Tackling chronic pain, inflammation, and autoimmune conditions can be a moving target. And while there’s no “magic bullet” for eliminating pain, microcurrent therapy the “secret sauce” of The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™ has provided excellent and lasting results for thousands of people worldwide. But here’s something to consider: microcurrent devices must be used correctly and properly to be effective.

And that’s precisely why Drs. John and Lorraine Hache—the preeminent experts in pain management through microcurrent therapy— have authored various books and manuals to help. These texts have quickly become indispensable resources for countless practitioners and home users alike—and are often noted as the catalyst for profound healing by people all over the world.

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Featured Books

Avazzia Life Evolution User’s Guide 2nd Edition

By Dr. John and Lorry Hache, DNM, PhD

We are proud to introduce the definitive instruction in the use, history, and application of the Avazzia Life Evolution Microcurrent technology. This text is a must-have for managing chronic pain for doctors, practitioners, and home microcurrent users worldwide.

Enjoy fully illustrated and easy-to-follow protocols and instructions for using the Avazzia Life Evolution device – the preeminent home user microcurrent machine on the market today.

Protocols included range from neurofeedback protocols such as sleep improvement, anxiety, and the revolutionary Vagus nerve stimulation protocol, to protocols that shut down chronic pain like nothing else. This book will be your ally in reducing inflammation and correcting flawed electrical communication within the body– the precursors to over 4000 chronic diseases.

With this guidebook and your Avazzia Life Evolution microcurrent device, you’ll be ready to take your life back from pain today, tomorrow, and forever.

Avazzia Med-Sport User’s Manual

By Dr. John and Lorry Hache, DNM, PhD

If you’ve invested in Avazzia Med-Sport technology, this user’s manual is a must-have for optimum success. With this manual’s help, people worldwide effectively use the Avazzia Med-Sport to achieve relief from chronic pain, inflammation, headaches and migraines, shoulder pain, knee pain, lower back pain, foot pain, and so much more!

The Med-Sport User’s Manual features an easy-to-follow format that ensures you have the best opportunity for healing. Most protocols feature a refined single-page layout for ease of use and clarity. This manual gives readers direct access to life-changing protocols and aims to provide everything needed to treat all types of pain—no matter how or when it arises.

Avazzia Pro Sport III User’s Guide

By Dr. John and Lorry Hache, DNM, PhD

Available in paperback or eBook format, this 130+ page, fully illustrated user’s guide is the definitive go-to instruction in the use and application of the Avazzia Pro-Sport III technology.

The Avazzia Pro Sport III is our premiere microcurrent device, used by professionals such as veterinarians, doctors, and natural healers. With the help of this fully comprehensive user’s guide, you too can achieve effective relief from acute and chronic pain.

This guide has been hailed as a game-changer for those with all kinds of severe and lasting health problems like:

  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Scars
  • Injured muscles
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Broken bones
  • And more!

Because effective pain therapy is a science and an art, properly delivering various protocols is key to your success. This manual is intended to provide simple-to-learn, easy-to-apply, and highly effective solutions to the body’s most challenging conditions without invasive procedures, needles, surgeries, or long recovery periods

Current Medicine 2nd Edition

By Dr. John and Lorry Hache, DNM, PhD

The well-received first rendition of Current Medicine was best suited for practitioners and those with a medical background as it functioned more like a textbook. But that’s all changed. Because of the high demand for a more organized book with detailed and descriptive instructions for everyone from the beginner to the expert, Current Medicine 2nd Edition was born. This text enables anyone to control their health by working on the condition at hand with a multitude of microcurrent devices from the Avazzia line.

The new and improved Current Medicine includes over 100 protocols—separated into three categories:

  • Emergency Protocols
  • Core Techniques
  • And Condition Based Protocols

Manageable color-coded sections allow any microcurrent user or healer to easily access the information they need through step-by-step treatment plans. These treatment plans include frequency descriptions and settings that Drs. John and Lorry Hache have specially developed based on their decades of experience in the field of microcurrent therapy.

Current Medicine Book 3rd edition image

Cellular Makeover 2nd Edition

By Dr. John and Lorry Hache, DNM, PhD

First released in 2011, Cellular Makeover quickly became a sensation. It’s now known as an encyclopedic resource for specialists and home users interested in applying cutting-edge knowledge and technology to attain healthy, glowing, and youthful-looking skin without harmful chemicals and surgeries.

Since Cellular Makeover’s original release, we’ve witnessed significant breakthroughs in the field of nutritional science and health. We now have additional strategies and insights to provide the most effective route to firm, supple and stunning skin—at any age.

This new, expanded edition is famous for its easy-to-read style and includes topics of more general interest, slowly transitioning to more technical information as the book progresses. You can build up your knowledge as you go!

