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May 17, 2022
How Can Functional Medicine Help With Fibromyalgia



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Welcome to the Pain Free for Life podcast. In this episode, Dr. Rob Vanbergen is joined by Dr. Rodger Murphree for a very special episode of the Pain Free For Life Podcast.

Early in Dr. Murphree’s career, he had experiences with his patients and their need for more than just mechanical relief that led him to the study of orthomolecular medicine and functional medicine. Dr. Rob and Dr. Murphree discuss the impact of telemedicine, and its ability to help spread the reach of chronic pain relief has been a critical difference maker in their ability to help a much larger group of patients. Dr. Murphee goes on to discuss his dealings with Fibromyalgia patients and how he has now dedicated his practice to the healing of those afflicted by this disease and provides some incredible tips and tricks!

Dr. Rob and Dr. Murphree also talk all about the LIVE and TOTALLY FREE Fibro Summit, an event involving countless experts (including Dr. Rob himself who speaks on Microcurrent), that provides a host of tips for people suffering from Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions.

To learn more about Dr. Rodger Murphree and the work he is doing in the Fibromyalgia space you can visit YourFibroDoctor and to SIGN UP FOR THE FIBRO SUMMIT WHILE IT’S FREE click here.

Thank you for joining us today and listening to the Pain Free for Life podcast. For more information about Dr. Rob Vanbergen and how you can take steps to becoming pain free for life, visit the Pain Free for Life website.

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