Hache Protocol Private Membership Guidelines

Description: Hache Protocol Private Membership is a group for members of the Pain Free For
Life private membership to get help with Microcurrent therapy, and Natural Health solutions.
In order to join this group you need to be a subscribed member.

There is a SEARCH BOX at the left-hand side of the home page for the group. Please utilize this
feature. If you are looking for information on PEMFs, search “PEMFs” and see what has already
been posted. If you have questions about Curcumin, put “Curcumin” in the search box. This will
cut down on repetitive posts and help you get your answers quicker.

Please read the following GROUP POLICIES outlined completely.

Hache Protocol Private Membership Policies

1. Please keep conversations to Healthcare, Microcurrent Therapy, and Natural Solutions as
outlined by the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™ where possible. You may ask questions
about any of these topics, or others if you need – We will answer!

2. If you are posting on a different protocol, please do state which protocol it is within the post.

3. This is a space where discussions of health, questions, potential obstacles, and diet are freely & openly exchanged.

4. It is not appropriate for non-admins to take photos out of our books and post them on the
page, nor is it appropriate to take photographs of copywritten material and post it here. All
posts like this will be deleted.

5. If you post something you found online, please post the link to the source, not a screen shot.

It violates copyright laws to post screenshots of someone’s work in their entirety, even if you
give them credit. Post the link instead please.

6. Be considerate of the new people who are learning. Natural Health and Microcurrent
Therapy can be challenging. Many of us struggle with the science at first, and questions are
totally normal.

7. Please be kind. Many members are new to this. Name calling and insults are not appropriate
or acceptable, and will be immediate cause for banning from the group. Also please refrain
from the use of profanity. (If you must, make use of a symbol – * or # for example – to block out letters.)

8. We encourage uplifting messages and humorous posts that are a welcome break from the
pain cycles and flares that can occur on any given day. One of the most valuable aspects of
healing or being in any group setting is humility, kindness, self-love & nurturing and ditching the victim mentality.

9. We recommend not dispensing medical advice unless you are a licensed practitioner. Every
person is different, and just because something worked for you doesn’t mean it will work for

10. If something personal is privately shared within our group, please do not share the thoughts
or the post outside of the group. Our group is closed for good reason.

11. This is a spam free space. We also reserve the right to delete any post that we deem

12. Members may not contact other members in order to sell services or products without
permission from the member. This includes offering “free samples” and/or asking them to
contact you for more information. Members who do this will be banned. Also, no posting
affiliate links or posts that are for products you sell or services you render. We are here to
support each other, not benefit from each others’ illnesses.

**MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING: Specifically where Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is concerned –
ALL discussion about MLM companies OR products are prohibited and will be deleted. Even if
you do not SELL an MLM product, please do not discuss any products/companies in this
group. This includes Plexus, Young Living, doTerra, Melaleuca, Zeal, Shakeology, etc. All
discussions of this type will be deleted. If you discuss something the comment will be deleted.
If this keeps happening you will be banned. If you sell, either privately or publicly to members
you will be banned.

13. Lastly, but certainly not least, no member of the group can “block” or “hide” any of the
administrators of the group. If that is done, you will immediately be banned.