In Cellular Makeover 2nd Edition, you will discover that through microcurrent facial massage, the ancient Chinese concepts of body meridians, and a healthy lifestyle, your skin will be feeling and looking better than ever. No needles, no surgeries, no chemicals, no pain—no kidding!

Microcurrent: Advanced Wound Healing

By Dr. John and Lorry Hache, DNM, PhD

Wounds and wound pain can become such a detriment to people’s lives that many have all but given up by the time they find microcurrent therapy. Because of this, Dr. John Hache has spent years helping patients in these seemingly hopeless situations to achieve permanent relief. This topic is so special to him; Dr. Hache focused his thesis research on healing wounds using microcurrent technology during his studies for his PhD. in Integrative Medicine from Quantum University.

Consider this illustrated and simple-to-follow book a labor of love and Dr. Hache’s gift to those who continually suffer from reoccurring or non-healing wounds.

Microcurrent: Advanced Wound Healing covers:

  • The current pharmaceutical epidemic and why these pills don’t resolve pain
  • The natural and drug-free management of acute and chronic pain
  • The reasons why some wounds don’t heal or are slow to heal
  • Non-invasive ways to accelerate wound repair
  • Individual cases and a full case study of over 100 participants
  • Step-by-step microcurrent protocols for an array of wounds, both mild and severe

The information and studies included within this text reveal extraordinary evidence that proper use of microcurrent technology could—right now—replace many current conventional wound healing techniques.

Animal Healing: Microcurrent and Alternative Therapies for the Treatment of Animals

By Dr. John and Lorry Hache, DNM, PhD. and Dr.​ Rob Vanbergen HHP

Our furry friends are more than pets. They’re members of our family. At Pain Free For Life, we are honored to support the health of your entire family. We all know countless alternative health options exist for humans—and we decided it was time for the same when it comes to pets.

In this book, Drs. John and Lorry Hache and their son, Dr. Rob Vanbergen, collaborated to create a 100+ page manual that expands into various fields of alternative medicine for equines, felines, and canines:

  • Homeopathy
  • Nutrition
  • Microcurrent Therapy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Meridian Therapy
  • And Ayurveda

Animal Healing includes a homeopathic guide, meridian charts, equipment suggestions, chakra treatment plans, location diagrams, success stories, nutritional advice, and step-by-step microcurrent protocols. With this book, your companion animal’s health is sure to be in capable and loving hands—your own.

Scalar Waves: Zero Point Fields and Your Health

By Dr. John and Lorry Hache, DNM, PhD.

You don’t have to be a quantum physicist to understand scalar waves and why they stand to be one the most significant advancements in modern medicine when you have a copy of Scalar Waves: Zero Point Fields and Your Health.

Scalar waves and their unique ability to promote healing is something the medical community is now paying close attention to.

Why? Because scalar waves are reported to:

  • Increase the cellular energy
  • Amplify the uptake of nutrients to your cells
  • Promote the sheding of cellular waste
  • Cleanse the blood
  • Improve immune function
  • Improve mental focus and clarity
  • Balance both hemispheres of the brain
  • Promote mental wellbeing
  • And more!

This enlightening book serves as a treatise on the benefits of scalar waves, how they can improve your health, how they work with microcurrent, and how Avazzia technology—like the Scalar Qi—plays a role in capturing their gentle yet powerful healing quality.

If you’re looking to take your understanding of microcurrent healing to the next level—this book cannot be missed.

The Secrets of Eye Health: Microcurrent Therapy For the Eyes

By Dr. John and Lorry Hache, DNM, PhD.

Vision is something many of us take for granted. And treating the eyes is something that’s often ignored until it’s far too late. With eye conditions being notoriously difficult to treat, there’s a missing piece to the puzzle for many who suffer from vision issues. After all, most conventional vision treatments involve lasers, surgery, and dangerous side effects.

We’ve found that missing piece, and it stands to change the way we treat the eye and promote healthy vision forever—microcurrent therapy. And that’s precisely why Drs. John and Lorry Hache worked so hard on writing this comprehensive text.

The Secrets of Eye Health is filled with instructions on using the Microcurrent Goggles and a selection of microcurrent devices in the Avazzia line to correct and protect the eyes.

Learn protocols for these conditions in The Secrets of Eye Health:

  • Uveitis
  • Myopia
  • Amblyopia
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Acute Glaucoma
  • Astigmatism
  • Scar Tissue
  • Eye Spasms
  • And more!

Get your copy of The Secrets of Eye Health today and learn how to perform the steps to make these conditions a thing of the past with painless, non-invasive interventions that assure you enjoy the beauty of the world around you for years to come.

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