoid foods that cause blood sugar spikes like refined sugar, grains like flour, alcohol, red meat, and fast food.

These foods will contribute to unhealthy weight gain and a high percentage of body fat. Living with excess weight will trigger mitochondria crushing inflammation throughout your entire body.

The more unnecessary weight you put on the harder mitochondria have to work to produce energy as the generation of fat is essentially smothering them. Instead, seek out a clean diet that is free of pesticides, factory-farmed meats, and processed foods.

2. Feed Your Mitochondria Well—Mitochondria can successfully use fatty acids or good carbs to create the ATP needed to produce energy.

We suggest doing so with healthy fats because it is much more effective and creates fewer free radicals in the process.

Look for foods that are packed with vitamins and antioxidants like wild-caught fish, organic vegetables, avocados, nuts and seeds, low sugar fruits, leafy greens cruciferous vegetables.

3. Intermittent Fasting—To boost mitochondrial function and longevity, practicing intermittent fasting a few days a week is considered an excellent “bio-hack” that supports mitochondrial health by reducing free radical production.

How do you incorporate intermittent fasting into your routine? By simply cutting down the time in which you eat your meals to an eight-hour window. We’ve heard from our patients that intermittent fasting has been a game-changer for their health!

4. Stay Active— One of the pillars of the Hache Protocol For Pain Resolution™ is fitness. Fitness is key to mitochondrial health. Regular exercise will build up muscle endurance, and that will require more mitochondrial to be produced; therefore, you will have more cellular energy.

5. Stay Calm—Recent research suggests practicing mindfulness reduces oxidative stress. What does that mean? As time passes, less damage is done to the mitochondria. To learn more about how stress negatively affects your body, read our blog, Stress and Your Immune System.

6. Make Quality Sleep a Priority— Sleep, a pillar of the Hache Protocol For Pain Resolution™, protects your brain by clearing out neural waste that builds up throughout your day. GAMMA waves work to “take out the garbage” while you rest, allowing you to wake up healthy, refreshed, and full of energy.  

7. Sun Worship—Basking in the sun’s rays is a natural way to boost mitochondrial function. Whether your climate allows for regular sessions in the sun or not, you should make sure to take Vitamin D3— It’s good for not only your immunity but mitochondrial function as well.

8. Chill Out—10 to 20 seconds in the cold can boost mitochondrial function exponentially! If you live in a warm climate, try turning the water to cold for the last 10-20 seconds of your shower. But be careful when using exposure to the cold as a way of boosting mitochondrial function as it can cause your body to enter “fight or flight mode.”

Hopefully, you can incorporate some or all of these mitochondrial supporting strategies into your routine, but for more significant results, we suggest microcurrent therapy. Let’s take a look at some of the frequencies, accessories, and protocols that will assist you.

Microcurrent Mitochondrial Support

Depending on your device, these modes will support you in performing mitochondrial strengthening protocols.

Blue Stimulate— This mode provides a high effect on ATP production. This mode is available on our entire line of Avazzia microcurrent devices and has been shown to boost ATP production up to 500%! Blue Stimulate is a favorite algorithm of athletes before they take part in a competition.

Solfeggio— This mode is available on the Avazzia Pro Sport III only. It starts low and increasingly scales up from 200 Hz to 900 Hz—increasing cellular energy along the way.

Conductive Ear Clips

To support mitochondrial function, use the Conductive Ear Clips with your Avazzia microcurrent device. Better known for their stress-relieving qualities, the Conductive Ear Clips are an excellent way to bolster mitochondrial function.

To start treatment, set your device to 7-12 Hz. This frequency provides excellent potential for optimum longevity and functionality of your mitochondria.

The bottom line: If you can reduce your body’s stress, your mitochondrial function improves.

Charge All of Your Cells at Once with the Mitochondrial Support Protocol

As we discussed above, GAMMA waves are excellent at working to support mitochondrial function in the brain. Still, a much different approach is needed when considering mitochondrial support in the rest of the body. Because of this, we designed the Mitochondrial Support Protocol.

You will need the following equipment to conduct the Mitochondrial Support Protocol:

The goal of this protocol is to deliver microcurrent treatment through the hands and feet with the help of four Conductive Pads and can be performed with any of our microcurrent devices at TheSanaShop.com.

Here’s how you do it:

Place one conductive pad on each of your hands and feet (the palm and the sole). You will then charge for 20-30 minutes— in which time gentle microcurrent pulses will be delivered through your entire body. The current will travel up through your arms and legs, eventually meeting at your core, charging the whole body with mitochondrial supporting currents.

Use these frequencies to conduct the Mitochondrial Support Protocol:

The beauty of the Mitochondrial Support protocol is that you can’t go wrong! Better mitochondrial function is something you will benefit from in the short and long term. It can be added to your daily routine to bolster better health and overall wellness.

Why Does the Mitochondrial Support Protocol Work So Well?

When your cells are optimally charged and have a typical electrical potential, illness cannot set in. Perform the Mitochondrial Support Protocol daily to enhance your body’s healing capability to maximum potential, while enjoying increased energy and mental clarity.

Support You Health on a Cellular Level Today!

For guidance on how to apply the Mitochondrial Support Protocol to your healing regimen, we recommend our private membership program and online training.

Please reach out at 1-888-758-0851 if you have any questions about how this protocol can change your life.