Dr. Lorraine Hache

Dr. Lorry Hache is the lead pain resolution specialist for Pacific Health Options. After getting her start in medicine in the field of Psychology specializing in Psychosynthesis counseling and not seeing the results in patients she desired, she returned to school and received second Doctorates in Psychology and in Natural Medicine, from University of London. Her training also includes Bio-energetic medicine, Bioresonance therapy, Kinesiology, Vibronic Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bodywork, Microscopy, Reflexology, and Acupressure. She is also a certified biofeedback specialist.

In 1999, Dr. Lorry was introduced to Microcurrent Therapy. She was soon sought out by a Russian device company to run and organize the British and European sector for the sales, marketing, distribution and training of these devices. Two years later, Dr. Lorry participated in the creation of an Electro Dermal Evaluation medical device known as the “BioEnergoMetre,” and founded Pacific Health Options with her Life Partner, Dr. John Hache.

Dr. Lorry Hache is the founder of the “Cellular Makeover” protocol, the first venture into using the field of microcurrent to repair the body at a “Cellular Level” and reverse the ravages of aging. Her book, Cellular Makeover, has been used by clients and professionals in the cosmetic industry to manage the effects of aging.

Along with her life partner, Dr. John Hache, Dr. Lorry Hache has been involved with clinical studies as well as lecturing at many organizations worldwide, and works to create custom protocols for the clinics’ patients using The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution.™