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March 12, 2024
Season 2 Premiere: Pain-Free Success Stories & Exciting Announcements


EPISODE #Season 2 Premiere
Season 2 Premiere: Pain-Free Success Stories & Exciting Announcements

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Welcome to the Pain Free For Life podcast. In this episode, Dr. Rob Vanbergen shared remarkable stories of healing and hope of Ben, a 58-year-old man who overcame chronic prostatitis through the revolutionary Hache protocol and microcurrent therapy. But that’s not all – we also explore a breakthrough in treating long COVID as a patient regain their lost sense of smell with cutting-edge healing techniques. 

This season, we’re excited to elevate your listening experience by introducing expert guest speakers, each bringing a wealth of knowledge in holistic health, microcurrent therapy, and its pivotal role in pain management.

Plus, join us as we kick off Pain Free For Life Week, featuring daily videos, interviews with case studies, and insights from our exceptional practitioners and clients. Gain a deeper understanding of microcurrent therapy and its applications in pain management as Dr. Rob Vanbergen will host live Q&A sessions to address viewer questions. Register For Pain Free For Life Week: http://painfreeforlifeweek.com

Thank you so much for joining us today and listening to the Pain Free for Life podcast. For more information about Dr. Rob Vanbergen and how you can take steps to becoming pain free for life, visit the Pain Free For Life website: https://painfreeforlife.com/

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